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Belecoo Stroller Review [A Premium Choice For Newborns]

belecoo luxury

If you have a baby on the way you are probably on the lookout for the best baby stroller you can find. And, by now, you are probably noticing that there are a lot of things you have to consider. It can be really exhausting and confusing. So, to help you out with your quest, we have made this Belecoo Stroller review. Hopefully, it will help you make your decision.

When it comes to Belecoo, they rarely disappoint. In fact, it is one of the most popular stroller makers available on the market. And, while this Belecoo Stroller review should have all you have to know, the fact that many swear by this brand is almost enough to convince people that this is the right brand for them.

So, should you consider this stroller if you are looking for the best one out there? Well, turns out, it just might be one of the best strollers you can buy.

Key Features 

The Design

This particular model is one of the best sellers of this company. And, from the first time you lay your eyes on it, you can understand why. The design is beautiful, yet incredibly practical. This luxury stroller will definitely have people turning their heads and asking you where you got it. We especially love how old-school it feels when you take it out for a ride.

belecoo stroller review

Another thing that we quite enjoy about this Belecoo stroller is the variety of colors to choose from. While red is still our favorite, every color in their palette looks great on this stroller.

Thankfully, the design allows you to easily fold this Belecoo Luxury stroller. In fact, if you want to store it away, or put it in your trunk, you won't need more than a moment to do so.

Adjustable stroller

Another thing we would like to mention is that the design is fully adjustable. And, we know that it is a very important feature for any baby stroller. You want to be able to have your baby sit or lie in the stroller. And, of course, with the Belecoo Luxury stroller, you can do so easily with one hand. This stroller offers multiple positions for the backrest which helps in keeping your baby comfy.

And not only that, the seat is easily reversible so you can have it facing forward or rear. Of course, the non-slip handles are adjustable too. This means that it is a very convenient stroller to push. In fact, almost anything on this stroller is easy to adjust. With a simple push of the button on the side, you can customize everything to fit your needs. You can even extend the leg rest for your baby.


The first thing most parents want to know is if their child will be strapped in properly and comfortably. With Belecoo stroller, that is certainly so. The innovative strap system will keep your child safe during the ride.

One of the things everyone agrees is very important when it comes to strollers is safety. And the design of the Belecoo Luxury stroller promotes safety rather well. So, naturally, we have to mention the features that add to the safety. We can start with wheels. They are natural rubber wheels that will not explode on you. And, they come with a pedal brake for additional safety. The metal frame is rather strong. It is made out of aluminum and it will not snap off. Of course, if you hit it, it might leave a dent, but it will not negatively affect the safety of your child.

You won't have to worry about bumps on the road either. Not only do the wheels help with absorbing them, but these strollers come with actual shock springs. And they really do a lot of work. Even if you are going over a rather uneven terrain your baby is not likely to notice it. When we tested the springs, we noticed that they become stiffer the more weight we added to them. This makes the wheelchair feel sturdier than most others.

The rear wheels are also lockable. Which means that you don't have to worry about the wheelchair running away from you while you try to find your front door keys.

We would just like to mention that you should bear in mind the maximum bearing for this stroller. Which is about 55 pounds.


No matter how luxurious your stroller is, it's not worth it if your baby is not comfortable in it. Thankfully, with this Belecoo stroller, that is not something you will ever have to worry about. The material is impossibly soft and it rides perfectly on the sidewalks, thanks to the suspension system. When it comes to comfort, people even compare this stroller to riding an SUV. It is roomy, comfortable, safe, and handles itself perfectly.

And, with the interior space that is 31 inch by 14 inches, you can rest assured your baby will have the room it needs. This makes this stroller perfect for babies up to 3 years of age. Of course, as long as the baby doesn't go over 55 pounds, you can keep using this stroller. However, some users mention that their 4-year-olds don't fit really well, even if they are under the weight limit. And the adjustable leg rest makes for an even more comfortable of an experience.

So, if you want your baby to have a really pleasant ride, this might be the stroller for you.

Other Similar Options You May Want To Consider

The Canopy

We would also like to mention the canopy in our review. It is definitely large enough to offer coverage. It offers protection from the sun and the elements for your child. And, in the case of a sudden rainfall, you will be very glad you have it.

Additional Features

While we wouldn't say any of these features are a must-have, they certainly come in handy. For an example, the stroller wrist strap is definitely a useful addition to the offer. In fact, most of the times, we would go and buy one separately. We will also add that the summer sleeping mat and the baby bibs are very cute. Not to mention useful.

Of course, if this is not your first baby, you already have those, but, if it is, you will be very grateful that you don't have to go around looking for bibs with all the things you have to manage. And, for the parents, there is also the cup holder. Something that will help you enjoy your walk. While, of course, you keep the baby's bottle in a bag. The stroller also comes with a mosquito net, even though it was not that easy to set it up.

The basket underneath is very large and incredibly handy which is something we already know to expect from a stroller. You can use it to carry clothing for your child, bibs, diapers and anything else that comes to mind.


  • It is very comfortable
  • Suspension system allows for a smooth ride, even on rough terrain
  • Sturdy and safe


  • Instruction manual can be better

Final Verdict

Belecoo Luxury Newborn Baby Stroller

In the end, this is the stroller you could go for if you want your child to be very comfortable. To summarize the Belecoo Stroller review, it has everything a perfect stroller needs, and people love it. It is also a safe, durable, and convenient option for parents around the world.

And, if you are a new parent, you will love the fact that it comes with almost every single thing that you might want to have for your newborn baby. Not to mention the convenience it offers with the easy folding and other features. We would definitely rate this stroller with 5 stars.