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Peg Perego Double Stroller Review [Book For Two Model]

For all the anxious parents out there who are expecting twins - we hear you. It's difficult to prepare for the arrival of one child to the family, let alone two or more. It even translates to physical difficulty. You will be pushing two babies, and choosing the right stroller is no small feat.

All the factors you weigh in before purchasing are now multiplied by two. You have to take into account the extra weight and space without, of course, losing sight of the stroller's main job. And that is to be a safe and comfy microenvironment for your baby. Babies, that is. For that reason, we bring you this Peg Perego double stroller review, specifically their Book for Two model.

In it, we will try to cover all bases in terms of construction, features and pros/cons. Hopefully, it will help you reach an informed and easy decision.

Basic Overview and Specifications

Peg Perego Double Stroller Review

This is a luxurious, Italian-made, side-by-side stroller, made primarily for twins or similar-aged siblings. It is suitable for children aged from 0 to 36 months.

The dimensions of the Peg Perego Book for Two are 74.5 cm W X 106 H X 102.7 D. When folded, they are as follows: 74.5 cm W x 86.5 H x 46.5 D. In particular, its 74 cm (29 inches) width makes it a compact and easy maneuverable stroller. It weighs 14 kg (30 pounds). It is EN1888 European Standard-compliant.

Furthermore, the sturdy and durable frame is lacquered aluminum-made, whereas the wheels feature the Easy Drive System.

The stroller also has a central rear handle for folding and carrying. It utilizes the book-fold system, hence the name.

As for the seats, they come with a 5-point safety harness and adjustable leg rest, as well as backrests.

Last but not least, this stroller comes in four colors - beige, navy, red and black.

This model includes numerous features, intended both for its passengers, as well as their parents. We will now present them in more detail.


Build, Quality and Design

This stroller really excels in the department of quality build. Upon the first touch of the handle, its frame seems very solid and reliable. Same goes for the fabric used for canopies.

As for its design, like many products from the Peg Perego line, it certainly did not fail to impress us. The manufacturer proudly highlights the fact that it was conceived, designed and produced in Italy. Rightfully so, as this is most apparent with regard to its looks.

Naturally, most parents will not decide on a new stroller solely based on aesthetics. Still, this one is surely an eye-catcher. And there's nothing wrong with noting that, especially as it has loads more to offer.


peg perego travel system

The two seats have a weight capacity of 45 pounds each. This comes as a clear plus for this stroller, as it is built to accommodate taller babies, as well. However, on the downside, the seats are 12 inches wide, which might be a problem for older or bigger children.

Each seat comes with an adjustable padded safety harness which is easily buckled. Both seats are protected by a bumper bar, which is covered in faux leather and is sturdy, yet easily removable. Also, both seats come with an adjustable calf rest.

Reviewing this stroller, we really liked the individual adjustments you can make to each of the seats. In practice, this means that while one child is reclined and fast asleep, the other can be wide awake and enjoying the ride.

In addition, both seats come with an infinite recline feature. It is activated from behind the seat, and you can recline your child's seat using just one hand. Putting it back up will, though, require a bit more effort, namely both hands. On the back of the seat, when it is fully reclined, you will be able to pull up the fabric enclosure upwards and tuck it in. This will reveal a mesh window, of sorts. Namely, another means of air circulation, which is also a nice addition.

The back of each seat is equipped with a netted pocket for various accessories which can and will come in very handy during long strolls.


generously-sized shade covers

A canopy covers each seat. Both covers are generously-sized, consisting of three panels and covering the entire length of the seats. The canopies are individually adjustable, giving you the same range of options as the seats. In addition, they both come with a peek-a-boo window on top.

The windows are plastic and they come with super-practical magnetically-closed covers. You may have an issue with the placement of the windows which is on the central panel, i.e., on top of the canopy. Unless you are very tall, this could be a tad unpractical in terms of visual access.

Wheels and Brakes

For this stroller, Peg Perego has used Soft Ride wheels which come with ball bearings with suspension. Back wheels are 11 inches in diameter. The front swivel wheels are 8 inches, and come with a mechanism that locks them in a straight position.

They are filled with polyurethane, built with precision and with consideration of all the different terrains this stroller will navigate. The Soft Ride system promises 360-degree agility. This, in turn, implies pushing the stroller with less effort. And, most importantly, a smoother ride for your children.

On the back, you will find a one-step brake that will lock the entire stroller firmly in place.

