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5 Easy And Efficient Gymnastics Drills You Can Do At Home

gymnastics drills

Drills are one of the most significant parts of gymnastics. We cannot thank drills, and whoever came up with the mastermind plan to incorporate them, enough for how unchallenging they have made gymnastics a sport. 

As beginners, most of us abhor them because of their step-by-step nature. We feel as though drills are playing the role of a hindrance between us and the final skill we ought to perform. However, needless to say, the reality is quite contradictory. 

If I am being honest, I believe that had it not been for these drills, I wouldn’t have been able to perform countless skills that I can today (especially on bars). Drills tend to allow us to gradually gain the mobility that we need for a certain skill as well as gather the required strength. 

You will be able to perform the below 5 mentioned drills at home without needing any specialized equipment.


1) Handstand against the wall

Having to do a handstand is the prerequisite for many advanced skill sets therefore, learning how to do a handstand as a drill is an ideal option. By far the easiest way to perform a handstand is against a wall since it requires less strength.

As a drill, you may perform 30 handstands against a wall. They will help you gain and maintain upper body strength and improve flexibility.

2) Cartwheel

A cartwheel is one of the few exercises that might seem easy but can be laborious to perform in reality.

However, being able to do a full cartwheel is an indication of the fact that the gymnast has both upper and lower body strength.

It is for this reason that I often encourage beginners to perform a cartwheel within their pre gymnastics routine. 

3) Ladder Drills

The Ladder Drill aims to provide toughness to your lower limbs making it easier to perform final skills on bars and the floor. 

If your gymnastics routine consists of skills that require balance and strengthened core muscles, jumping jacks are your best mate! 

4) Squat to Chair Drill

This is an easy yet efficacious drill that you can perform at home simply with the help of a chair.

All you have to do is perform squats like you usually do as a part of your training, except that you have to sit back down and use your lower body (particularly hip) strength to push yourself up. Repeat 10 times and perform 3 sets.

I guarantee you that performing this drill will build up your glutes and hips like no other proving to be an aid in several high-valued skills. 

5) Lunge T Lunge

For this drill, you are going to start in a lunge. From there, you will lift your back leg while bringing your arms and upper body forward to horizontal, to make a shape of a "T" with your body. Try holding this body position without wobbling. 

The entire time, you should be squeezing your leg muscles, trying to stay as still as possible and keeping your back foot pointed and then you return to the lunge. I will recommend to try holding for 2 to 8 second, starting from 2 and slowly up by one as you progress.

6)  Open Shoulder Push-up Hops

For performing the open shoulder push up hops, first get into an open shoulder push up position with your arms covering your ears. Then try to hop your body to the side, keeping your arms and legs straight and maintaining good body position all the way.

This can also be done forward or backwards. If this is your first time, I will recommend you to do 5 times for each side. Once you feel more comfortable with this, you can try doing 10 - 15 times each.