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Ride On Firetruck For Toddlers [Top 10 Reviews In 2023]

Are you looking for the best ride on firetruck for toddlers in the market today? This article will provide you with the top 10 kid ride on fire trucks that they will love and the factors you should consider before choosing one.

These toys have interactive features that help in the overall development of your toddler. For starters, they greatly enhance their balance and coordination as they enter the walking phase of their lives. Creativity and motor skills, as well as senses of perception, are also improved. For those who are in a rush, here are our top picks.

best value

Little Tikes Cozy Fire Truck

  • Equipped with tailgate
  • Comes with attached water hose
  • Easy to assemble
  • Floor mat to protect toddler's feet


Fire Truck Battery Powered Led Wheels 2 Seater

  • Reliable electric braking system
  • Long-range remote control
  • High durable rubber tires
  • 45 to 90 minutes of uninterrupted playtime


Top 10 ride on firetruck for toddlers Reviews

1. Schylling Metal Speedster-Fire Truck - Editor's Choice

This is our number one pick for a good number of reasons. The aesthetic design of this ride on fire truck engine is very attractive with the bright red colors. Its bright coloration enhances the color recognition of toddlers. Furthermore, it comes with a steering wheel that has a horn for easy driving around the home. This also helps in the development of a toddler's coordination, motor, and auditory skills.

There is also a removable ladder made of wood and rubber tires that have excellent traction for riding on any floor surfaces. This ride-on firetruck for toddlers is made from solid steel, which makes it quite durable.

What age is this recommended for?

1 -3 years

What makes it stand out?

The steering wheel and horn help in developing motor skills, coordination, and auditory perception. 

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2. Little Tikes Cozy Fire Truck - Best Value

This ride-on fire engine has a captivating aesthetic design that draws the attention of little ones. It comes with a water hose that is attached to a pressurized water tank that you can easily fill up with water. The water hose gets kids super excited as they take up the role of firefighters by spraying water. As a parent, you might find it very easy to assemble this toy for your child.

This ride-on firetruck for toddlers is quite roomy and has doors that open and close. The foot floor mat provided makes the feet of kids very comfortable.

What age is this recommended for?

18 months - 5 years

What makes it stand out?

The functional water hose develops the creative and imaginative side of kids as they imagine themselves been real firefighters.

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3. Fire Truck Battery Powered Led Wheels 2 Seater - Premium Choice

The two leather seats that come with this ride-on fire engine bring out the social side of your child, as your child will be willing to ride alongside siblings and friends alike.

It is powered by a 12-volt battery, which enables your child to ride around at safe speed levels of between 2 and 5 meters per hour. Another safety measure put in place is the remote control, which gives parents more control over speed levels. The braking and shock absorber systems of this ride on fire trucks are excellent.

Also, its tires consist of rubber, which provides good traction on any flooring surface. The toy comes with a functional FM radio, LED headlights as well as an MP3 player for playing songs for your kid. All these help to improve the visual and auditory senses of your kid.

What age is this recommended for?

2 years and above

What makes it stand out?

The two seats provided help to develop the social side of toddlers. It allows them to have fun by sharing the toy with their siblings and friends. The remote control of this toy also helps parents have control over the use of the toy.

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4. Kiddieland Disney Mickey Activity Fire Truck Ride-On

This ride-on fire engine has a body constructed from durable materials, with an attractive design. It comes with a water hose that has different lights along its length and buttons that produce different sound effects. 

The truck also has an adjustable gear system to enable toddlers to move the truck around easily. There are electronics attached to this truck that produce playful music and sound effects, which help to develop the sense of hearing of kids.

Hand-eye coordination, eyesight, and manipulation skills are also enhanced with this toy.

What age is this recommended for?

12 months - 3 years

What makes it stand out?

The captivating, interactive features on the toy make kids have more fun and improve their listening and imaginative skills.

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5. InStep Kids Toy Fire Truck

This ride-on fire engine comes with an adjustable pedal system that gives toddlers an enjoyable playing experience as they can ride around easily. Speed levels can also be controlled through the pedals.

Its durable and rugged rubber tires make it suitable to ride on any floor surfaces without leaving any scratchy tread marks. It has a steering wheel that enables smooth controlling of the truck, thereby improving the motor skills of kids. The body frame of this truck is made from solid steel and coated with lead-free painting, making it very durable.

What age is this recommended for?

2 - 5 years

What makes it stand out?

The pedals of this truck allow kids to maneuver by themselves. This enhances their motor skills immensely.

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6. Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Fire Truck

The aesthetic design of this kids' ride on fire truck goes a long way towards attracting little kids, which directly increases their playtime. The durable body parts also account for increased activity levels.

It comes with a working horn for the development of listening skills. The push handles located at the back enables parents to push their kids around, strengthening the closeness between them. It sports a gas cap that you can open and close to improve motor and creativity skills.

What age is this recommended for?

18 months - 5 years

What makes it stand out?

The realistic design helps to boost creative thinking in toddlers. It also makes them work on their coordination abilities.

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7. Little Tikes Ride & Rescue Cozy Coupe

This is a very comfortable ride on a fire truck for toddlers. It has a floor foot mat that keeps the feet protected as they step on the shifting gears system. 

The steering wheel and working horn allow for easy navigation of the ride on engine as well production of different delightful sound effects. It comes with a removable pressurized water tank with a functional water hose that squirts water. The water tank can take up a gallon of water. 

What age is this recommended for?

18 months - 3 years

What makes it stand out?

The aesthetic design is very real, bringing out the creative side of kids and push handles to boost balance and coordination.

