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Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller Reviews [YAY or NAY?]

a double stroller can be a real life savior

Having two kids is a blessing, but sometimes it can be extremely difficult. Now imagine having two kids and having to manage two strollers? So, the best solution for this problem is getting a tandem stroller. There are many Baby Trend Sit and Stand double stroller reviews, so we decided to check one out too.

A double stroller won't make all your problems go away, but it will make your life a bit simpler. You'll be able to run errands, go shopping, and generally go around with your kids without too much of a hassle.

Double strollers offer an incredible amount of options whether you have twins or two kids of different age. These models are so numerous, any family with two kids should be able to find one that suits their needs. Your kids will sit one behind the other, which is a lot easier to handle than a standard side by side stroller.

A double stroller will let your little ones enjoy the same activity at the same time. A trip with two kids can be an unnerving experience. On the other hand, if you have a double stroller with a storage basket, sunshade, adjustable leg rests, and reclining seat backs, any trip can be a delight. So, if you have two kids of similar age, or twins, a double stroller can be a real life savior.

A Buying Guide

baby trend sit and stand double stroller reviews

Before we give you all the details of the Baby Trend double stroller, we'll explain how you can choose the best stroller for your needs. Take these 5 things into account when buying, and you're good.

1. Weight and size:- Before you buy a stroller, consider all the aspects. Length, width, weight, and mobility can make a huge difference.

Make sure to get a stroller that can fit through your door, that you can lift and fold on your own, and that you can manage it.

2. Comfort and adjustability:- some strollers compromise when it comes to comfort on account of keeping the weight and the size down.

There are models where only one seat reclines, or where seats are incredibly uncomfortable, and so on. You need to get a model that will be comfortable for both of your kids.

3. Reconfiguration:- yes, you need a stroller that's a Transformer. Something that can easily go from an infant to a toddler and back.

Pay close attention to the model description, and you'll definitely find something super-adjustable.

4. Car seat compatible:- if you want to include a child car seat, you should look for a stroller that is compatible with the model and the brand of the child car seat that you have. If you find something with universal car seat adapters, even better.

5. Duration of the journey:- If you plan on going several circles around the block, you can get a simpler model. But, if you want to use a stroller on a regular basis, you'll want something with additional features. Big storage, cup holders, sunshades and leg rests can be very useful when you're out with your kids for hours.

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller Review

big enough for both of your kids

This stroller weighs 32.5 pounds, its width is 21.5 inches, length is 49 inches, and height is 43 inches. That means that it isn't too big for most car trunks, and that is definitely big enough for both of your kids.

The minimum weight recommendation for this model is 34 pounds, and the maximum is 50 pounds. This particular model is meant for kids that are up to 3 years old. If you remove the back seat, your toddler can ride while standing on the rear platform, or while siting on the little bench. Hence the name "sit and stand".

Durability and maneuverability

This double stroller is rather narrow, so it can fit through most doors, and it maneuvers fabulously. There aren't many places you will need to avoid with this model, and it won't be a problem in a crowd.

The swivel dual front wheels have suspension, so a bit of rocky terrain won't bother your kids. It manages well around turns and pushing it is rather easy. We only saw one flaw here; when you fully load the stroller, to the maximum capacity, It becomes a bit harder to push.


Designers of this stroller definitely had comfort in mind. The seats are comfy, and they hold in a nice comfortable posture even for long rides, so your kids won't fuss about being uncomfortable if you go out for a long walk.

Both seats recline, so nap time won't be a problem, and they both have leg rests. We like the swing away child trays with cup holders, especially since most models charge extra for this feature.


Both seats for this stroller come with 5 point harnesses that kids won't be able to open easily. A 5 point harness is a must for a child stroller, as it will keep your kids safe in their seats even in a case of you tripping, or the stroller being knocked over.

We like that the harness is padded for extra comfort. On the other hand, even that can start chaffing a child's tender skin after several hours.

The brakes on the back wheels are independent, which means you need to set and release both of them. Once you set them though, the stroller won't budge.

The Canopy

it comes with the peek-a-boo windows

Baby Trend likes to make smaller canopies, so this model is no different. The canopies do cover your children's faces, but not much else. We like the fact that they have peek-a-boo windows, so you can check in without stopping and going around the stroller.

If you expected these canopies to protect your kids from the elements, you'll be disappointed. On the other hand, if you like this stroller, you can always get some additional gear to fix this issue.


What we love the most about this stroller is the fact that it offers so many different configurations. You can put two child car seats on it (it has universal adapters that fit most infant seat brands), or one normal seat, and one child car seat.

You can also have normal front and back seat configuration. If you have kids of different age, you can remove the back seat and expose the platform on which your toddler can stand and ride. There's even a small padded bench if your toddler gets too tired to stand.


foldable travel stroller

Another amazing thing about this double stroller is the fact that even though it looks rather big, it folds and unfolds rather easily. Thanks to the Baby Trend fold technology, you can fold it using one hand.

Once you fold it, it's light enough for you to carry it and small enough to fit into most car trunks or your storage space. Unfolding is also rather simple, but you will need both hands for it. All in all, for a stroller this big, Baby Trend did a great job on this feature.

For the Parents

What parents care about are the kids, but it's nice when the manufacturer adds features that are helpful for the mom and dad.

This stroller has a good storage basket that can take up to 5 pounds. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to reach when both seats are there. It is big enough to hold a large diaper bag and a few other must-have items.

When you're going grocery shopping with your kids, this space should be more than enough for all the stuff you need to buy.

The handles are comfortable and padded, so steering this stroller isn't just easy, it's also comfy, and it won't give you blisters. The bar is at a nice angle, so it supports a comfortable posture for a longer period.

We love the parent tray, that's a really nice touch. This feature has two cupholders that are compatible with baby bottles, water bottles, and sippy cups.

And, last, but not least, everything you want to set, change, adapt, it's all done with a press of a button, no need to use a screwdriver or any other tool.


  • Incredibly versatile, and packed with additional features
  • Parent tray is an amazingly useful idea that parents simply love
  • Both seats recline, which is great for nap time while you're out and about
  • Accepts two car seats, and its car seat adapter is compatible with most infant car seat brands
  • A large storage basket


  • It's pretty long when folded, so owners of compact vehicles might have a problem to put it in the trunk
  • Canopy could be larger, it doesn't protect from the sun well enough

Final Verdict

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

best durable travel system

We have seen many Baby Trend Sit and Stand double stroller reviews, from parents and blogs alike, and after we thoroughly checked this model, we have to say it really is one of the best on the market.

It's incredibly durable, it has all the safety features you might want, it has a decent canopy and a good-sized storage basket that will let you shop until you drop. If you're on the hunt for something you can drive your two bundles of joy in, this is definitely a model worth to check out.

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