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Level 7 Gymnastics Requirements

Level 7 gymnastics requirements

After having received a slight relaxation of the choice to skip level 6, level 7 is just what you need to get back on track. I am sincerely not saying this to scare you! From one gymnast to another, we know we adore this sport. 

No matter how frustrating it might get when you just can’t get that one skill right, you always return to practicing it. The truth is, gymnastics runs in our blood and we enjoy taking part in it more than any other sport or activity.

Muggles may think it’s a struggle but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Similarly, gymnasts accept all the challenges level 7 gymnastics requirements throws in their way with determination. 

Age requirement for level 7 

A gymnast of level 7 should belong to the age group of nine at least. There are no restrictions on how old a gymnast in this level can be. Most people carry their gymnastics career up to this point as a child. This is for the reason that they can seldom give the sport the undivided attention and practice it demands. 

Despite wanting to continue with it forward wholeheartedly, the continuously increasing pressure of school convinces them otherwise. Therefore, a good majority of gymnasts in level 7 are college or high school students. 

amount of practice required for level 7 

I would strongly recommend you take your choreographer's advice on this. No one can advise you as sincerely as they can, having known your grasping power and the skills you possess.

However, as far as my take on the amount of practice time you should reserve is concerned, I would suggest as much as you can! Make sure not to exhaust or stress yourself excessively in any manner while doing so. Your mental and physical health’s wellness should be your topmost priority. 

All I mean to say is that we all know practice makes perfect, so why not? I’m not suggesting you cut down on other essential parts of your day, gymnastics should not become a chore that tires you to think about. Ideally, you may keep aside 18 to 20 hours of your week for the sport. You’ll be good to go in no time if you can further fathom your weak spot and invest more in it. 

Skill requirements of level 7

It won’t be wrong to consider level seven an updated version of the previous optional level. It mimics a similar pattern of having associated values to different skill sets.

Skills graded with an A are the easiest for gymnasts who have a lead over the basics of gymnastics. E is the last alphabet that is threaded into skill sets. Alphabet ‘E’ is the inclination of difficulty of a task.

A level 7 gymnast ought to have a routine comprising 5 A skills and 2 B skills. The events, however, are similar to the one's previous levels; vault, uneven bars, beams, and floor.

Once you have completed level 7 gymnastics requirements, you will be ready to go to level 8.