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Level 2 Gymnastics Requirements

Level 2 gymnastics requirements

After you are done with level 1, you will be promoted to level 2, which is a little more demanding than the previous one. Again this is not compulsory. The compulsory levels start from level 4, but the best gymnasts you know wouldn't have skipped these.

Here are the requirements for level 2 gymnastics as per the USA Gym Junior Olympic Compulsory Programme Book.


Level 2 Vault Requirement

So for the level 2 vault requirement, you need to jump to handstand on mat stack and fall to flat back. Make sure not to bend your legs, and the minimum jump to handstand is supposed to be 16 inches in height.

Level 2 Bars Requirement

Practice the following on the bars:-

  • Cast - Keep the arms and ribs straight when pushing down. Take your trainer's help to hold you on bars, if required.
  • Pullover - These prepare you for other gymnastic moves. You can practice walking pullovers, standing pullovers, etc.
  • Leg cut - This helps you learn shifting of weights. It is important to know when!
  • Back hip circle - This one is the same as in level 1.
  • Mill circle, also known as forward stride circle - This basic gymnastic rotation prepares you for the front hip circle ahead.
  • Single leg basket swing - Keep your shoulders lean to initiate that backward pendulum swing. This exercise continues to level 3 as well.
  • Underswing dismount

Level 2 Floor Requirement

For level 2, you need to be good at the following floor exercises:-

  • Handstand- Minimum 1-second handstand is required.
  • Backward Roll- This is the same as the level 1 roll.
  • Round-off- It's different from the cartwheel in the sense that the two legs are together at the time of landing in case of round-off.
  • Bridge back kick over- You need muscle strength and flexibility for this. The hack is to use the stronger leg to kick!
  • 90-degree heel snap turn- The position should be correct. Your legs and core need to be strong.
  • Split jump with 60-degree leg separation- The split has to be clean!

Level 2 Beam Requirement

Last but not least, this is going to be your beam routine:-

  • Arabesque to 30 degrees - Hold the arabesque for at least one second.
  • Lever- Keep your core strength game strong.
  • Jump to Front support mount- Extend your body in the front support position well.
  • Stretch Jump
  • 1/2 pivot turn- Make sure the knees are not bent and the turn is razor sharp!
  • Cartwheel to side handstand dismount- Your body position, head position, and foot form should be correct. The hands should be put on the beam one by one and not simultaneously.


For level 2, you should train for at least 4-5 hours a week. There is no maximum limit, however. Also, you should know that under the point system that exists, points are deducted for every little things like bent knees, incorrect posture, toes that are not pointed, etc.

Most importantly, you must practice this level with a dedication to get things correct and on point. Complete these, and you are good to go to level 3!