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Best Remote Control Car For 10 Year Old [Top 4 In 2023]

best remote control car for kids

There always comes a time in everyone's childhood where remote control toys seem perfect. Generally, 8 to 10 year olds tend to be attracted toward such gadgets. Do you also wish to provide your little ones with the best remote control car for 10 year old? If so, we are here to help you do so.

A simple online search will be enough to show you that the market is full of brands claiming to deliver the fastest RC cars. While this might show that there are various remote control cars in the market to choose from, during our review, we found that a few items stood out from the rest.





Rating (1-5)

TOZO Remote control Brushed Monster Truck
  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 4.5 x 8.9 inches
  • Control Distance: 100m


  • Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 4.3 x 5.8 inches
  • Control Distance: 40m


Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 Ghz Servo Tronic Kart
  • Product Dimensions: 21.3 x 11.7 x 10.6 inches
  • Control Distance: 30m


INTEY RC 4WD Off Road Remote Control Trucks
  • Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 12.4 x 9.8 inches
  • Control Distance: 50m


Top 4 Remote Control Cars

These remote control cars succeeded in delivering quality and value-added features. Choosing the best among them is a hard task.

best remote control car for 10 year old

Looking for the best remote control car for 8 to 10 year old? TOZO is here with the perfect product for you. After all, what kid would not like a monster truck?

Owing to its high speed, this might not be one of the best RC cars for beginners. This is because for a young kid who is just learning how to control a remote control car, the speed of this monster truck might be too much to handle.

However, it remains usable by children who have already mastered the skill of driving a monster truck. It comes with a 2.4 GHz radio system. The thing we liked best about the car was that it came fully assembled. This feature is bound to be convenient for all the parents out there who get stuck with the technicalities of assembling the car for their kids.

The 42 km/h speed makes this car one of the fastest RC cars available. This, in turn, also makes it the best remote control car for adults who wish to indulge in a fun game of racing. The manufacturers have also taken various measures to ensure the durability of the product. This is achieved by the fact that the car is equipped with a high-temperature protection system.


  • The speed is very high.ear
  • The monster truck is durable and strong.
  • The customer service is excellent.


  • The quality of the battery included can be improved.

Who does not wish for a Lamborghini? Well, you can instill the desire for quality cars in your children from an early age by giving them a remote control Lamborghini to play with. During our review, we found that this toy made for an excellent guilty pleasure for adults too.

The key features which we liked were the tiny details that are bound to be appreciated by adults while making the car the best remote control car for kids.

These features include the fact that the car is equipped with headlights that turn on and wheels that resemble the ones in an actual car. Moreover, when you reverse the car, the red tail light glows. These minor details aid in bringing this RC car to life.

When it comes to operationality, the car does not just go backward and forward. Instead, you can use the radio controller to move the car right or left as well.

This car is the best remote control car for 9 to 10 year old since it has an excellent speed of 8-10 mph. Such a speed is both manageable and exhilarating for your children. Moreover, the remote distance is extensive. The 30-40 m distance makes sure that your child's usability of the car is not limited.


  • It is a real miniature version of the Lamborghini.
  • It is quite responsive.
  • The strength of the car is commendable.


  • The quality of the remote control needs improvement.

Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 Ghz Servo Tronic Kart

Recommended for Mario Lovers

carrera 7 mario 2.4 ghz servo tronic kart

All of us went through the infamous Mario phase. Even still, there are many of us who remain loyal fans of Mario. For individuals who wish to pass on the love of Mario to their younger ones or have kids who are now obsessed with the character, the Carrera 7 Mario might be an excellent choice.

This RC car does not demand any of your time in assembly. In contrast to this, as soon as we unpacked it, we found that the car was ready to be used.

The speed offered is 20 km/h which makes it an ideal choice for six year olds and above. All you require are 2 AA batteries, and you can begin operating the car.

The fact that the batteries used in this product are rechargeable in nature is a source of convenience for all the parents out there. Think about it. You would not want to constantly undergo the annoyance of having to get batteries after every other day. With this quality remote control vehicle, your child can have fun for 40 minutes, followed by 80 minutes of charging.


  • Well-built and ease of use.
  • The rechargeable batteries reduce the maintenance cost of the product.
  • The remote range is excellent.


