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Babyzen YOYO Review: Can Something So Small Be So Good?

We reviewed this stroller, tested it, and decided that it's the smartest thing for small spaces and traveling parents that we have seen. Don't believe us? Read this Babyzen YOYO review!

Finding the best stroller for your little one really isn't easy. Getting something that reclines, that's safe, that has a step brake, and that's easily folded and unfolded can seem like an impossible task. Sure, you can find a fully reclining stroller that's super-safe, but it's going to be huge and heavy.

On the other hand, if you take something ultra-light, it probably won't have a reclining seat back, which means two things; if your baby is less than 6 months old, you won't be able to take it, and if you take it for a child older than 6 months, he/she won't be able to take a nap in the stroller. Either way, it seems like it's really hard to get what you're looking for. But, luckily, it isn't impossible. We found one.

But, before we go into details, here are some things you need to take into consideration when you're getting a stroller for your baby or your toddler.

Safety First

Doesn't matter how old your child is, you need to take stroller safety seriously. A 5-point harness is a must, as it will keep your child safely in the seat even if you trip over or lose control over the stroller. These harnesses provide the most safety, as they keep the upper body securely in place. No matter what happens, your little one won't fall out.

babyzen yoyo review

Also, make sure that the stroller you are taking has a step brake that will lock the stroller in place. You need to use the wheel brakes at all times, even on flat surfaces, because a stroller can roll away really quickly.

Your Child's Age

If your baby is less than 6 months old, you need a stroller that has a basket or a back that reclines all the way. Your little one still can't sit up on his/her own. On the other hand, if your child is older than 6 months you can take a non-reclining stroller. Just bear in mind that you can forget about super-long walks since your little one won't be able to take a nap in it.

Adjustability and Comfort

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Does it have leg rests, or will your baby's legs dangle? Leg rests can be especially important for later when your baby is 12 months or older.

Check how comfortable the seat is, how far it reclines, is it breathable enough, and if it is washable.

Trust us, these things might seem unimportant now, but in time, you will love that you paid attention to them. A comfy seat will make your kid like sitting in it, so that means a more peaceful ride.

If it can recline, nap time is also a possibility, so that means you two can stay out longer. And, if it is breathable, your baby's back won't be wet, so you will skip rashes and unwanted colds.

Sun Protection

Yes, you rub sunscreen into your little one's skin every time you go out. But, you will also want a decent canopy that can shield him/her from those horrible UV rays. The point of a stroller is to be able to go out with your little one. So, you will need a nice canopy on that stroller. All you need is to determine how big you want it to be.

Size and Folding

Depending on how you plan to use it, dimensions of your stroller can be incredibly important. If you two will be spending a lot of time alone, you need a stroller that will be easy to fold and unfold with one hand.

On the other hand, if you live in a building without an elevator, you will want something light. If you don't have a lot of free space, you will want something that takes up little space when folded. Also, if you plan to carry the stroller on a family trip, you will want something that can fit into your car trunk.

babyzen yoyo stroller review

To us, all of these things are a must-have for a perfect stroller. So, when we got to do a review of a Babyzen YOYO, we were thrilled. This stroller is already a legend among moms, so we got to check what makes it so special.

Babyzen YOYO Stroller Review

About Babyzen

A group of five Frenchmen from completely different backgrounds created Babyzen. They had one simple goal. It was to create a new stroller generation whose design will fit both kids and their urban parents. They thought that it was about time to get rid of large, heavy, hard to maneuver strollers. So they try to replace them with something better. Their first model was Babyzen Zen, and this success lead to the creation of YOYO. Now, YOYO is one of the most popular strollers among parents on the go.

When You Open the Box

Once it's out of the box, you will notice that YOYO comes with a whole lot of stuff. A reversible backrest, a rain cover, carrying strap, a travel bag and an under seat storage basket.

The Stroller Size

babyzen yoyo infant

When you fold it, this stroller is incredibly tiny. Its height falls down to 20.5 inches, length becomes 7 inches, and width is 17 inches. It weighs only 12.8 pounds, so even if you're not particularly strong, you can carry it on one shoulder. When you unfold it, this stroller's height is 41.7 inches, width is 17 inches, and the length is 33 inches.

According to the manufacturer, minimum weight recommendation is 4 pounds, while maximum capacity of this stroller is 35 pounds.

It's suitable for babies and toddlers, so 6 months and up. It's not recommended for babies younger than 6 months, even though the seat back is reclining.


Babyzen YOYO is a stroller best known for being incredibly small when you fold it. And there's a good reason for it. This stroller is so small when you fold it, that you can put it in the overhead compartment on any commercial plane.

We tested folding and unfolding this stroller, and we were left speechless. First of all, the mechanism is incredibly simple to use, and wonderfully reliable. In order to unfold this stroller, you just need to hold the metal bar and press the small latch, and voila. Your stroller is ready to go. No matter how many times we did this, the mechanism didn't get stuck. Also, the stroller never folded back down on its own.

When it comes to folding, it's similarly simple. You need to fold back the canopy, push two red buttons that are placed at the end of the backrest. Then, fold the handle and the canopy down together. Then you just need to find a red button under the seat. Push that down, and pull the handle towards you. When you did this, you just need to let go of the red button and pull the grey bar up.

That's literally all that you need to do. Plus, with some practice, all of this takes less than a minute. Even while you're using just one hand to fold it and the other to hold your little one.


The Harness

We like that YOYO has a 5-point harness with three different height settings, with the highest setting being fit for a 2-year-old. The harness pads are fixed to the harness, so they won't slide and become uncomfortable. These are cleverly connected from the shoulder to the hip, so shoulder straps can't be removed. We like that a child can't operate the harness on his/her own.

