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5 Best Gymnastics Movies And TV Shows Of All Time

best gymnastics movies

Let me start by saying, I’ve been over the moon about writing this article. There is nothing that lifts your spirit like a good movie. Let’s face it, all of us have been at a point in our life when an inspirational movie had us cleaning our rooms at 3 am in hope of getting our life together. I know I’ve been there! I lost confidence rather quickly as a gymnast as my routine got increasingly challenging. 

However, my go-to in such a circumstance were gymnastics related movies and TV shows. They got me back on track quicker than anything else ever got close to doing! For which reason, I’m going to personally help you pick the best gymnastics movies to watch. Whether you are a gymnast trying to hold on to your passion or someone who wants to get started at the sport, you’ve arrived at the right place.


Best Gymnastics Movies

1) McKenna Shoots for the stars 

This is it. This is THE movie. I assure you, as a gymnast, you will relate to this movie on a spiritual level. 

It is the story of McKenna, a young gymnast who is making her way through life, carrying her passion for gymnastics proudly on her shoulders. She is falling back in her academics and can’t seem to focus.

Whereas, she is beyond impressive in gymnastics to the point that she feels her coaches are trapping her infinite skills, until…she suffers an injury and is confined to crutches. For McKenna, it is the end of the world, but little does she know it is only the beginning.

Through the story of this exceptionally ardent girl, you will be able to identify glimpses of yourself. The path she walks is one all of us have walked and is close to him. Nonetheless, the movie will have you in tears by the end at how brilliantly the life and struggles of a gymnast are put together. 

2) Stick it 

If I’m being honest, watching this movie should be part of the compulsory criteria before stepping into the higher levels of gymnastics.

It is a must-watch, even if you are not a gymnast, it will boost your morale overall. ‘Stick it’ awakens the rebellion inside all of us and teaches us how to put it to good use…to an extent.

The main character of the hit movie is forcefully sent to a gymnastics academy after having gone through a rough patch at a national competition. She not only has to practice the sport she has grown to abhor but also deal with the hateful comments and bullying thrown her way.

One would think, with so much that’s going wrong, how would it get any better? Exactly! That is the message the movie delivers ever so beautifully. As a bonus, aside from the engrossing story line, the characters themselves are incredibly hooking. The movie had me mimicking the behavior of the rule challenging build-up gymnast for a couple of days. 

3) Full out 

If you’ve watched the trailer of this movie, I know what you might be thinking, that’s such a teen cliché. Trust me when I say, it’s so much more than just that. I won’t deny that it is comparatively more predictable than your regular gymnastic movies or TV series.

In its defense, the movie is no less heart touching and is based on a true story *cue the tears*. It follows the life of Ariana Berlin, a girl whose life starts and ends at gymnastics. She aims to qualify for the Olympics as a gymnast and she’s not going to let anything get anything in the way.

But what happens when something she has no control over stands as a hurdle between her and her lifelong dream?

If you are a survivor of any injury that held you back from polishing your true potential for some time, this movie is for you. From one gymnast to another (or to be one), we know we stand face to face with danger once we enter the gymnasium. Gymnasts who’ve made their way to the top of the charts have faced the same difficulties and gone through hundreds of twisted ankles. Albeit, we often fail to forget that to fly, you have to fall. That is precisely what Full out is going to teach you. 

4) 2nd chance

Have you known what it feels like to step into the gymnasium and feel unexplainably little? No matter how skilled you are or how deeply your urge to learn runs?

If you don’t, you are tremendously lucky! On the other hand, if you do, this movie will forever be in your top ten. Either way, 2nd chance is a movie worth spending your time on.

The principal character of the movie is a budding gymnast who lacks the confidence she needs to be a star. This shortcoming is the reason behind her fellow peers bullying and belittling her. Finding herself at such an exigent spot, the only option that she is left with is to quit.

Nevertheless, nature has other plans for her. If you are a parent to a gymnast, I would advise you to make your child watch this movie in her primary levels of gymnastics. It will certainly help her deal with any sort of pressure surrounding the sport as well as otherwise. In a society, where ‘survival of the fittest’ is the motto, it is necessary to constantly be reminded that your best is enough and valuable. 

5) Barbie spy squad

I know…I know, you probably weren’t expecting a Barbie movie to be on the list for best gymnastics. But hey, it earned its spot! From amongst all the animated movies that touch the broad topic of gymnastics, the Barbie spy squad is the finest. 

It is an incredible gymnastics movie even for a family audience completely shattering the stereotype attached to Barbie. As the name suggests, it has an aura of childish mystery to it that the three best friends have to resolve.

You may be wondering, what part does gymnastics have to play in any of this?

The answer is that the entire journey of Barbie and her best friends trying to solve the mystery revolves around gymnastics. They make use of the skills they learned as well as the flexibility they acquired through practicing the sport, in a supposed reality-based environment. I assure you that the movie is certain to get you or a little gymnast up and practicing their skill set or routine. I, myself am a living witness of that (don’t tell anyone that)! Additionally, the movie also gives an admirable impression of the concept that gymnastics is not confined to the gymnasium alone. I mean, what more could you ask for in a movie? 

Best TV Shows

1) Douglas family Gold

Are you looking for something gymnastics related to occupy yourself with for a longer time? Perhaps more reality-based? Extremely heartwarming and family-oriented?

Yeah, I think you’re trying to mention ‘Douglas family gold’. It is a TV series containing all of that – a jumbo package! It will surely motivate you to further put in your best at gymnastics. If you are going through a rough rut or are struggling with a particular skill and are on the verge of giving in, give this series a watch.

Trust me when I say, this technique is tried and tested. It made me think, if this young woman can, why can’t I? And that is exactly the sort of approach you need to adopt as a gymnast. Douglas Family Gold is about a gymnast and not any ordinary gymnast, an Olympic gymnast.

It dives deeper into how Gabby (the lead character) achieved the position she did, with the help of her family. It is guaranteed to make you appreciate the things in life that we often take for granted, such as the support our loved ones provide us with.

I strongly suggest you invest your energies in watching this series, you won’t regret it. If nothing else you will surely have the strongest urge ever to give your parents and your friends a tight warm hug! 

2) My perfect landing

If I’m being honest, my perfect landing is a perfect combination of all the gymnastics movies. It is a TV series we never knew we needed until we got it!

It has your regular gymnast who has to switch cities due to family reasons and is welcomed by a completely different environment. She finds herself struggling at first at both; gymnastics and making friends. 

However, over time our lead character learns how to take her place and outshine herself. Watching this TV series will remind you that you are not alone in the struggles you face with the sport. ‘My perfect landing’ is also known for its ability to rekindle the love all gymnasts have for gymnastics at the very beginning. Give it a watch and see if it does the same for you!