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Xcel Bronze Requirements [Fit2bmom Gymnastics]

Xcel bronze requirements

If you are just stepping into this unmatchable program, I would like to personally welcome you!

I assure you that you are going to have a memorable experience as a gymnast here.

To begin, all you need to do is abandon the bag of fear or nervousness that you have carried on your shoulders up till this point.

Instead, I’m going to need you to wear an armor of bravery and enthusiasm. There is nothing you ought to fret over, I’m going to walk you down all the details that you will need to know while taking your first step into this journey. 


Prerequisites for Xcel Bronze

An Xcel program is a competitive gymnastics program. It grants gymnasts emerging from diverse backgrounds the grand opportunity to take part in the sport they are ever so passionate about.

Xcel Bronze is the very first stage in the Xcel program followed by silver, gold, platinum, and lastly diamond. Keeping that in mind, there are little to no complicated prerequisites that need to be fulfilled at Bronze.

However, there are age requirements that you need to meet to enter bronze. A gymnast should have reached her 5th birthday by the time she applies for the Xcel program.

This age boundary may seem unfair to gymnasts of a lower age group, but trust me when I say, the sole purpose of this is your betterment.

On the other hand, there is no restriction on how much older you may be from the age of five to be a part of the Bronze program. It’s never too late to make a start! 

Finally, you must have previous experience of level one and level two from the Junior Olympics. It is a rather common misconception that the Xcel program is entirely independent. Nonetheless, there is little truth in the mentioned statement. 

Undoubtedly, it is an alternative to the senior gymnastics level but the basic levels are a necessity. This is done for the reason that the junior level routine gives you the mobility and flexibility you need as a gymnast throughout your entire gymnastics career. 

Exercises that need to be performed in Xcel Bronze

Similar to junior gymnastics levels, you are required to perform a couple of skills on the standard four events; vault, beam, bars, and floor.

Bronze Bars Requirement & skillset 

  • A dismount
  • A circling skill (other than a dismount)
  • 4 ‘A’ valued skills
  • A cast (hips must leave the bar)

Bronze Vault Requirement & skillset 

  • Jump to a handstand followed by a flat to flat back

Bronze Beam Requirement & skillset 

  • A turn of ½ (it may either be on one foot or two feet)
  • A leap or a jump (example: tuck jump
  • A non flight Acro skill (example: forward roll)
  • A dismount (straddle jump off the beam)

Bronze Floor Requirement & skillset 

  • Two connected acro skills (example: roundoff - backward roll) 
  • A dance passage with two skills with a 60 degree cross or side split (example: split leap
  • ½ turn on one foot
  • A second pass with an acro skill (example: cartwheel)

Once you are done with this level, the next to conquer is the silver level.