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How To Do A Switch Leap [Steps And Exercises To Help You Improve]

how to do switch leap

Am I the only one who thinks that switch leaps look undeniably easy but the reality is almost heartbreaking? Okay, I am exaggerating a little bit, it’s not heartbreaking at the very least. Just like I always say, gymnasts love challenges as much as they love… well, gymnastics. 

Therefore, switch leaps are nothing but a new taxing skill for people of our kind. As a beginner, I was extremely dumbfounded and struck by how gracefully senior gymnasts would perform a switch leap.

And needless to say, I was beyond excited once I had that opportunity at my hands as well. All I’m trying to say is, I know how excited you would be right now to be reading about this, I can almost feel it through the screen! For this reason, I’m going to deliver my best to you and help you further amaze your audience at the final competition as well as junior gymnasts. 

Showing off a skill you learned with your blood (hopefully not), sweat, and tears, don’t hurt after all. On that note, let’s get down to it! 


Prerequisites (all you need to know!) 

First and foremost, you need to have more body mobility, otherwise, it may be laborious to perform a split, that too in mid-air. Keeping that in mind, stretching is your best hit at making a switch leap easier for you.

If you are used to doing static stretching, then it’s time you jump on the other type and begin your journey with dynamic stretching instead. Why is that? It is because the latter type of stretching will not only allow you to hold a switch for as long as you need to but will also enable you to do so in a state of constant or speedy movement. 

In further connectivity to this, your warm-up routine should comprise a split leap at all costs. Knowing how to do a split leap is the first step to a switch leap, it will provide you a ground for understanding the fundamentals of a switch leap and at what point you lack in either practice or flexibility. 

Body parts that have the most significant role in performing a switch leap

A switch leap demands your lower limbs and stomach muscles to be the most strengthened. Needless to say, your legs will be responsible for kicking you off the ground in the first as well as the third step of a switch leap. Without them performing a switch leap might as well be next to impossible.

Similar is the case with core muscles, while you are performing a split in mid-air, if your stomach can not hold and manage your upper body weight, you will find yourself struggling to gain balance. 

However, these specifications in no manner mean you should singularly focus on core and leg muscles. As a gymnast, your entire body should be in the right shape.

Henceforth, when you come up with a pre-skill workout routine, add more exercises with the focal point being the leg and stomach muscles. At the same time, give a definite proportion to other body parts such as arms and shoulder exercises as well. 

Exercises you can comprise your workout routine

Personally, the best way to go about this is to take the advice of your gym trainee. They will be able to suggest exercises according to your body type and at what point you are required to put in slightly more effort. In that manner, trust me when I say, no overall routine would be better for you in comparison to one that is personalized for you. 

Nonetheless, there are a few exercises you would benefit from despite what point you are at in your gymnastics career. In accordance with that, the exercises you can do for a switch leap (and otherwise) are mentioned as follows; 

  • Kettlebell deadlift; doing these will help you maintain your posture as well as strengthen your stomach, hip, and upper arm muscles.
  • Squats; we all know how healthful squats are to one's leg muscles, so what are you waiting for? I would advise you to perform squats at the end of your warm-up routine.
  • The ups; this is where the cool kids sit! Without a doubt, ‘the ups’ are your way to success. Members of the ups committee are; step-ups, sit-ups, v ups, and push-ups.

Drills to perfect your switch leap

Being a gymnast, drills are your best friend. Straight away beginning with a skill can be a difficult hit. On top of that, it will also be difficult for you to put your finger on the factor that is pulling you back. 

Instead of treading down that path of eventual demotivation and disappointment, the better alternative is to try and break down your skill, in this case, being a switch lap, into several smaller steps. You can thank me later! 

Nevertheless, if you are on the lookout for some pre-designed drills for switch leaps, you may choose from the ones mentioned below. They are sure to get you nearer to your goal.

  • Switch rings
  • Split leaps
  • Switch leaps on a trampoline 
  • Split leaps on a trampoline
  • Practice different kicks
  • Split jumps/leaps onto a Mat 

Equipment needed for learning a switch leap