  • The RC car is not durable.

INTEY RC 4WD Off Road Remote Control Trucks

An Amphibious Remote Control Car

intey rc 4wd off road trucks

INTEY is here with one of the best RC trucks 2017 had to offer. During our review, we realized that this monster truck succeeded in delivering quite a lot of features for a reasonable price.

Firstly, while most other cars tend to perform well only on flat surfaces, this RC truck managed to live up to its claim of being the best RC monster truck. The toy can be used on all terrains, whether it be water or land. The former is guaranteed by the fact that the car is equipped with an IP6 waterproof feature.

Additionally, to guarantee the durability of the toy car, the manufacturers have designed it with an anti-collision system. This system comes into play through the design of the wheels. The four tires are equipped with a suspension spring that aid in absorbing shock. When you add this to the premium quality plastic used in the construction of the RC car, it comes as no surprise that the car lasts quite long.

Even though the remote distance is excellent, with a range of 50 m, the same cannot be said about the battery life. When the 9 V battery is fully charged, the car can be used for 15 minutes only.


  • Free accessories are included in the package.
  • The design of the monster truck is excellent.
  • The tires are realistic and high quality.


  • Driving time is really less.

Buying Guide for Best Remote Control Car for 10 Year Old

Are you confused about which are the best RC cars has to offer? Do you want to broaden your options with more than the four products mentioned above? Well, you can decide which are the best RC cars for you. All you need to do is to be mindful of the following factors.

Age of Your Kid

best rc cars for beginners

Understand that the best remote control car for 4-year-old and the best remote control vehicle for 12-year-old will be starkly different from one another. This is the reason why there is not a universally best option. Instead, different products cater to different age groups.

The basic way to filter out options is through age groups. Certain cars come with suitable age recommendations. Even if they do not, the features and speed offered will give you an idea about whether it will be suitable for your child.

Your Budget

Products can also be filtered through their prices. The spectrum lies from cheap fast RC cars to more expensive RC cars. One of your tasks is to decide where do you lie in this segment. Think about how much you are willing to invest in a toy.

For those of you who don't mind spending a few bucks for the happiness of your children, you will find that there are quite a lot of premium products to choose from. However, just because you are tight on budget does not necessarily mean that your child will not get a quality car to play with. If you a wise purchaser, you will be able to sift through items and select the best RC cars under $50 and $100.

If your kid is interested to ride on a remote control car instead of just controlling it, check out our post on remote controlled ride on car for kids.

Choose a Type

When you peruse the market, you will come across two types of RC cars, namely electric or battery-powered cars and nitro-fuel cars. Which type is ideal depends on who will be using the RC car. If you are looking for the best RC cars for adult, you will find nitro-fuel to be a better option from the two since it delivers consistent and powerful performance.

rc car for toddlers

However, for your children, it might not be the best option. This is because these cars have harmful chemicals. To ensure the safety of your kids, it is better to opt for the electric-powered car. Yes, the toy will be limited by the short running time, but it is worth it if you consider the safety aspect.

Categories of RC Cars

Apart from the dilemma of choosing from a wide variety of options, you might also get confused about the various categories of RC cars. They can be best summarized as follows:

  • Buggy: It is perfect for flat terrains and is considered a mixture of street and off-road remote control vehicle.
  • Truggy: You can view this as an antithesis of a buggy. It is made for rough terrains and is more suitable for off-roading.
  • Drift: As the name suggests, these RC cars are equipped with tires that allow you to showcase your drifting skills.
  • Street: It is ideal for flat terrains where it is generally known for its high speed.
  • Monster Trucks: They are excellent for off-roading and driving on rough terrains.

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Final Verdict

Out of the four RC cars we reviewed, we believe the TOZO RC Brushed Monster Truck emerges as a clear winner.

Not only is it the best remote control car for 10 year old, but it can be used by an adult as well, who will be able to enjoy it to the utmost. It is a true win-win situation. Moreover, when it comes to versatility in use and durability, the car was successful in impressing us.

This does not mean that the other cars on the list are not worth the investment. It all comes down to how you wish to use your RC car. Regardless of which remote control car you end up choosing, make sure you weigh in on the various factors and make a wise and informed decision. Provide your child with the best remote control car that you can and watch as their face lights up.

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