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Xcel Gold Requirements [Fit2bmom Gymnastics]

We need more gymnasts like you! And I’m literally speaking. Let me explain why gymnasts often lose themselves in the newly found feeling of success and previous progression.

It is seldom that the fire inside someone only burns higher when they taste accomplishment. 

Therefore, you reading this article itself is proof that you are going to touch and go above all the boundaries set in gymnastics.

It is people like you who compete in the Olympics and became an inspiration for so many others. All you need to do is not give up till you’re on top of the world, and I promise you’ll get there. On that positive note, let’s get started! 


All you need to know about Xcel Gold

Xcel Gold is the third stage in the Xcel Gymnastics Program. This is also the part where things start to get slightly spicy! Similar to the previous two levels of the Xcel Program, if you are a gymnast who does not have any prior experience in gymnastics, you can still enter the program with the gold stage as a beginning step.

However, what’s truly important is that you follow the advice that is given to you by your coach and draws a decision accordingly.

I know and understand how tempting it may be to start from Gold instead of Bronze or Silver if you have no experience. It seems almost as if it's synonyms with a short cut.

But there are hardly ever any shortcuts in gymnastics! Therefore, make up your mind wisely and stick to it. 

The only implication that you are required to follow and respect is of the age boundary set by the program itself. Keeping that in mind, a gymnast must be at least 7 years of age to be in Xcel gold. 

On the contrary, another provided scenario is of gymnasts who join the Xcel program after having been a part of the Junior Olympics. A separate prerequisite category is set for them instructing that they are to have a prior experience of junior levels three to six. However, the scores of any competitive levels are not paid much attention to. 

Skills that you need to learn for Xcel Gold

Xcel Gold demands that a gymnast is well mastered in all of the given skills.

Gold Vault Requirements

Gold Floor Requirements

  • Two connected acro skills (one must be composed of a flight, example:- front tuck
  • A 360-degree turn on one foot
  • A dance passage with two skills (example:- split leap
  • An acro with flight (example:- aerial flip

Gold Beam Requirements

  • a 1/1 360 degree turn on one foot
  • a jump that reaches 120 degrees angle 
  • 2 acro skills and one of them must go through vertical (example: cartwheel) 
  • a dismount  (example: roundoff off the beam)
  • 2 different dance skills (example: split jump and straight jump)

Gold Bars Requirements

  • 6 "A" valued skills
  • A dismount
  • A circling skill
  • A clear support skill finishing at horizontal or above

Once you are done with this level, the next to conquer is the platinum level.