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WeeRide Co Pilot Bike Trailer Reviews: Is It Worth The Money?

weeride co pilot bike trailer reviews

Although many WeeRide Co Pilot Bike Trailer Reviews talk about its sturdiness, we wanted to give you a bit more information. It is vital to know all the features before you decide to buy it - and to see what it can offer you.

A bike trailer is an attachment which you can place on your bike and bring your little one along for the ride. Most of them resemble carts or sidecars, and they are a must for every environmentally friendly parent out there.

However, this particular one has a bonus quality: it can help your child learn how to ride a bike.

We have prepared a little review that will guide you through its features and help you decide whether it's the right bike trailer for your family.

Benefits Of The WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

weeride co pilot bike trailer

Most parents want to teach their child how to ride a bike as soon as they can. Bike riding is a versatile skill: it is a great way to stay active, and it can also help your children in later life.

However, some kids just aren't ready to start controlling their own bikes. Therefore, the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer is a perfect add-on that can make the process a lot easier for them.

It doesn't resemble any other bike trailer you might have seen. It looks just like a mini bicycle because it comes with handles, pedals and a wheel. However, it is actually an attachment.

After you link it to your own bike, your child can enjoy riding behind you whenever he or she wants. Not only does it provide a similar bike riding feeling, but the seat is also more comfortable.

Most bikes have strong, yet somewhat awkward seat posts. But, WeeRide decided to place a different one on this bike trailer so that your kids don't suffer any discomfort during the ride.

it can help you teach your child the basic biking skills

The WeeRide trailer can help you teach your child the basic biking skills without overwhelming them with too much information. They will not have to think about balance and steering.

Furthermore, there are pedals which they can use to help you out - but you are the one who's controlling the bike. This is a vital trait, especially if your son or daughter still doesn't know how to ride.

You will do all the hard work, and they will pick up on your moves and later implement them on a bike of their own. It is also an excellent tool to teach them about traffic and road safety.

Product Review

The Weeride Co-Pilot Bike Trailer features an attractive black and silver design. It also comes with a safety flag which you can use to remind everyone on the street that you are riding with your child.

In addition, the trailer itself is foldable for easier use. Attaching it is simple, and it fits most standard bikes. At the end of each bike ride, you can quickly detach it, fold it and store it away.

Children aged 4 to 9 can use it comfortably, and it can hold up to 75 pounds.

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer Pros and Cons


  • It is not just a bike trailer. You can use it as a learning tool as well.
  • You are controlling the ride, not your child. Therefore, it is a safe alternative to a child bike.
  • Your son or daughter can use the pedals and help you speed up.
  • It features a sturdy construction that will not break so easily.


  • It is a heavy bike trailer when compared to other models. It weighs about 24 pounds.

Final Verdict

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

This tag along bike attachment is the best option if you are still not sure whether or not your child could handle a real bike. It allows you to bring them along for the ride, and control the bicycle at the same time.

They will have an opportunity to learn from you by using the same parts all bikes have. In addition, they can learn how to relax during a bike ride and further enhance their skills.

your kids can learn how to relax during a bike ride and further enhance their skills

On a scale of 1 to 5, this is a premium 5-star product for us. We recommend it because it can help you assist your child during this life-changing process. Furthermore, it is also a great learning tool for small tots.

All positive WeeRide Co Pilot Bike Trailer reviews are accurate: this is a fun way of teaching your little one to ride a bike. Not only is it a safer option, but it is also a fantastic way of helping them become more independent.

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