The Foot Brake

You can easily lock the wheels simply by pressing a small red pedal on the bottom right of the stroller with your foot. This brake will lock both back wheels firmly, so there's no chance that the stroller will get away from you.


This stroller's sole purpose is to be small enough to fit anywhere and light enough to carry anyhow. But, don't think for a second that it was a reason for Babyzen to miss out on some important features.

It's very thin, and its low seat with a long wheelbase makes it amazingly stable. Because of its tiny frame, you can take it anywhere you want; to a restaurant, to shopping, or to a walk through the park.

babyzen yoyo newborn

It drives smoothly, and you won't have problems while turning, that's for sure. It can handle grass, gravel, and pavement equally easily. You can even push it with just one hand, you won't have a problem.

We like that all four wheels have suspension, and that they are made of PU foam. A small flaw lies is the fact that the front wheels are free, and you can't lock them. These wheels are meant for a city ride, so they won't be able to handle a lot of rough terrain. Plus, because they are rather small (only 5 inches), we wouldn't recommend jogging with this stroller.


Our biggest problem with this stroller was that it's so tiny, that it almost looks like a toy, and how could that possibly be comfortable for a child? Well, we are happy to say that we were wrong. Not only that little ones love the seat, but they don't fuss in it a lot either, which means that it is definitely comfortable enough.

babyzen yoyo colours

The seat of Babyzen YOYO has a pretty heavy for your baby's comfort, it breathes well, and it comes in a whole lot of colors. If you are looking to find the perfect one, there are 16 colors available at smaller retailers, so you can definitely take your pick.

We like that the seat is pretty wide, but it might be a bit short for older toddlers. It has only 17 inches in length, but, it's more than enough for a 2-year-old to sit up and sleep comfortably.

The backrest is easy to adjust, you just use a strap to set it. You tighten it if you want your child to sit up straight, or loosen it if you want to lower it. We like that the backrest reclines 145 degrees, so when nap time is near, your kid can sleep tight.

Some parents even use the fact that the backrest reclines so much - they are buying this for their newborns. Even though it isn't a bad idea, you should bear in mind that this model only faces forward, and that it doesn't recline fully. If you plan to take this for a baby that has less than 6 months, you would have to get a newborn nest for it.


We like that this canopy is so easily convertible. It offers two settings; folded or open, and it has a small plastic peekaboo window at the top, so you can check in on your little one. We definitely appreciate that this window is far back, so the sun shining through it won't bother your kid. It's mid-sized, so it will protect your little one's face and hands from the unforgiving sun.

Storage Basket

Well, the storage basket is slightly underwhelming, but for such a small and light model, we think it's definitely good enough. We checked and it measures 18.9 inches x 8.6 inches. Even though it is pretty small, you can place bare necessities without a problem; a small diaper bag, a change of clothes, or a handbag. Sure, it's not a stroller with which you can go to the supermarket and buy everything you will need for a week, but you don't need it for that, do you? Max weight this basket can hold is 4.4 pounds.

For the Parents

babyzen yoyo weight

The bar handle of this stroller is 41.7 inches off the ground, so it might be less comfy for those with a smaller frame, but it's still ok. Babyzen didn't divide it in two, so you can easily drive the stroller with just one hand. The handle itself is foam covered, so it's pretty comfortable.

This stroller comes with a handy travel bag. When you fold the stroller, you can just place it into the bag, and carry it on one shoulder. This comes especially handy when you're traveling.

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This part is easy, and we like it that way. You can wash all fabric parts of Babyzen YOYO in the washing machine at 30 degrees, but with mild detergents. You can clean everything else with a damp cloth.

If it rains, you will need to use a rain cover, and, after you get in from the rain, you will need to let the stroller dry before you fold and store it.


Babyzen is pretty fair when it comes to this. Whatever fault you find on your Babyzen YOYO, they will fix it, send spare parts, or replace it free of charge. They even won't charge you for delivery. On the other hand, their warranty only works for defects, not for breakdowns that someone might cause due to lack of care, or by accident. When something like that happens, they will still fix the issue, it just won't be free.

Their customer support is incredibly nice, and their customer service is simply amazing. They respond pretty quickly, and they will make sure to offer the best possible solution to any problem you might have.


  • One-hand fold and unfold; incredibly simple, and very stable, with this stroller you won't have to worry about it collapsing all of a sudden.
  • Easy to steer with one hand; this might not seem super-important, but easy steering will make your life easier when your little one grows a bit.
  • Amazing customer support; according to users, this company has fast and kind customer support that will make sure you're happy with their product.
  • Great for urban parents and those who love traveling with their kids; you can take it wherever you go, and you won't have to worry about it even on a plane


  • Impossible to swaddle a baby because of the 5-point harness. On the other hand, the harness is there to make your little one safer, so you would need to get a clothing item that will replace swaddling.
  • Small storage basket; if you were planning on going week's grocery shopping with this, you'd better reconsider.

Final Verdict

Babyzen YOYO Stroller

When we saw this model, at first we weren't certain that it can take everything frequent traveling and the urban lifestyle can throw at it, but we have to admit we were wrong. This little guy took everything head-on.

We really enjoyed doing this Babyzen Yoyo review; this is truly the stroller that is easiest to fold, and that is the smallest when you do it.

We love that it comes with a rain cover, a bag, and a storage basket, however small. It didn't disappoint us when it came to comfort, or maneuverability. It's comfy enough for a kid to fall asleep during the ride, and easy enough to maneuver with one hand.

babyzen yoyo price

What more can you ask for? That's why we are giving it 5 out of 5 stars.