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What Do Gymnast Wear? [Gymnastics Clothing For Girls, Boys & Toddlers]

what do gymnast wear

Are you wondering what to wear to your gymnastics practice? There are a number of clothing options to choose from.

Gymnastics practice and professional clothes are different for girls and boys. As a parent you have to be careful while selecting apparel for your gymnast loving kid. It has to be comfortable, good looking, and fine in quality.

  • Most little girls choose to wear a leotard or unitard. The Girls Gymnastics Leotard Elsa Crystal Snowflake can be bought online.

    This is a beautiful piece by Lizatards has two tone princess Elsa shades with a snowflake in the centre. The costume is comfortable and made of good quality spandex.
  • Big Girl's Sofia Gun Metal Grey Leotard: Girls who consider pink their all time favorite color will surely love this piece. The leotard can be bought for big girls and teenagers.

    It has black strips to enhance the overall look. You also get a matching free hair scrunchie with this dress.
  • Sparkle Majestic Leotard Gymnastics and Dance for girls and women: The sparkle majestic dress can be bought in sizes suitable for a girl or a teenager. This is a two toned metallic silver and blue dress with sparkles to ornate it.

    It has bling, it can be worn for tumbling, dance, gymnastic, and other fitness activities. Also you get a free matching scrunchie and to have sneak-peak at this beautiful dress, click here.

What should my child wear to gymnastics class?

Your options do not end with just leotards. Some kids prefer to wear and feel more comfortable in shorts. You can get a matching top to go with them.

You do not have think more about what do little girls wear to gymnastics. Just go through the list of clothes below.

  • GYMNAST Applique Shorts: Made of wicking dry fabric, these shorts will be comfortable even if you are sweating excessively. This fabric will keep you dry and feeling comfortable through the entire practice session.

    They have the word "Gymnast" written in capital letters with silver vinyl on the back of the waist. It is made in the USA with a durable material and the best thing is its price.
  • Black Rhinestone Shorts: Another black pair for you, with studded rhinestones. An attractive shooting star is made with stones. These shorts are hand-made and they are priced competitively. It can be bought at a decent price.

There are a few more essentials that you will have to buy for yourself or your kid's practice session. Hair and sweat could create problems by disturbing and distracting you. They need to be kept out of your way. For more information for easy hairstyles, visit here!

  • Gymnastics Hair Ties: This accessory is mostly sold in a set. This particular one is also available in a set of 8 different colored hair ties.

    These are comfortable with no creases, so that your hair is not pulled or tugged in any way. Tie your hair in a bun, a pony tail, or any other way you desire. They have tiny black silhouettes of gymnasts in varying positions made all over these hair ties.
  • Gymnastics Headband for Girls, Teens and Adults: If a hair tie is not enough for you and you need something more to keep those fly-aways tucked at their place, buy this!

    These broad hair bands with so many different patterns and colors can be bought by matching them to your clothes. They are rhinestone studded with the text "gymnast". Perfect!

Are there clothes for adults?

Adults might also have the question: what to wear to gymnastics or themselves. If you are new to this field of workout and activities you might not know, but you have many things to buy.

  • Accessories like a hair tie, hair band might appear to be small and trivial but actually they are extremely helpful and crucial during practices. As a gown up women you will also have to invest in a good quality sports bra for breast support. Women's High Impact Support Bounce Control Plus Size Workout Sports Bra is a great buy.

    This sports bra by SYROKAN is available in five colors and a wide selection of sizes (even plus!!). The fabric used is moisture wicking and breathable with a polyester and cotton blend. It is wireless and provides complete support during high-impact workouts.
  • Women's No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra: This imported, full-support bra will be your best companion during gymnastic practicing. It comes with a hook and eye closure, moisture wick fabric, and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

    The prices are just right; check the price for you, the quality is great as well. This piece provides full-coverage and support with its wire free design. Wearing an everyday bra for gymnastics would not be the right decision, a sports bra will provide the necessary support and coverage.
  • Ladies Uneven Bar Grips: what more do you have to buy urgently for your first class? A bar grip! Absolutely Important!!

    During the first few sessions of your gymnastic practice, your hands will take a heavy beating. As a result, you might get blisters or tears on your hands. But this can be avoided, if you get the right gear.


Remember that you are buying this gear for your own safety and comfort. Be a wise shopper; do not neglect buying these crucial gymnastic wears.

Buy and use them so that you can thoroughly enjoy and learn during your gymnastic classes. If you have any suggestion or remark, please leave it in the comment section below. And if you liked what you just read, share this article with more gymnastic lovers.