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Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements

level 3 gymanstics requirements

There are several levels a gymnast needs to go through from the beginning. This is to embark on their status as a gymnast and establish how skilled they are at their age. Level 3 gymnastics requirements is one of the compulsory and noncompetitive levels amongst all the levels. It is the last non-competitive level in gymnastics. Henceforth, it is known as the level for beginners.  


The age range for level 3 gymnastics 

Conventionally, children belonging from the age group of 5 to 6 fall into level 3. The requirements of level 3 are designed specifically for children of the mentioned age. To compete in level 3 gymnastics, a major and prominent factor is age. A child needs to be at least 6 years of age to be eligible.

This is to ensure that their growth and development is not hindered due to gymnastics and that they are easily able to perform their activities. Some parents to gymnast children believe that the introduced levels are not required. However, from my perspective as well as generalisability, that is far from the truth! 

If eradication of the levels occurs it may be the first step to putting our little ones under a lot of pressure. Seeing their age mates and fellow peers ahead of them might instill a feeling of complexity and under-confidence in them. 

4 Skills that need to be mastered in level 3

The first three levels of gymnastics revolve largely around basics and gathering all the bodily prerequisites to make a progressing gymnast. Level 3 is no different, it is not largely competitive. Nonetheless, gyms often conduct internal competition between the children belonging to the same level. Due to this, the little gymnasts stay robust and motivated. 

There are several different stunts and skills that the gymnasts need to be proficient in by the end of level 3. However, the 4 main subdivisions are as follows;

  • Vaults
  • Bars
  • Floor
  • Beam

Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements: Vault

In level 3 as a requirement, there is little that needs to be done and learned concerning the vault. Since this is an elementary level, the gymnast will only be required to perform a handstand on a mat sack ending on a flat back.

Since there is ample time to practice and progress this, children usually face little to no hindrance with vaults. 

Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements: Floor

As a gymnast, the floor should be your best friend! Most of the skills you learn from the beginner levels up to expert levels will be on the floor. The following skills need to be learned as per level 3 requirements:-

  • Split jump with 90-degree leg separation
  • Handstand forward roll
  • Round-off back-handspring
  • Backward roll to a pushup position
  • Handstand to a bridge to a kick over

Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements: Beam

The tasks requiring a beam in level 3 are:-

  • Straight jump
  • Split leap
  • Handstand
  • Side handstand dismounting

Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements: Bars 

Most children struggle with the skills that need to be learned over bars. Undoubtedly, they require more practice in comparison but are also the most fun to carry out! The skills required are mentioned below:-

  • Pullover
  • Front hip circle
  • Back hip circle
  • Single-leg squat through
  • Single-leg basket swing

Once you have completed this level, you will be ready to go to the compulsory level 4.