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Where To Buy Great Gymnastics Leotards Online?

Being a young gymnast, I would always be the most excited about getting my hands on a brand new gymnastics leotard. For someone who is a gymnast by heart, nothing brings the same amount of joy!

Understanding all of this as well as your concern about getting the ‘perfect’ leotard, I’m going to deliver all that I know about leotards to you. Hopefully, it will be all that you need to know, saving you from any further pointless surfing. 

On that note, if you are a gymnast to-be, sit tight and read this article till the end (From one gymnast to another, you wouldn’t want to miss this one). And if you are a parent, get ready to spend some cash! But I promise it’s going to be worth it. 


The 4 Common Types of Leotard Fabrics 

You might have come across several confusing names for gymnastic leotards, but you can’t seem to figure out which of those would be the best. The struggle is real.

Therefore, I am going to educate about the fabrics that are most worn by gymnasts. It is going to make it easier for you to choose by your preference and narrowing down your target. There are basically 4 types of fabrics to choose from.

1) Spandex

gymnastics leotard

This fabric is the most popular amongst gymnasts because of its increased room for flexibility and stretching capacity of the material.

As a beginner, spandex leotards are likely to be what you are looking for. If you are looking for this kind of fabric, I would highly recommend the GK Stars Leotard as it is one of the best gymnastics leotards for girls.

2) Cotton

Cotton spandex is also widely used because of its heightened comfort level, giving the gymnast the perfect fit and comfort. 

However, these kind of fabrics are not suitable for heavy stretching gymnastics routines because they lose their elasticity comparatively quicker to other fabrics and materials. 

I highly recommend the Capezio Women's Camisole Leotard if you are looking for cotton fabric types.

3) Hologram Or Metallic

Hologram or metallic; these kind of fabrics are appreciated the most in summers because they are made of breathable material and lightweight.

They are also shiny, often giving a sparkly appearance.

However, some leotards made by this kind of fabric may not be as comfortable to wear due to its fabric type not giving as much room for adjustment when compared to others like spandex. 

I will highly recommend this model if you prefer this kind of material.

4) Velvet

The velvet fabric is a thicker material compared to the spandex and hologram.

The velvet gymnastics leotards are also softer and heavier and do not stick to the skin as tight as other fabrics.

I would recommend this Perfect Balance Brand if velvet is your type of fabric choice. 

The 3 Common Types of Leotard Styles 

Tank Leotards


competition gymnastic leotards

Long-Sleeved Leotard

Tank Leotards; Most commonly worn by gymnasts all around the world. Tank Leotards, like the one shown above, provide a wide range of space for the flexibility of a gymnast. Ultimately they make performing demanding skill sets easier for you. 

Unitards; It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these leotards are all-rounder. They diminish the need of wearing shorts and instead provide full coverage itself. A good choice of the unitard leotard is shown above.

Long-Sleeved Leotard; You will find gymnasts wearing this particular leotard most commonly in final competitions. These competition gymnastic leotards are known to add elegance to a gymnast herself and the skills that she performs at different events in the gymnasium. Check out the leotard shown above! Links below images.

Popular leotard Designs

Sparkle Leotards

TFJH E Gymnastics Leotard

cutest gymnastics leotards

Unicorn Sparkly Pink Biketards Stars

Geometric Graphic Printed Criss-Cross

TFJH E Gymnastics Leotard: it is lightweight and extremely breathable for a gymnast to wear along with its breathtaking sparkly style. 

Unicorn Sparkly Pink Biketards Stars: This is one of the cutest gymnastics leotards that we found online. It has cute unicorn designs on its front and a web of attractive colors. 

Geometric Graphic Printed Criss-Cross Straps Back Leotard: This leotard is sparkly in material and has a geometric print. You may choose from other design options as well. 

Rainbow Leotards

QoozZ Purple Marble Leotard

ZIZI Sparkle Colorful Rainbow Leotard

QoozZ Purple Marble Leotard: it has a fusion of all the colors of a rainbow as well as star-themed sparkles. It is sure to help your little gymnast stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

ZIZI One Piece Sparkle Colorful Rainbow Leotard: it is made up of a soft fabric and can easily be named as impressive gymnastics wear

Best Gymnastics Leotards Brands

GK Elite Leotards; you will find all ranges of leotards that you might have in mind from GK Elite Leotards. It is run by a team of succeeding gymnasts, therefore you can easily trust their quality of gymnastics wear. 

Snowflake Designs; this brand has all the fancy and sleek leotards to fill up your bucket list. If you are someone who is all in for the style as well as the extraordinary fabric of your leotard, this is the right place for you. 

where can i buy gymnastics leotards Online?

Where Can I Buy Gymnastics Leotards Online

The best place to buy gymnastics leotards is......Amazon; let’s face it, nothing beats amazon in regards to online shopping. You will find countless varieties of options to choose from over the platform. They always offer the best price and you can find top brands like GK and Snowflake Designs.  However, be mindful of the size that you select.

The Right Way to Wash Your Gymnastics Leotard

washing gymnastics leotards

When I say, this is the most impacting factor in increasing the lifespan of your leotard, I mean it. Make sure that you turn your leotard inside out and wash it with cold water instead of warm.

It is preferable if you wash it by hand instead of using a machine and in a mesh bag. On the flip side, avoid using any sort of fabric softener as it may decrease the elasticity of your cloth (especially if it is a cotton leotard).

Fabric softeners are also detrimental to the colour of a gymnastics outfit.