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Quinny Moodd Stroller Review 2020: Rachel Zoe Edition

Finding an ideal stroller for your child can sometimes be quite tricky. You have to think about the quality and the comfort level. In addition, it should represent the best value for money because your child is going to use it for a few years. Therefore, a new Quinny Moodd Stroller Review is just what you need if you are still questioning its quality.

A stroller or a pushchair is a vital part of the baby equipment. Not only does it allow you to push your child around the park, but it is often a part of a fantastic travel system. Owning a travel system can save you a lot of money in the long run - and it is also a practical choice for new parents.

In this review, we will guide you through Quinny stroller features and help you decide whether or not it could be a worthy investment for your family.

Essential Facts About the Quinny Rachel Zoe Jet Set Moodd Stroller

Quinny Moodd Stroller Review

When it comes to pushchairs, Quinny is one of the best-known brands in the baby equipment market. Their strollers often feature a futuristic design, and most city-living parents love to use them for pushing their little ones around.

The Quinny Moodd Stroller comes in many colors, and its latest edition is inspired by fashion stylist Rachel Zoe.

After becoming a mother, Rachel Zoe focused on creating a stylish, yet practical stroller in collaboration with Quinny. The newest design has the same features as the other ones - but it is as luxurious as it can be.

Rachel Zoe believes that a stroller should complement your style - not overpower it.

Therefore, it is no wonder most parents choose her design over the rest of them. The golden details are suitable for all occasions, and you can easily match your outfit to the stroller.

Furthermore, the black and white fabric can never go out of style, and the cognac leather details contribute to its classy look.

Benefits of Owning a Quinny Moodd Stroller

Just because you are a parent now, it doesn't mean that your fashion sense should suffer. Because of that, the Quinny pram is a fantastic extension to your own style.

The Rachel Zoe addition adds a bit of class to your outfit, and it also features a fairly forgiving design. The black and white fabric is not easy to stain, so your child will enjoy it too. Furthermore, the golden details look incredible in any occasion.

Still, the main reason why you should consider getting the Quinny stroller is its practicality. When you get the pram, you can also get the add-ons which turn it into an excellent high-quality travel system. That way, you can match all the parts together and never worry about them not fitting into the frame.

In addition, this stroller is known for its safety features. The wheels are pneumatic, and you can easily roll it even on uneven terrain. Even though most parents who have bought this pram live in the city, they can also use it on the beach or in the countryside.

The wheels are strong and durable, and they offer an incredible level of shock absorption. Your child will not feel any pebbles or bumps on the road. Also, it is vital to mention that it comes with four wheels, instead of three.

The wheels on the front are a lot smaller, yet they can swivel and lock in place when needed. The back wheels are larger so that you can easily roll the stroller over different terrains.

The Quinny Moodd Stroller sets a high-quality standard in the baby equipment world. The features are there to help parents roll it without too much hassle - and without sacrificing their fashion sense.

Almost every part of this pram is adjustable - from the handlebar to the baby seat. You can use it right until your child learns to walk. However, you do not have to worry about it looking worn out after a few years.

Quinny uses only high-quality materials for their strollers. Because of that, their lifetime is somewhat extended, provided you take good care of it in the meantime. Thus, you will probably be able to use it for your next child as well.

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quinny moodd stroller review [11 Key Features]

Automatic Unfolding

unfolding is automated

Most parents struggle with finding enough storage space for their stroller. Luckily, the Quinny Moodd Stroller can be easily folded down to fit tight areas in your home. You do not have to push down for it to fold - just gently lower it, and it will become a compact pram which you can place in your car.

Likewise, unfolding it is automated. It takes less than a minute, and you only need to unlock it to get the stroller to stand up straight. Thus, you can do it even while holding your child.

One Hand Recline Feature

Both the forward and the rear-facing positions allow you to recline the seat. There are three reclining positions to choose from, depending on what your child needs at that moment.

The Five-Point Harness

Unlike other strollers, the Quinny Moodd features a five-point harness which allows you to strap your child in securely. In addition, it also lets you take your toddler out in a matter of seconds.

