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14 Gymnastics Questions That You Can Ask Your Gymnast

gymnastics questions

I’m a firm believer in the fact that gymnastics is not just a sport but an entire way of life because of its nature which demands to be expressed. This is for the reason that I view life with a whole different…precisely, more confident and progressing perspective. You may call this one of the many perks of being a part of the gymnastics world.

Therefore, it only makes sense to think that being the parent to a gymnast, you are just as extraordinary as your child, right? So, believe me when I say you are! First of all, raising a child is naturally not an easy job but more than that, you are setting your child on this journey full of wonders, unlocking their true potential in the process. 

So, as a parent, you will need to build up and support your child as a gymnast and there is no better way to do so than by keeping up with them through communication. 


Ask Questions That Remind Them of Their Goal 

As humans, no matter what age, it is natural for us to lose track of our ultimate goal over some time.

It does not signify any lack of attention or dedication, but simply that one has drifted apart from needing a reminder. 

One way to go about this is to use methods of negative reinforcement to make sure that they are reminded of their true goal as a gymnast. Nonetheless, behaving strictly for a stretched period can result in the child being mentally upset and consequently losing interest in the sport as well. 

On the contrary, it is advised that you help your little gymnast refresh the goals themselves. And there is no better way to do such than to communicate with your child. They will not only feel heard but cross-questioning will help them acknowledge and refresh the passion that they had for the sport.

Examples of some goal-oriented questions you can ask your precious little gymnast are, 

  1. 1
    Are you excited to get to the next level of gymnastics
  2. 2
    What is a short-term goal you have in gymnastics?
  3. 3
    How does taking part in the sport make you feel?
  4. 4
    Would you rather be part of some other sport instead of gymnastics?
  5. 5
    Are you looking forward to learning any new skills? What are they?
  6. 6
    Where do you see yourself as a gymnast when you are five years older than your current age? 

Gymnastics Questions to Ask After Practice and In the Car Ride Back Home

If you are a parent who is not aware of the trivial or significant details of gymnastics but would like to discuss with your child, I’ve got your back too! 

Here are a few questions you can ask your gymnast child and make a fruitful conversation; 

  1. 7
    How was your practice today?
  2. 8
    Did you perform any new skills
  3. 9
    What was the best part of your gymnastics class today?
  4. 10
    Did you make any significant achievements today?

Questions to understand the perception of your child towards gymnastics

  1. 11
    Why do you do gymnastics?
  2. 12
    What are your favorite skills in gymnastics?
  3. 13
    Can you describe the sport in five words?
  4. 14
    How do you feel when you are performing at your favorite event?

Always Remember:- Be Mindful of The Process and Not The Final Outcome

If there is any rule one that we should live by is that the journey should always be more memorable than the results. The same trend would apply to gymnastics as well.

A gymnast can put in the best efforts in their routine and still not be sure about what the final result will look like. 

Gymnastics meets, can be as unpredictable as it gets due to several diverse reasons e.g., a gymnast’s concluding performance may not be up to the mark or they may fall sick at the last moment. Henceforth, as a parent, you should be mindful of the fact that the focal point of your child’s gymnastics life is the progress they make in their routine and the amount of learning that they do. 

Let me guess what you’re thinking, how can I do that? Don’t worry, there’s no complex way to carry this out. All you have to do is shape and direct the gymnastics questions you ask them on their daily gym routine instead of enquiring about the final competition etc. 

Always Remember:- Acknowledge their efforts

Needless to say, positive affirmations can make a huge difference. In complete honesty, all that a child needs are your confidence and constant backing up.

It is likely the case that you love your little gymnast to the moon and back and will hold them up through every thick, but are not vocal about it.

Unfortunately, that is the most important factor in the growth of your child as a gymnast and they feel lost if you fail to lift them through those bad days. 

While it can not be denied that actions speak louder than words, it is also equally important that they feel that they have someone to turn back to and expect words of kindness from. They should always feel like a winner in our eyes, no matter how poorly a competition goes or how little they managed to perform at the gym someday. 

Therefore, when your little child is unusually quiet after a meet or a gymnastics class, remind them it’s not the end of the world and that there’s always a second chance. If this is the approach you follow as a parent, you have ultimately succeeded at parenting!