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Maclaren Volo Review: The Light and Perfect Umbrella Stroller

maclaren volo review

When you're looking for a stroller for your little one, you need to take so many things into consideration that it's simply exhausting. That's why we decided to make it easier for you. We found one of the best strollers out there and did a thorough Maclaren Volo review. Hope it helps you to make up your mind!

When it comes to Maclaren, they have always been famous for their heavy-duty, luxurious, high-quality products. So, when we heard that they are also making strollers now, we had to check this model out.

It's beautiful, yet simple, and if you're looking for a stroller without bells and whistles, for a model that will be all about simplicity and functionality; you should definitely read through.

How to pick the best stroller for your child?

maclaren volo stroller review

Before you decide on the stroller, you need to know it will fit you, your living conditions, and above all, your kid. Here are some things you should pay attention to.

Age of your little one

If your kid is less than 6 months old, you will need a stroller that has a fully reclining seat back. Also, consider for how long you'll use the stroller. If you plan to use it for a while, a sturdy construction is a big plus.

Stroller size

When you're picking a stroller, pay attention to its dimensions and weight. If you have a small storage room, you will need something that is compact when folded. Also, if you plan on taking the stroller on trips, you have to choose a model that fits into your car trunk.

The wheels

The wheels will tell you a lot about the entire stroller. The material, size, if they're lockable or not, do they have treads for slippery circumstances like rain? All of these things matter, so check the wheels and make sure they're good enough.

The canopy

The whole point of a stroller is to be able to go outside with your little one for a while. That's why you need to have a canopy. Determine how big it has to be in order to suit your needs, and if it will provide protection both from the sun and from the rain.

The harness

All good strollers have five-point harnesses, and these are something you should really look for. At the moment these provide the most safety. Doesn't matter where you are, something unexpected can happen, and you might trip for a moment, or lose control over the stroller. That's why these harnesses are great; they won't let your little one fall because their design keeps the upper body securely in place.

Comfort and adjustability

Pay attention to how comfortable the seat is, if there are leg rests and if those are adjustable or not.

Safety tips

Of course, your job isn't done when you choose a stroller. You need to pay attention to safety. Here are some safety tips for those who are getting their first stroller.

Wheel brakes

If the stroller is standing, the brakes should be on. Doesn't matter if you're on a flat surface if you're standing still, lock them into place. Trust us, a stroller can roll away incredibly quickly even on the smallest incline.

Stroller capacity

We know that you need a whole lot of things, but don't weigh your stroller down too much. If you go over its weight capacity, you can strain the frame and the wheels, which can make the stroller unstable.


Fasten the harnesses even if your little one will be in the stroller for just a few minutes. It takes less than a second for a baby or a toddler to fall out. Pick a stroller that has a harness that goes between the child's legs.

Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

When it comes to dimensions, this stroller has a normal height of 41.1 inches, the width of 33.2 inches, and depth of 17.9 inches. It weighs about 10.6 lbs, and it has a weight capacity of 55lbs. It's meant for little ones that are 6 months or older. So, if your kid can't sit up, this isn't a stroller for you yet.

Durability and maneuverability

We like the high-performance aluminum frame that this Maclaren's stroller has. It's incredibly light, and it can take a lot of weight.

When it comes to maneuverability, this stroller is easy to maneuver like few others. It has a double wheel design and four-wheel suspension for maximal comfort. The front swivel wheels are lockable, so you'll be able to manage it easily. The wheels are 4 inches, so they're perfect for city walks or visits to the park, but not really for a rough terrain. If you are a runner and looking for a sturdy stroller, check out Thule Urban Glide review.

We like the single-step braking system. Stepping on the brakes is easy, and the system makes it easy for you to lock and unlock it.

With materials in use, and a carefully thought out design, we have no doubts this stroller can last for a long, long time.

maclaren volo black


Doesn't matter how good a stroller is, if your child isn't comfortable in it, you can throw it away. Well, luckily, that is not the case with Maclaren Volo. The seat is made of a breathable mesh material that won't hold sand or anything similar, and that won't stain. That means that your kid will be able to stay cool and be comfy even in humid conditions.

We like that you can remove the seat covers and wash them easily. The seat does come in a single position. It can't be adjusted, so that might be a flaw if you're looking for something your little one can take a nap in. We like the footplate. It's plastic, but nicely positioned, and it's wonderfully stable for little feet.


This stroller comes with a 5 point harness that no child can easily open. There's also a useful tether strap that will prevent your stroller from running away. The single-step braking system works wonderfully and is easy to use.

Or, simply put; this stroller is perfectly safe for your little one.

The canopy

This is a very well thought out canopy. It's showerproof, large, and wide, so it provides maximum coverage of the seat. This canopy really provides a great shade, even better than most other Maclaren models. It has UPF+50 so it will provide additional protection against those harmful UV rays.

We love that a fitting rain cover comes with the stroller and that it's also wind resistant.


What most users talk about, and what makes this model really stand out is the fact that it's not only lightweight but that it also folds really easily. It has a single hand folding mechanism, so you can fold it with one hand while holding your child in the other one. It folds into the size of about 4 umbrellas, and it has a very useful removable carry strap. This means that you can even throw it back and carry it on your shoulder.

Unfolding is also incredibly easy since this model is so light, you just need to shake it out to open it.

maclaren volo folded

Not just that, the fact that it's so small when folded means that you can take it to any trip, pack it in just about any trunk, and find a place for it in even the smallest apartment. However, if you are interested in a compact model that can fit into flight cabin, then GB Pockit is just perfect for you. Check out the review here.

For the parents

maclaren storage bag

Parents will love the fact that this stroller is super user-friendly. It has ergonomic foam handles that are more than tall enough to suit any adult comfortably.

The storage basket is large enough to allow you to carry any of the extras you might need to take with you on an outing. Sure, it can't fit a large diaper bag, but you can easily fit in a medium one or a purse.

If you think this model is way too simple, you can always add some of the available accessories like a cup holder, or a footmuff for colder days.

However, if you love traveling with your kids, then you may want to check out the Babyzen YOYO Stroller instead.


We like that with every Maclaren product, you get their Sovereign Lifetime Warranty, as long as you register your product with them within 60 days of your purchase. Their warranty means that they guarantee that the product you took will withstand a lifetime of use. They claim that if during your lifetime, you find any sort of a flaw in either material or workmanship, or their product fails to function properly in spite of your normal use and care, they will either repair or replace it.

Sure, they don't cover normal wear and tear, improper assembly, poor maintenance or any damage that was caused by misuse or neglect, but it's a pretty neat warranty.


  • Incredibly lightweight, you can fold it with one hand within 5 seconds
  • Wind resistant rain cover comes with the stroller
  • Sovereign Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy maintenance


  • The seat doesn't recline
  • Harness buckle can be tough to unlock at times
  • The storage basket can only take 4 lbs

Final Verdict

Maclaren Volo Stroller

maclaren volo white

We believe that we covered all that matters for a stroller in this Maclaren Volo review. In the end, the point is this, if your child is able to sit up, this stroller will be perfect. It has a great rain cover, a huge canopy that provides UV protection, a comfy footrest, and it's easy to fold and unfold. All in all, if you're looking for something lightweight and simple, look no further.