Adjustable Footrest

You can adjust it to go up or down. However, bear in mind that you cannot extend it. Depending on your child's height, it might be too short for children over the age of three.

The Bumper Bar

The pram has a T bar which you can remove if your child doesn't need it. It adds a modern look to the stroller, and it sort of resembles a rollercoaster bar. However, you cannot swing it to either side, and it doesn't go all the way around.

Removable Canopy

The high-quality canopy is an essential accessory to any stroller. It efficiently protects your child from the sun and the rain, and it keeps them in a cool shade. This pram features a medium sized canopy.

Egg-shaped Seat

The seating area in this pram resembles an egg, so you can rest assured knowing your child will be comfortable in it. You can recline it into three positions: upright, half-upright and fully reclined.

The Seat Fabric

You can easily detach it from the seat and wash it when it gets dirty. The manufacturer recommends soaking it in warm water and hanging it to dry.

The Telescopic Handlebar

the telescopic handlebar

Most parents struggle with stroller handlebars. Often they are not retractable, and they can limit your maneuverability. However, this telescopic handlebar can be extended with a single push of a button. In addition, they have also covered it with foam to make it more comfortable for the parents.

Dirt Repellent Material

You do not have to worry about it looking dirty, no matter where you take this stroller. The fabric is water and dirt repellent, and it will look as good as new for a long time. If it ever gets dirty, you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth and restore its previous appearance.


Even though you have to buy them separately, you should bear in mind that this stroller has many accessories. If you want to upgrade it, you can always purchase the convenient cup holder, as well as the rain cover. In addition, Rachel Zoe has also designed an incredible looking diaper bag which matches the stroller perfectly.


  • It is a sturdy stroller which will certainly last you for a very long time.
  • The Rachel Zoe edition features a stylish design that will perfectly complement your fashion sense. It is classy, yet practical, and the earthy tones make it sophisticated.
  • The wheels are top-notch quality, so you can use this stroller in the city, countryside, and even on the beach.
  • The egg-shaped seat is exceptionally comfortable, and your child will love sleeping it in.
  • It folds and unfolds without too much hassle.
  • The seat is reversible, and it will take less than a minute to change positions.
  • The stroller comes with a convenient shopping basket.


  • The canopy doesn't have a peekaboo window. Thus, if you place the seat into a forward-facing position, you cannot see what your child is doing.

Quinny Moodd Stroller Travel System

The Quinny pram is a part of a high-quality travel system. By purchasing the additional parts, you can easily mix and match them to fit your everyday needs.

Quinny Moodd Stroller Car Seats

The Rachel Zoe travel system features an infant and a convertible car seat.

Convertible Car Seat

It fits children from 14 to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position. Meanwhile, the forward-facing position is perfect for children up to 85 pounds.

Quinny used Air Protect technology to make this car seat as safe as possible. Therefore, the sides have a higher level of shock absorption, and they offer maximum protection to your little one.

In addition, the Pria 85 convertible car seat allows you to quickly remove your child from it. It comes with harness holders which will keep the straps out of your way while picking up the baby.

The Infant Seat

This seat comes with a Cozi-Dozi insert which provides a higher comfort level for your little one. Furthermore, you can remove the fabric and spot clean it when necessary.

Final Verdict

Quinny Rachel Zoe Jet Set Moodd Stroller

We hope that this Quinny Moodd Stroller Review has helped you understand how practical this pram is. Not only is it safe enough for your child, but the design itself adds a lot to the value.

The stroller seat is comfortable and padded, so your child will love spending time in it. Furthermore, the five-point harness gives you an added dose of security. You can easily strap your little one in and quickly take him or her out once you finish your daily walk around the park.

best quinny stroller

The wheels are high-quality, and you can use the pram on any sort of terrain, no matter how bumpy it might be. Moreover, the telescopic handlebar is a neat addition for taller parents. They will not have to bend over to push the pram around.

We would rate this product an incredible 5 out of 5. The features speak for themselves, and we would recommend it to all parents who are looking for a stylish, yet practical, long-lasting stroller. Quinny Moodd strollers never disappoint, and the same goes for this Rachel Zoe addition.