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Level 9 Gymnastics Requirements

Level 9 gymnastics requirements

Level 9 is the second optional level. To make it to this level, you are required to have a minimum score of 34 AA in level 8. Let me tell you, level nine has a bag full of perks no other level has.

For starters, after having reached level 9, you have the golden opportunity of taking part in larger gymnastic platforms. Eastern and Western Championships are two of the most prestigious chances you have at hand if you are a level 9 gymnast.

It is no doubt that the performances get increasingly difficult with time which is the fun part. In my personal opinion, gymnastics is only partially about competing to go forward.

A huge chunk of the sport is deeply associated with the thrill and success you feel after having mastered a skill set. Correspondingly, advancing to challenging skill sets is simply a synonym for having much more fun! 


Getting started with level 9 as a gymnast 

I’m going to start by saying, don’t lose your confidence! Most people get scared away by the tricky skills they need to learn and the baggage of expectations on their shoulders. You still have the skills at your fingertips and if you’ve made it this far, nothing is stopping you from going even further. 

Once you begin, you will be awarded a value of 9.7, unlike level 8 and below where you took a start from 10.0. In level nine, you will need to earn bonus points to make it a full ten.

I advise you to give it your utmost effort by making a combination through establishing a connection between elements. Take it from me when I say, once you have a value of 10.0 you will find yourself in a far more secure spot. 

While comprising and establishing your level nine routine, it is integral to remember that there are some rules you need to modify it according to. It needs to have a minimum of three ‘A’ valued skills, four ‘B’ value skills, and one skill graded with a ‘C’. 

You are also permitted to go for skills with the values ‘D’ and ‘E’. I would strongly advise you to stick to the skills of the prior three values and perfect them. Performing a skill of D and E will only get you the score of a ‘C’ skill at most. 

Gymnastic Events and their required skills

Level 9 Gymnastics Requirements: Floor

  • A turn of a value of B
  • C saltos in three passes ( you may break them down to other values that amount to the same credit)
  • Two C dance elements with two different leaps (one should be with a 180-degree split)
  • Three saltos

Level 9 Gymnastics Requirements: Balance beam

  • An acro series with two flight elements
  • A leap with a 180-degree split (it may also be a jump with a 180-degree split)
  • A 360 turn on one foot
  • A dance series composing of two skills
  • A ‘B’ value Ariel or salto dismount

Level 9 Gymnastics Requirements: bars

  • 2 bar changes
  • A salto dismount of ‘B’ value
  • A second different flight that is a C value skill
  • A ‘B’ valued flight skill (it may be any skill except a dismount)

Level 9 Gymnastics Requirements: Vault

Here is the standard level nine chart for vault values consisting of handsprings of sorts. 

Once you have completed level 9 successfully, you will be ready to move to the next and final level.