Safety First

All other features aside, safety always comes first, especially when it concerns your children. Luckily, this model delivers in that regard, too. The robust aluminum frame makes for a good basis.

However, safety-wise, the most important features are the plastic wheels (this means you'll never get a flat tire with this stroller). Also, due to the shock absorbers bumps on the road will remain just that - something your child won't even feel.


The ergonomic handlebar is foam-covered and comes with a centrally-placed gripper. This will allow you to operate thePeg Perego Book for Two with just one hand. The handlebar is adjustable - namely, it can be set to match the height of each parent with just one push.

Folding the Stroller

The Book for Two will fold very easily, per a one-handed movement. Like a book, as its name suggests!

standing fold system

You can fold your stroller in half simply by squeezing the handle located on the bottom of the seats. When you do that, the lock at the side of the frame will automatically engage.

And not only will it stand on its own when you fold it, the manufacturer has also kept nifty details in mind. Namely, the standing fold system is designed so to keep all the fabrics off the ground, as well as to prevent the handlebar from getting damaged through contact with the ground.

Unfolding is a bit more tiresome process, as it will require both your hands. Still, in comparison with some other models, these movements will become second nature after a few tries.

And, on a not-so-positive note, if you attach an adapter to the stroller, it will not be able to fold. We will cover compatibility issues in the next part in more detail. If you are looking for something similar, we suggest you to check out the Zoe XL2 review.


The Book for Two stroller's added value is its compatibility with two Primo Viaggio 4-35 car seats. This may come as a perfect solution for twins' parents. Namely, with the stroller and the car seats, they are provided with a reliable travel system. You will need an adapter that will let you superimpose the car seats on your stroller.

Mind you, it is sold separately. This, along with the restriction of only being compatible with Per Perego products, may be a turnoff for some parents. On a more positive note, the Primo Viaggio 4-35 ranks atop all car seat lists, so you can't go wrong with it.

Extra Space

Underneath the seats, you will find (basically you can't miss it!) an extra-large, adjustable and easy to access storage compartment. With the three pocket dividers for smaller objects and the pockets at the back of each seat, this stroller will fit... Well, basically anything.

After going through all the major features of the PegPerego Book for Two Stroller, we have compiled our list of Pros and Cons for you. Should you need any further information about this product, we suggest you visit its homepage on the manufacturer's website.


  • The stroller's ease of use and versatility, individual adjustments for each seat are a major pro. This goes for both hoods, as well as reclining possibilities.
  • The stroller is compatible with two car seats.
  • It is well-maneuverable on all sorts of surfaces which makes for strolls enjoyable for babies and toddlers, while not too demanding for the parent. All wheels are equipped with shock absorbers.
  • With its 29 inch width, it can easily pass through standard doorways.
  • The design is modern and stylish.
  • High-quality build, durable and reliable materials used - from the chassis and wheels to the canopy fabrics.
  • Single handlebar makes it easy to navigate, and its height is adjustable to suit each parent.
  • Each seat has the capacity of up to 45 lbs. This makes the stroller ideal not just for babies, but also toddlers.
  • It provides extra room in the form of the basket underneath the stroller. Also, there are two mesh pockets behind each of the seats.
  • The book-fold system is very practical, and it is performed with one hand. On top of that, once folded, the stroller stands free, in a way in which the fabric is not in contact with the ground.
  • Front bumper which is easily manipulated allowing you to take your children out of their seat in no time.


  • Limited compatibility. Whereas the option of using it with car seats is very appealing, this can be done only with Peg products. Also, you will not be able to fold the stroller if the adapter is in use.
  • The peek-a-boo window is slightly ill-placed. As we have mentioned in the review, it is at the center of the canopy which makes it difficult to access. In addition, unlike some other (better) solutions that feature mesh windows with added airflow for your child, this one is plastic.

Final Verdict

Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller

Peg Perego Book for Two

This model comes highly recommended, especially to parents of twins. Coupled with the Primo Viaggio 4-35 car seats, it can truly solve all your transport-related problems.

However, with its versatility and adaptability for each child, the Peg Perego Book for Two Stroller can also be a reasonable solution for children of different ages. Of course, it is essential to grasp as much information as possible before making a decision.

But eventually, you are the one to decide as you are best familiar with your family's needs and requirements.

With that in mind, we hope that this Peg Perego double stroller review has been helpful for your selection.