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Learning Gymnastics Online In Time Of Pandemic [Top 8 Ways]

Gymnastics Online

During this time of pandemic, there are 2 main questions that most gymnast wants an answer for. The first one is, when will the gyms be open again? The second one is how do we use the internet to practice gymnastics at home.

To the first question, the answer depends on various factors, such as the containment of the COVID virus in our state, policies forced by both the federal and the state government, and so on.

To answer the second question, it depends on your own will and determination to start a home-based gymnastic training routine. Here’s how to continue doing gymnastics online from your home and keeping yourself in shape while the gyms are closed.


How to learn/practice gymnastics online?

1) Take part in a Zoom workout

Just because you can’t be together with your teammates in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t work out together.

On the contrary, say hello to Zoom and group exercises. Everyone can work from their respective home at the same time and can perform the same exercises.

Many gymnastics centers offer regular zoom meetings for their members. Very often, the zoom meeting workouts are run and supervised by some of the trainers that work there.

Some of them even post weekly challenges on social media, mainly on Instagram and Facebook.

Plus, that’s a great way to see how everyone is doing, keep in touch with everyone, and even support each other during these troublesome times.

2) Connect with other gymnasts through an online community

This is another way to stay connected with other gymnasts, provide support for each other, discuss training methods, share experiences, and so on. Online communities for gymnasts such as SkillTracker even post daily and monthly challenges.

Most of the daily challenges can be completed within fifteen or twenty minutes. That way, they keep you engaged and give you the feeling that you are part of a caring community.

Furthermore, you get points for every completed challenge, which is fun. The more points you earn, the higher you rise on the leaderboard. That’s to keep you motivated and keeping your competitive edge live.

Their last addition is the online forum in which gymnasts from all over the world can discuss all gymnastic related topics. It is a great forum that can be a valuable source of information and an opportunity to connect with other gymnasts. On top of it, many of them are Olympic medal winners.

3) Watch workout YouTube videos

The good old YouTube never fails to deliver quality content, even when it comes to gymnastic workout exercises. Just make sure you watch videos made from professional gymnastics, trainers, or gymnastic organizations.

Almost by default, they are all free, and you can watch the videos at your own pace. Plus, you can always post a question under some of the videos. The only real distraction is the ads. But that’s how these guys make a living, and once you get used to that, you won't mind them at all.

If you prefer learning through reading, here is a list of fun gymnastics games that you or your kids can try out.

4) Learn from Simone Biles

How about online lessons from no other but the one and only Simone Biles? She teaches a gymnastics class on a teaching platform called Masterclass. Her videos are eloquent as she is and can be of great help for any gymnast. The only downside is that these classes are not free.

5) Learn from the champions

How about learning from the most elite athletes in the world? The best way to do so is to rewatch their medal-winning performances. You can watch how Simone Biles won her gold at the 2016 Olympics, Gabby Douglas at the 2012 Olympics, or other great gymnasts.

The best part of all is that all these videos can be watched for free online. Study them, analyze them, and try to capture some of their aura, the thing that turns you into a champion.

6) Check out the Olympic Chanel Otv

There is a ton of content for gymnasts. The most notable is the “All Around” series that follows three renowned gymnasts - Chen Yile (China), Angelina Melnikova (Russia), and Morgan Hurd (USA).

The series offers unprecedented access to their daily routines and lives.

The 10 episodes are equally interesting and fun to watch, especially if you are a gymnast trying to make it big.

There is a lot to learn from the series and perhaps even accept some of their training methods. You can even try some of their routines and exercises. That’s possible in your back yard or your exercise room.

7) Online classes from elite trainers

The current pandemic has everyone sitting idle at home, especially gymnast trainers. Why not reach out to some of them and ask for online classes. Nowadays, even the most elite trainers from all over the world are quarantined in their homes.

Because of that, many will be available at a heavily discounted rate. Why not make most of this situation and for a small fee take lessons from an elite gymnast trainer?

8) Udemy gymnastics online courses

It might come as a surprise, but there are gymnastic classes on Udemy as well. This online course platform may be known for its coding classes, but it doesn’t stop there. There are classes in pretty much every area; gymnastics is one of them.

All the classes are paid for classes. But typically, their prices range from $10 to $40 tops. Some of the classes are made by former, professional gymnasts that have made their mark in the sport.


Being quarantined at home, the gyms closed and with the gymnastics season over, it is not easy to maintain momentum for any gymnast. However, it will be a waste of our time just dwelling and staying idle while waiting for this pandemic to pass.

The proper way is to try and make the most out of the current situation. By that, we mean making use of all the excellent online gymnastic content and try to get motivated by watching videos, joining online communities or using social platforms like zoom.

You never know, you may gain a new perspective on your career and come out of this situation stronger and better than before.