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8. Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride-On

This ride-on fire engine is made from quality wood, which makes it last for many years to come. Colorful shapes are part of the accessories attached to this fire truck, helping to improve the shapes and color recognizing abilities of kids greatly. The removable rubber wheels are suited for riding on any ground surface.

Also, it improves the creative skills with the figurines that are included. Hand-eye coordination and manipulating abilities are greatly enhanced while having fun with the pressurized water tank and water hose.

What age is this recommended for?

12 months - 3 years

What makes it stand out?

The buttons on the toy allow kids to listen to music and various sound effects, thereby improving their listening skills. The water hose attached to the truck develops the motor skills and coordination of toddlers as well.

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9. SKYTEAM Action Fire Engine Ride-On

It is highly interactive kids ride on the fire truck. The interactive features on this ride on fire engine include the siren sounds and blinking lights. They promote good auditory, visual, and creative thinking skills. It is constructed from high-quality materials, which make it last for a very long time.

It has a water tank with a water hose that sprays water, making toddlers feel like firefighters. The inbuilt control stick helps kids to control the crane and the truck at reasonable speed levels.

Continuous playing with this ride-on fire engine truck boosts the motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and body balance of little kids.

What age is this recommended for?

3 - 6 years

What makes it stand out?

The driving stick allows for smooth control of the crane. Creativity skills are enhanced with the water hose that makes kids feel like real firefighters.

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10. Pidoko Kids Ride On Fire Truck

This kids' ride on fire truck is made from durable wooden parts. It is a 2-in-1 ride on fire engine equipped with push and pull handlebars. The truck comes with accessories of different shapes and colors that help to improve the early recognition of colors and shapes. The tires of this truck are made from rubber for good grip on any ground surface without leaving tread marks.

The captivating hands-on playing experience this toy offers is a great means of developing the motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative abilities of little children.

Besides, it comes with a storage compartment that's located under the seat where kids can store accessories with ease.

What age is this recommended for?

18 months and above

What makes it stand out?

The shapes that are included help kids to recognize the different shapes as well as developing their manipulation skills.

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Buying Guide

Now that you have gone through the reviews of our top 10 models, you will have more insights of the features of each one.

However, you might find yourself at a crossroads when it comes to making that final decision. Well, here are a few things to help you consider.

1. Power Options

We highly recommend getting kids ride on a fire truck that does not run on power or is powered by a battery of 6 to 12 volts. This way, you are assured of increased activity levels and safe speed levels. Battery-powered ride-on fire engines are designed to run at optimum speeds of between 2 to 5 miles per hour. However, if your child have a love for speed, power wheels may be more suitable for them.

2. Push/Pull Handles

Some kids ride on fire trucks have handles for pushing or pulling. These handles are a great means of emotionally bonding with your kid.

When little kids use the push or pull handles provided, they develop their ability to firmly grasp objects as well as their body balance and coordinating abilities. It also helps to develop their leg muscles.

3. Interactive Features

If you desire a ride on fire truck that greatly enhances the imaginative, visual, listening, motor and creative skills of your child, you should go for those with buttons, blocks, colors, and shapes. This helps them to begin recognizing the various shapes and colors at a very early age. 

They will also engage in more role-play, developing their speech steadily, and be more aware of what happens around them, teaching them the important aspects of fire safety.

4. Safety

When choosing a fire truck for your kid, the safety factor is essential. You will want to get a product that moves around at speed levels that are very safe for your kid, whether they are riding inside the house or around the neighborhood. 

You will not want your kid riding around at uncontrollable speed levels, resulting in various bruising crashes. A ride on fire engine truck with speed levels of 2 to 5 miles per hour is considered very safe for a good ride on the fire engine.

5. Stand Alone or Sets

Some of the trucks in the market come in sets or get sold as a stand-alone. For kids that are quite creative in their early years, kids ride on a fire truck that is sold in sets or comes with other attached accessories such as blocks and shapes are your best bet. A set is a great way of further boosting their creative and imaginative skills.

However, some toddlers are not into imaginative fun at this early stage of their baby years. All they are interested in is moving the truck around the home. For such little kids, buying a ride on the fire engine that is sold separately is the ideal choice.

Bottom line? Study your kid's behavior before choosing to buy a ride on a fire engine truck that comes alone or in a set.

6. Water tank and hose features

Some of the ride on fire engine toys in the market come with water tanks and a water hose, giving kids the sense of real firefighters. Well, this can create a mess at times, mainly if they play indoors. So, if you do not want this, be sure to go for those trucks without water tanks and hoses.

7. Sound effects

Some fire trucks produce different sound effects that can be annoying, especially when you feel the need for a nap. You desire peace while your kid is having fun. Get a kid ride on fire truck without all those noisy button features.

8. Figurines

You should also consider if your kid has a peculiar habit of putting anything small inside their mouths. With this knowledge, you will know if you should buy trucks that have small figurines or not. You should also avoid ride on fire engine toys with removable tires.

Getting kids ride on a fire truck for toddlers not older than three years is recommended because they do have smaller pieces.

Final Verdict

Ride on firetruck for toddlers help in the all-round development of your child. Our best pick is the Schylling Speedster Fire Truck. It comes with a steel body that makes it very durable. Its functional steering wheel and horn help your kid develop motor and auditory skills. It is also very safe for indoor and outdoor play.

If you want kids to ride on fire truck with great value for money, pick the Little Tikes Cozy Fire Truck. It has a water tank with a hose that sprays water, making your child creative. You can also assemble the parts in little time.

For a premium brand, the 2 seater 12 Volt Explorer Fire Truck is recommended. The remote control of this ride on fire engine ensures the safety of your kid at a safe speed. You can play the favorite nursery rhymes of your kid with the MP3 player.