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Xcel Platinum Requirements [Fit2bmom Gymnastics]

Xcel Platinum Requirements

You have finally made it to the second topmost stage in Xcel Program. How does it feel to be on top of the charts?

Many gymnasts dream to be at the place where you stand right now. And trust me when I say, there is no obstacle big enough that can stop you from going further ahead.

If you still have any shred of doubt left in yourself or your capabilities, remember that you scored more than 31 AA in Xcel Gold to be here. Your skills were and are recognizable.

To put it simply, you are going to outshine every star in this universe! All I intend to do is become a small part of your ride up and help you with my experience. Therefore, let’s dive into the details and get you started. 


All you need to know about This level

Similar to how the prior levels of the program had age restrictions, so does Xcel Platinum. You are required to at least be a minimum of 8 years of age. As far as age is concerned, the chances of it being an issue are rather less. By the time a gymnast will be able to decently perform the skill set required in Xcel Platinum, she will more or less be of the mentioned age. 

In addition to this, a large number of gymnasts who join the alternative program have a background in Junior Olympics. To ensure that they are up to the mark for Xcel platinum, it is necessary and appreciated for these gymnasts to have prior experience of level four to level seven

A handful of parents to gymnasts have objections and questions regarding this prerequisite (which is entirely understandable). To answer those as best as I can, this primary demand is set so that no gymnast exhausts themselves more than what their bodies can bear. This is only the case if either they are too young or lack the required mobility for such a skillset.

Lastly, in order of priority to advance to diamond level, a gymnast should have a minimum score of 31 AA or 8.0 IES (Individual Event Specialist). Anyone with a score lower than what is mentioned will be required to remain in Xcel Platinum. 

Skills That You Need To Learn For Xcel Platinum 

The skills mentioned below are ones that are essential to learning in Xcel Platinum and are deemed to be the most arduous. To gain a more in-depth overview, you may consult the Xcel Code of points and the USA gymnastics guide.

Platinum Floor Requirements

  • At least 2 directly connected acro skills, both with flight and one must be an "A"(example:- front handspring, front tuck)
  • A "B" Salto (example:- front pike)
  • 6 “A” & 1 “B” valued skills
  • A dance passage with two skills, one being a leap with a 150 degree cross or side split
  • 360 degree turn on one foot

Platinum Beam Requirements

  • Dance series with 2 skills
  • An acro skill that has flight (example:- back handspring)
  • 6 “A” & 1 “B” valued skills
  • Minimum of 1/1 (360°) turn on one foot
  • One jump/leap that reaches a 150 degree angle (example:- straddle jump)

Platinum Vault Requirements

Platinum Bars Requirements

  • A Kip
  • A Dismount (It should be from a high bar)
  • A Circling Skill
  • 6 “A” & 1 “B” valued skill
  • A clear support skill finishing at horizontal or above

Once you have passed this level, the final level to conquer is the diamond level.