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Level 4 Gymnastics Requirements

level 4 gymnastics requirements

Level 4 is the first professional as well as competitive level in gymnastics. Level 4 gymnastics requirements are comparatively more laborious and demand regular practice. A gymnast belonging to the 4th level should practice at least 14-15 hours per week.

It can further be broken down over several days a week. The prerequisites of all the skills are already learned in the previous 3 groups, making it easier for the individual to grasp the new concepts.


The age range for level 4 gymnasts

The age limit is set in light of that of the previous level by the US gymnastic categories. Therefore, the child needs to be of seven years of age to take part in the final level 4 competition. It is a concern of most parents that their child is being held back from exploring broad and vast horizons in gymnastics by creating strict levels.

This approach may prove to be harmful to the health of a gymnast as they may be put under excessive pressure. The levels decided and implanted take into strict notice what is good for an individual according to their age as well as what they might not be able to cope with.

With that being said, in my opinion, if your little gymnast has reached level 4 already by the age of 7. She’s likely going to excel tremendously and therefore you have nothing to be concerned about. 

Compulsory skills for an individual in level 4

A highly significant and perhaps the only similarity between the transitions from level 3 to level 4 is that of the events. Like level 3 the events used in the first professional level are; vault, beam, floor, and bars. A strict and similar routine is set for all the gymnasts of level 4.

This is done to prepare the pupils for the final competition. The purpose of this competition is to draw a judgment about whether a gymnast can perform the taught routine well enough to meet the set expectations.

Alongside this, they are also expected to perform the required learned skill in a specific period during the competition.

However, fret not! I know going through the fact and figures may have made it seem as difficult as performing a gymnastic skill without having warmed up. That is not the case at all, you have my word for that. The levels are designed to provide ease to you and not to muster up any sort of anxiety or panic. Once your child gets down on the floor, she is going to rock the gymnasium!  

Some of the prominent skills along with their respective events are mentioned as follows:-

Level 4 Gymnastics Requirements: Vault

Level 4 Gymnastics Requirements: Floor

  • Back extension roll
  • Back walkover
  • Front handspring
  • A complete turn
  • Splits 

Level 4 Gymnastics Requirements: Beam

  • Cartwheel
  • Cross handstand
  • Split jump to straight jump
  • Split leap

Level 4 Gymnastics Requirements: Bars

  • Back hip circle
  • Cast to horizontal
  • Squat on
  • Straddle

Passing this will be  quite a challenge because gymnasts aiming for the next level 5 should have a score of 34 AA in this level before moving on.