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Simone Biles Training [Work Out Routine & Diet Plan]

simone biles training

Simon Biles is one of the world's best Olympic Gymnasts who have achieved so much at such a young age of 23. Biles' pure dedication, hard work, patience, and endless training put her at the top of her career.

The rest of the world is curious to know how this world-class gymnast excels so much. Biles undergoes strict training and preparation to keep her body in check before the competition. Like any other athlete, she has a team of trainers and coaches who help her achieve her goals before she competes.

Whether you're an aspiring gymnast or just curious about Simone biles training style, here's a look at how she trains before the competition.


Simone Biles Impressive Body Statistics

simone biles weight

Currently, our favorite gymnast stands at 4'8 and weighs 104 lbs. Biles is considered as one of the shortest gymnasts who compete in the Olympics. 

Usually, the average gymnast woman stands around 5'3-5'7. Good thing there's no height requirement when you compete in gymnastics. She must have an advantage for being petite, making it easier for her to train and be flexible overtime compared to her taller competitions. Although no study proves this at all, there's no doubt that Biles may be small but impressive in gymnastics.

With her petite frame, trainers and coaches designed a more specific diet plan to achieve the body that can endure such hard training and demanding competitions. Let's take a look at what Biles eats in a day, whether in training or not.

What She Eats In a Day?

In her exclusive interview with Women's Health, Biles shared that her daily diet is not as different as an average person. She eats what is available and seasonal as long as it's healthy and beneficial for her.

Here's a quick breakdown of what she eats for a day:


She goes for cereal and milk/egg whites with wheat toast/protein waffle with fruits. She explained that her breakfast choice depends on what she feels as she wakes up or what she needs to do for the day. You can see that she switches up her breakfast meals, depending on how she's will start her day. The more busy her morning can be, the more calories she needs to consume.


Her favorite snack is plantain chips. Biles revealed that she is a fan of snacking in between meals as she often gets hungry. This is also her snack before and after gym time paired up with a protein shake. She doesn't find an excuse to get on to unhealthy snacks even if she works out a lot. The fact is, she prefers healthier snacks that help her become fuller and survive for the next meal.


simone biles diet

A healthy combination of chicken or fish and mixed vegetables. The day for her is still a long way to go, and she needs a meal that is healthy and filling. Chicken and fish are a healthy source of protein that are also filling as a meal.

When paired up with vegetables, it makes up the rest of the minerals and vitamins that she needs to equip her body with enough energy and resistance. 

Being a gymnast and an athlete at the same time has its demands. She finds it crucial to maintain a well-balanced meal and makes sure that she will not suffer from nutrition deficiency.


Her dinner is quite the same menu as lunch but paired up with rice. During training days, Biles tries to stay away from red meat and fatty meals. As much as possible, her diet is mostly white meat, vegetables, and rice.

Whatever is available, fish or chicken, she then pairs it up with steamed vegetables and rice. She keeps it light as the day is ending, and any heavy meals can be hard to digest and burn as you go to sleep. Her choice of dinner is surprising.

Most athletes and celebrities who watch their diet opt for a salad instead of rice for dinner. But keep in mind that Biles needed to replenish all the calories she burned hours before so she can wake up the next day with a more satiated body.

For example, contrary to popular belief that fit women skip a meal or a dish, it is not true. It's actually the opposite. Skipping meals can lead to nutrient deficiency. You miss many health benefits when you only choose a particular food group to enjoy, just because you want to be fitter.

If you notice the Biles diet plan, it's a well-balanced diet fit for an athlete who has a demanding schedule. If she opted to skip a meal, she would've been incompetent to commit to the demands during training and competitions.

It's also not hard to follow her diet plan since most of the food she consumes is common in grocery markets, and most of all, easy to prepare. When you think about it, she follows a simple but balanced diet plan and doesn't practice any diet fads such as intermittent fasting or keto diet. If you plan on following along with her meals, it should be easy to start your journey to become an athlete like Biles.

Simone Biles Daily Schedule

Simon Biles Schedule

It's a wonder how this exceptional gymnast keeps up a healthy and fit body while also enduring all the pains during training. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and determination to achieve what she already has with a body like that. 

Here's a sneak peek of Biles' daily routine and workout schedule that you might be interested in mirroring for your fitness journey:

  • 7:40 - Wake up call. Biles starts her day with some routine physical hygiene: brushing her teeth, fixing her hair, and preparing all she needs for the day, like clothes and other essentials.
  • 8:10 - Heads to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. Refer to the meal list we've listed above.
  • 8:45 - Leaves for the gym to start her daily practice. The gym, fortunately, is only 10 minutes away from where she lives.
  • 9:00-12:00 - Whole duration of her practice at the gym.
  • 12:30 - Back at the house to prepare and eat her lunch.
  • 1:00 - Her "me time" to relax and rest from the practice.
  • 2:00 - Grabs a quick lunch to prepare for her workout routine at the gym.
  • 3:00-6:00- Heads back to the gym and starts her workout session.
  • 6:30 - Back in the house to do an after gym therapy.
  • 7:30 - Dinner and chill at home before going to sleep.

This same schedule repeats the next day, even until weekends, especially if she has an upcoming competition.

Simone Biles Workout Routine

Simon Biles Workout Routine

If you look at the number of hours that she spends at the gym, it takes half a day of training on different routines, which can be tiring for an average person. Here's a list of her workouts that helped her keep in shape and agile during competitions.


Biles shared to Women's Health that she was required to swim for a mile twice a week the prior year. That was a challenge for her as she almost drowned because a mile is a long haul to swim nonstop. Her trainer mixed it up with running intervals after she swims. It was a tiring and demanding workout training for her that she thought it was hard to finish every day.

The next year after that, she started biking. She needed to finish 10 miles per week. Aside from biking, she still runs for a mile before her practice starts to finish her daily routines. Most of the time, her legs would be too wobbly in the beginning. However, she's thankful for how her cross-training works and that she was able to adapt to it.

Strength Training

Biles finds the importance of strong legs to be crucial as being a gymnast. Most of her strength training focuses on conditioning her legs, which helped her perform routines smoothly and master that graceful landing every time. Other than that, she also trains the rest of her body as part of the whole preparation. She also reveals that what she hates the most is the ab training.

Biles' Final Advice To Maintain A Healthy And Strong Body

She shared that warming up and stretching before practice is essential for the muscles to avoid being tensed. When the muscles are tensed, you're less flexible and unable to perform routines. It also helps to keep her flexibility in tune to avoid any injuries during practices or competitions.

And her favorite stretch? She likes splits all the time. Although she has done it several times, she still finds it cool and beneficial for her body.

Simone Biles is genuinely a world-class athlete that everyone must look up to. Her undying dedication and hard work paid off, being hailed as one of the most renowned gymnasts of our generation. If you dreamed of being just like her, seek advice from your physician before following Simone biles training, diet plan and workout routine.