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What Do Gymnasts Wear To Classes?[Gymnastics Clothing For Girls, Boys And Teens]

what do gymnasts wear

So, you just registered your child for gymnastics classes and can’t wait for them to get started and be part of this incredible sport. However, you need to decide on what they should wear before sending them to these classes.

You’ve arrived at the right place. This article has an adequate amount of information regarding gymnastics wear and how to choose them based on their age and gender.

To begin with, the outfit worn by female gymnastics is conventionally known to be a leotard. And needless to say, it is the best and most convenient clothing wear in the invention for a gymnast. It allows them to move freely and give their body the room that it needs for flexibility to absolutely amaze the audience. 

Having said that, there are a few further, yet uncommon options that a gymnast can opt for instead of a leotard as well. 


Gymnastics clothes for toddlers

Let’s have a quick overall view regarding how your little gymnast should get all dolled up for their gymnastics classes.

For Girls

Honestly, a gymnastics leotard is your best go at it. Children, due to their force of habit, are unable to carry themselves well with an outfit that is high maintenance (from a child’s perspective, the simplest of tasks can be demanding).

Keeping that in mind, for girls gymnastics clothing, leotards are the hero of their gymnastics life due to the flexibility it offers.

The second most significant matter to flexibility, is comfort. A gymnast should be confident and comfortable in the clothes that they are wearing. If you think that a leotard might make them uneasy, go for a unitard instead.

Moving further ahead, a girl’s hair can be stressful to handle in a circumstance requiring physical activity. In addition to this, she might also find it arduous to concentrate if her hair is falling on her face or getting stuck in places (especially in case of length-wise longer hair).

To avoid this unpleasant situation from occurring, you might want to tie up your little gymnast’s hair into a high ponytail, hair bun or other cute and easy gymnastics hairstyles. The point is simply to keep the hair out of the way and have a smooth day at the gym. 

leotards for toddlers

Biketard Sparkles Ribbon Strip

Long Sleeve Sparkle Leotard

Capezio Girls' Team Basic Tank Leotard

Biketard Sparkles Ribbon Strip: this leotard offers a great range of comfort and is wearer-friendly. You are also provided with the option to choose from a vast range of colors and designs. On top of that, the material of this leotard is skin-friendly as well (polyester and spandex). 

Long Sleeve Sparkle Leotard: Is there anything that beats sparkles? I don’t think so. This leotard is made up of dacron and cotton making it super breathable and skin-friendly. 

Capezio Girls' Team Basic Tank Leotard: if you (or your child) prefer simplicity, this should be the right pick for you. You may look through and choose the color you like best from the ones offered. The leotard is prepared with cotton and spandex, therefore, safe to be considered comfortable. 

For Boys

Let’s admit it, boys have it comparatively easier as far as dressing up for the gym is concerned. Throw on the little guy’s favorite shorts and t-shirt and there you have it. 

But despite the ease, you must be cautious of any clothes that may get stuck on the gymnastics equipment. The motto is simply to make the day of your little champ as convenient as it can be. If you’re fulfilling that, you’re as good at parenting as it gets (for a gymnast).

GYMNAST Applique Shorts

Black Rhinestone Shorts

GYMNAST Applique Shorts: Made of wicking dry fabric, these shorts will be comfortable even if you are sweating excessively. This fabric will keep you dry and feeling comfortable through the entire practice session.

They have the word "Gymnast" written in capital letters with silver vinyl on the back of the waist. It is made in the USA with a durable material and the best thing is its price.

Black Rhinestone Shorts: Another black pair for you, with studded rhinestones. An attractive shooting star is made with stones. These shorts are hand-made and they are priced competitively. It can be bought at a decent price.

Gymnastics wear for Young Gymnasts

Not much different from the clothing choice of a toddler gymnast, a young gymnast should also wear a leotard to her gymnastics classes.

Don’t forget to pull her hair back into a gymnastics-appropriate hairstyle. In addition to this, jewellery and other ornaments should strictly be avoided as they can play the role of a huge hindrance in performing one’s skills and exercise drills

Leotards For Young Gymnasts

TUONROAD Gymnastics Unitard

Flame One Cold Shoulder Leotard

Shiny Aqua Rose Leotard

TUONROAD Gymnastics Unitard: This leotard is made up of polyester and spandex, and for that reason, it is both skin and mobility-friendly. It also provides full coverage to a gymnast while she performs her gymnastics routine and is easy to wear and remove. Additionally, it ensures that the material would not shrink or fade. 

