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Sunlite Bike Trailer Reviews [Is This Model Worth the Money?]

When looking for a perfect way to bring their child with them on a bike ride, most parents feel confused. During our research, we've realized that there aren't many Sunlite bike trailer reviews online. Therefore, you probably don't know anything about all the features this product has.

Parents love to spend time with their children, and one of the most popular activities is bike riding. However, since there are so many options out there, it is somewhat difficult to pick the right one. From bike seats to bike trailers - how do you choose the one that will keep your child safe and entertained?

Bike trailers resemble sidecars, and you can easily attach them to your bike and haul your children around. They are usually very low to the ground so that your children don't get hurt during the ride. In addition, they often have a cover which protects them from dust and pebbles.

sunlite bike trailer reviews

The Sunlite Trailer Tot can change your life and help you spend more time with your children. It has two adjustable seats where your little ones can relax while you are hauling them around.

The trailer also comes with a high-quality mesh fabric that protects them from the elements. The last thing you want is to have them covered in dust, grass, or small rocks. Therefore, this feature adds a lot of value to the price of the trailer.

Furthermore, this product also has a steel frame. The steel is there to make it as sturdy as possible - after all, you can place two kids inside of it. Some trailers often use plastic frames which can easily break and make you regret your purchase.

The seating area inside the trailer is wide and comfortable. There is enough leg room for your children to relax, and the padding is soft and durable.

Sunlite Bike Trailer Reviews [Key Features]

Durable Wheels

The Sunlite Trailer Tot has a set of two high-quality wheels that provide stability and easy hauling. They are big, yet strategically placed, so you can rest assured knowing your children will not feel any bumps in the road.

The 20-inch wheels are made of aluminum, which means that you will not have to replace them anytime soon. They are strong enough to help you haul up to a hundred pounds in one go.

Quick Release System

When picking out a trailer for your bike, it is vital to check whether or not it has a quick release mount system. Luckily, Sunlite Bike Trailer can be easily attached to your bike, and you can also detach it without too much trouble.

Quality Add-Ons

Although you can use the trailer without the canopy, this add-on comes in handy if it starts raining. Furthermore, there is also a safety flag which you can attach to the trailer so that everyone behind you knows there are kids inside.

The Sunlite Trailer Tot also comes with a set of reflectors which help it stay visible to everyone else on the street.

The polyester cover can shield your children from the sun and protect them in bad weather. While out and about, you don't have to worry about them getting a sunburn or staying awake due to extreme sunshine.

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Easy Storage

Most bike trailers are often bulky, and they require you to have extra storage space in your home. However, the Sunlite Bike Trailer is foldable, so you can easily store it away when you are not using it. In addition, it is quick to assemble, and you don't need many tools to set it up.

While its primary use is for hauling children, you can also use this bike trailer for other types of cargo. If you like going to the supermarket on your bike, you can attach the trailer to it and use it to bring home everything you have bought.

Moreover, if you have one child, this is the perfect addition to your home because then you can go shopping with your toddler. You can use the rest of the space for your shopping bags.


  • It fits two small children comfortably. You can also use it for one child and its toys.
  • The wheels are sturdy and large, so there is little chance it will fall over.
  • The cover is high-quality, and it adequately protects your little ones from different weather conditions.
  • You can attach this trailer to almost all types of bikes. In addition, you can always transfer the hitch and use it on other models you might own.
  • You can fold it and store it anywhere in your home.


  • Taller children might have a hard time fitting into it.

Final Verdict

Sunlite Bike Trailer

The Sunlite Trailer Tot is a wonderful product that will keep your children safe on your biking adventures. There is enough room to fit two kids in one go, and the trailer also comes with a variety of add-ons.

The canopy is a fantastic addition because it will protect them from rain and sunshine. Furthermore, it also comes with two important safety features: the flag and the reflectors.

Once you place the flag on it, everyone behind you will know that you are carrying precious cargo inside.

In addition, if you prefer bike rides at night, the reflectors will help everybody see the trailer from afar.

Parents often have trouble finding enough storage space for these types of products. Because of that, having a foldable bike trailer is a dream come true for them. Not only can you set it up in less than five minutes, but you can also easily store it away after each use.

Therefore, we would have to agree with other Sunlite bike trailer reviews. This is a five-star product all parents should consider buying if they love going on long bike rides with their little ones. It is a fantastic product to have when you want to entertain your kids - and you can also use it for your shopping trips.