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Level 5 Gymnastics Requirements

Level 5 gymnastics requirements

Being a gymnast requires hard work and determination, no matter at what level. However, without knowing and establishing what your ultimate goal is, gymnastics is nothing but a foggy road with no destination.

To avoid your or your child’s blood, sweat, and tears from going to waste, levels have been derived. As a beginner, I wasn’t much of a fan of these gradual stages. I was exploding with the urge to try new routines and performances.

Whereas, these standard levels, on the other hand, were confining me to lesser possibilities…or so I thought. Nonetheless, it wasn’t long before I realized their necessity in the sport. 


The prerequisites for Level 5 gymnastics 

Not much different from level 4, this level requires the gymnasts to compete at a standard competition. For this very reason, it is also known as the second competitive level in gymnastics. 

Children of level 5 follow a routine that is entirely identical to one another throughout. This is done for the reason of providing all the gymnasts with an equal opportunity to polish their skill at the sport. Through this method, the results of the final promotional competition are as fair as can be humanly possible (if conducted exactly as per the rules).

The passing criteria of the gymnastics meet to enter the second competitive level is 34 all-around (conventionally). If your child scores less than the given score, there may be bad news.

Having said that, trust me when I say, there is absolutely nothing you need to fret yourself about. If you are putting your utmost efforts and exceeding or even fulfilling the practice hours required (12 to 13 hours per week), no power on earth can bring you down! 

Furthermore, an extremely significant precondition to be eligible for level 5 is of age. A child must at least be the age of seven. If the gymnast is not of the age at the time of the competition, they wouldn’t be allowed to take part.

There are several reasons for the age of barcode to be short and strict. All you need to know is that it exists to protect a gymnast’s mental and physical health along with developing the skills required for gymnastics. 

Major skills included in the routine of a level 5 gymnast

For the most part, the events in level five are identical to those in level four; floor, vault, uneven bars, and lastly, a balance beam. If a gymnast has religiously been following the routines of the previous levels, the likeliness of level 4 skills being unexpectedly arduous are slim.

In addition to this, the predominant skills and performances that would demand comparatively more practice are mentioned as follows; 

Level 5 Gymnastics Requirements: Vault 

Level 5 Gymnastics Requirements: Uneven bars 

  • Under swing to first counter swing
  • Back hip circle
  • Front hip circle
  • Cast
  •  Pike on to the low bar 

Level 5 Gymnastics Requirements: Floor

  • A two-foot landing front handspring
  • Hitch kick 
  • forward split
  • straddle jump
  • full turn

Level 5 Gymnastics Requirements: Beam

  • split jump
  • cartwheel to side handstand
  • back walkover
  • sissonne

Once you have completed the requirements, you will be ready to go to level 6.