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Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements

Level 6 gymnastics requirements

Level 6 is where the tables turn and the game changes! The previous competitive levels in one way or another are identical. Either the events or the routines are identical. The gymnasts are all mentally and physically prepared to continue with their monotonous routines up till level 5.

However, as soon as they step into level six, there are entirely new boundaries set for them to achieve and surpass.


Difference between compulsory competitive levels and level 6

First and foremost, it is essential to understand what level 6 judges and how it is different from the previous levels. The foregoing levels of the sport place most of their focus on how well a gymnast can perform the routine they are taught.

Another important aspect is whether they can complete the entire routine or specific performances within a time limit set.

On the contrary, the focal point of level 6 is entirely on the skills a gymnast already has acquired or is in the middle of learning. Don’t get me wrong! It’s not entirely freestyle. It’s not gymnastics if there isn’t a routine, right? 

Furthermore, you may think the transition from a junior level to a senior level may be difficult, but you’re in for a surprise! It is not possible to get through level five of gymnastics without undergoing a final competition.

On the other side of the picture, level 6 is the exact opposite. 

You may choose to skip it entirely if you have previously been able to acquire a decent score in level five (above 32 all-around). On a personal level, I wouldn’t suggest you or your gymnast do so. Level six helps gymnasts learn to have a fixed grip on the ground as well as to gain the boost of confidence they need to climb even further ahead in gymnastics. 

Values of skills in level 6 

I’m going to need you to pay a little more attention here! Each skill that a gymnast learns and performs has a specific value. All the skills are rated according to a value list.

These values begin from A and go all the way over to level E (in gymnastics as a whole sport). The skills put under the category of the first alphabet are comparatively effortless, while skills associated with E are the most effort requiring. 

Having put that out there, level six does not go over all these skills. Yes, you read that right, relax! It is up to the choreographer of the gymnast to decide what skills need to be performed and maintained.

A balance between the performance itself and the difficulty level needs to be strictly drawn in level six. The only specification set is that a gymnast of level six should have 5 ‘A’ skills and 1 ‘B’ skill. 

Major gymnastic requirements according to their respective events are mentioned as follows; 

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements: Bars

  • Under swing
  • Clear hip circle
  • 1 bar change
  • min “A” dismount

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements: Vault

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements: Beam

Level 6 Gymnastics Requirements: Floor

  • 360-degree turn on one foot
  • 1 acro series with three elements, 2 should have a flight
  • One salto
  • Dance passage  [minimum of 2 different leaps, jumps, hops]

Once you have meet these level 6 requirements, you will be ready to go to level 7.