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Level 8 Gymnastics Requirements

Level 8 gymnastics requirements

Let me make a wild guess; you just made it to level 8 right? If that is the case, Congratulations! I know you must have already heard this several times from your fellow peers but I’m tremendously proud of you. 

It’s not easy to climb up here but you made it possible with your tirelessly industrious approach. I am all too familiar with this feeling of success myself too. Therefore, out of my experience, I can already tell you are one of the rare determined ones. The sheer proof of my claim is you reading this sentence right now. 

The masses often lose themselves in the bliss of this favourable outcome and entirely omit an integral part of moving forward. You, on the other hand, are going to do brilliantly in gymnastics owing to the thirst you have for learning and surpassing the set boundaries. 


Everything you need to know about Gymnastics Requirements on level 8

Level 8 is one of the optional levels alongside levels 9 and 10. The youngest gymnast in level eight can be 8 years old. There is no limit to how old they can be to be in the level of discussion. As long as you are well aware of the basic skill, age is just a number! (As long as it’s up the bar set). 

Much similar to the immediately previous level 7, a fine and fair line is drawn between the skills a gymnast is required to do and the level of difficulty each of these skills has.

As you gradually progress towards more senior levels, the difficulty level increases. Keeping that in mind, the skill set needed for level 8 consists of 4 ‘A’ skills and 4 ‘B’ skills.

A gymnast may jump over to ‘C’ skills to fulfill her requirements if there is a lack.

Correspondingly, replacements can occur within levels if they fulfill the difficulty criteria. A gymnast may design her routine basing it on the requirements.

Additionally, a gymnast is required to take a start in level eight with a value of 10.0, which is the base score of all levels. The judges continue to deduct points from this score for all the errors being made.  

The skills that a routine can encompass for level 8 according to each event are mentioned below; 

Level 8 Gymnastics Requirements: Vault

  • Handspring to a 2/1 twist 
  • Handspring ½ twist to 2/1 twist
  • Tsukahara tuck salto
  • Tsukahara pike salto
  •  Yurchenko tuck salto
  • Yurchenko pike salto

Level 8 Gymnastics Requirements: Uneven Bars

  • One or more bar change from high to low bar or the other way around
  • Two B elements (they may or may not be the same, but one of them needs to include flight)
  • An ‘A’ level salto dismount

Level 8 Gymnastics Requirements: Beam

  • A turn of 360 degrees on one foot
  • Acro series containing two skills, one of them must include a flight
  • A leap that reaches a 180-degree angle split
  • Ariel/ an A level salto dismount

Level 8 Gymnastics Requirements: Floor

  • One acro series including three flight elements
  • Three dissimilar saltos
  • A dance passage with two different leaps, one of them would be a leap of 180-degree cross
  • An isolated salto connection with a salto element of value A

Once you have meet these requirements, you will be ready to challenge the next level.