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Xcel Diamond Requirements [Fit2bmom Gymnastics]

Xcel Diamond Requirements

You did it!! You made it to the epitome of SUCCESS in the Xcel Program. Before you move even further, take a breath and pat yourself on the back.

You deserve appreciation more than anyone. I am well aware of the obstacles you faced on your way here and how much practice it took. For which reason, I am undeniably proud of you.

The minimum score that you need to have to pave your way to Xcel Diamond is 31 AA or 8.0 IES (Individual Event Specialist). Once you are in the level stage of the Xcel Program, you may proceed to learn and practice the skill set as per the demand.


All you need to know about The Xcel Diamond Requirements

A known, as well as an essential prerequisite of Xcel Diamond, is that similar to Junior Olympics, there is an age range that is strictly followed. A gymnast must have celebrated her 9th birthday before she is in Xcel Diamond.

Even though it may seem otherwise, nonetheless, these age bands are set in the first place for your betterment.

As a young gymnast, I often felt as if I was being held back from ‘reaching my true potential’ because of the provided age limits. It was only when I grew up that I started to understand how essential they were.

For this reason, I urge you to trust me and the program that you are in hands of. Your primary focus should solely be revolving around the skills that you are expected to master. 

Furthermore, if you are looking to enter the Xcel Program at Diamond Xcel after having participated actively in the junior Olympics, it is preferred that you have gone through levels seven to nine

Previously having foreboding and experience about the sport you are taking a part in is far more helpful than I can put to words. On the contrary, if you do not previously have a JO background, there is no need to beat yourself down or undermine yourself. If I am being honest, at the end of the day, all it comes down to is the skill you have. I am certain you have the potential that is needed to touch the skies, all you need is more practice. Practice makes perfect!

On that note, I’ll let you in on a tip I used to follow as a young gymnast; break your skills down to drills and perform them individually. This will help you identify and fix the issue you may be facing. You’re welcome! 

Skills That You Need To Learn For Xcel Diamond 

The skills mentioned below are the ones gymnasts often find to be demanding comparatively more practice. To acquire a detailed overview you may view the Xcel Code of Points or the USA gymnastics guideline.

Diamond Vault Requirement

Diamond Floor Requirement

  • 2 different acro connections each with at least 2 directly connected acro flights element (example:- front pike, front handspring and roundoff back handspring back tuck)
  • 5 “A” & 2 “B” valued skills
  • 2 different saltos and one must be at least "B" value
  • A dance passage with two skills, one being a leap with a 150 degree cross or side split
  • 540 degree turn on one foot

Diamond Bars Requirement

  • A Circling Skill - at least "B" value
  • A Release, Pirouette or 2nd Different Circling Skill — at least “B” value
  • A Salto or Hecht dismount (It should be from a high bar)
  • 5 “A” & 2 “B” valued skill
  • A clear support skill finishing at a minimum of 45 degree from vertical

Diamond Beam Requirement

  • Dance series with 2 skills
  • An acro skill that has flight (example:- back handspring) and one without flight (example: handstand)
  • 5 “A” & 2 “B” valued skills
  • Minimum of 1/1 (360°) turn on one foot
  • One jump/leap that reaches a 150 degree angle (example:- straddle jump)
  • Aerial Dismount or Salto

It is not integral to know all of the mentioned skills, you may compete at the diamond level having mastered a couple of skills. The judges will make deductions according to the skills where you lack.