Flame One Cold Shoulder Leotard: this leotard is perfect if you are looking for something with longer durability. It consists of spandex and nylon, making it the best choice for training and practice. 

Shiny Aqua Rose Leotard: This too is made up of spandex and polyester. It is the most unmatchable leotard for flexibility as well as having an incredible outlook on the floor. 

Gymnastics wear for Teenagers

I’ll be the first to admit, choosing a leotard for or as a teenage gymnast is the most arduous task of all. And in the whole truth, I don’t blame you in the least. The outfit you wear has a huge role in building self-confidence.

Nevertheless, if you go by a set of standards while choosing a leotard, it is likely to help you find your way to the leotard made just for you! 

To avoid any last-minute problems or clothing embarrassment, most teenage gymnasts prefer wearing shorts over their leotards. And to further put your worries to rest, wearing shorts doesn’t hinder your flexibility.

Moreover, similar to the requirements of prior stages, it is best for the gymnast if she has her hair pulled back and doesn’t make use of jewellery while going to her gymnastics class. 

Leotards And Gears For Teenagers

Capezio Women’s Tank Leotard

Sparkle Sleeveless Gymnastics Leotard

HDE Gymnastics Glitter Shorts

Infinity Collection Gymnastics Headband

Gymnastics Hair Ties

Gymnastics Headband

Capezio Women’s Tank Leotard: this gymnastics leotard is made up of nylon and spandex and is known to have extraordinary stretch. Not to mention, it comes in plain colors and is guaranteed to be breathable.

Sparkle Sleeveless Gymnastics Leotard: it is suitable for a teenager of age 16 and above. It offers comfort, extreme room for mobility, and a pleasing design. 

HDE Gymnastics Glitter Shorts: these bottoms are prepared with spandex and nylon as well. Being particularly for gymnastics, they have just the right amount of elastic closure and breathability. 

Infinity Collection Gymnastics Headband: these are great to keep a gymnast’s hair off her face. You may use these as an extra safety measure for your (or your child’s) hair coming loose in the middle of an already demanding skill set. So what are you waiting for? 

Gymnastics Hair Ties: This accessory is mostly sold in a set. This particular one is also available in a set of 8 different colored hair ties.

These are comfortable with no creases, so that your hair is not pulled or tugged in any way. Tie your hair in a bun, a pony tail, or any other way you desire. They have tiny black silhouettes of gymnasts in varying positions made all over these hair ties.

Rhinestone Gymnastics Headband: If a hair tie is not enough for you and you need something more to keep those fly-aways tucked at their place, buy this!

These broad hair bands with so many different patterns and colors can be bought by matching them to your clothes. They are rhinestone studded with the text "gymnast". Perfect!

what about Clothes or gears For Adults?

Syrokan High Impact Sports Bra

Glamorise Full-Support Sport Bra

Reisport Bar Grips

Syrokan High Impact Sports Bra is a great buy. As a grown up women, you will also have to invest in a good quality sports bra for breast support.

This sports bra by SYROKAN is available in five colors and a wide selection of sizes (even plus!!). The fabric used is moisture wicking and breathable with a polyester and cotton blend. It is wireless and provides complete support during high-impact workouts.

Glamorise Full-Support Sport Bra: This imported, full-support bra will be your best companion during gymnastic practicing. It comes with a hook and eye closure, moisture wick fabric and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

The prices are just right and the quality is great as well. This piece provides full-coverage and support with its wire free design. A sports bra will provide the necessary support and coverage.

Reisport Bar Grips: what more do you have to buy urgently for your first class? A bar grip! Absolutely Important!!

During the first few sessions of your gymnastics practice, your hands will take a heavy beating. As a result, you might get blisters or tears on your hands. This can be avoided though, if you get the right gymnastics grip.


Remember that you are buying this gear for your own safety and comfort. Be a wise shopper; do not neglect buying these crucial gymnastic wears.

On that ending note, I wish that by now, you would have all the answers on what to wear to your upcoming gymnastics classes. I am certain that you or your child is going to love it!