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Croozer Bike Trailer Reviews [Is This 3 in 1 Trailer Really As Amazing As People Claim]

There's a lot of buzz online regarding this particular bike trailer, there are dozens of Croozer bike trailer reviews, and dozens of forum posts and comments. That's why we decided to do a thorough review of this bike trailer to check out the safety, size, maximum weight capacity, durability and much more. So, if you're interested to find out if this is the bike trailer for you, keep reading.

Whether you have one child or two, getting a bike trailer might be a good idea. You can go to picnics together, to the park, or to the grocery store. You will get to enjoy your bicycle ride, and your kids will get to enjoy their trailer ride as if they were in a small carriage. It's a definite win-win situation.

A bike trailer lets you transport a lot of weight, you can put your kids in, or transport some things, some people even use it for their dogs. A good bike trailer can handle it all. These things are versatile and simple to use with your bicycle, and they won't have an adverse effect on the handling or bike balance.

But, choosing the best bike trailer can be a tough task. There are hundreds of models out there, and they all seem similar.

So, What Do You Need to Look For, What to Take into Consideration?

Safety:- some people are unsure if these trailers are safe enough, but tests have proven that they are just as safe, or even safer than child bike seats. Still, you need to look for additional safety features, like a 5-point harness and a durable construction.

Size :- look for something that is big enough for your kids to grow into it, and that will comfortably seat both of your kids. Also, pay attention to the dimensions of the trailer when it's folded since it needs to fit your storage space.

Materials:- Better materials mean a more durable trailer and a better protection against the elements. Make sure the tires are high-quality, and that the frame is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy.

Storage:-  Make sure that the trailer you're taking has enough storage for all your needs, and that this storage is accessible even when your kids are in the trailer.

Purpose:- Make sure it will fit yours. If you need it to double as a stroller, make sure it's easy to switch between modes, and if the additional parts necessary for the switch are included or bought separately.

Croozer Kid Plus Two Child Trailer

This is a premium 3 in 1 model that comes with all the bells and whistles you might imagine. It weighs 38 pounds, which is a bit heavier than similar models. Its dimensions are 40.2 x 12.6 x x29.5 inches, which should mean it will be the right size for two kids.

Even five years old can fit nicely with room to spare, and it has a 100-pound weight capacity, so your kids can definitely enjoy their ride without you worrying if you overloaded the trailer.


croozer bike trailer reviews

When this trailer was made, they weren't taking beauty into consideration as much as they did safety and versatility, but it definitely isn't ugly. Smooth lines and lovely vibrant colors are definitely nice to look at. It's a bike trailer, it's a stroller, it's a jogger; a real 3 in 1. And, we love that all these attachments come in the package.

This trailer is a bit wider and it sits a bit lower than most other models, but it provides extra stability. We like that it is burly, with two large aluminum bumpers that protect both front and the sides. The side panels are see-through, so your kids can enjoy the view during the ride, which is a really nice touch.

Light alloy tubing on a steel sub-frame can take a lot. And, we like that it isn't too heavy to either pull or push.

It's a lot more than a simple trailer that you can take your kids to kindergarten in.


It comes with two large 20' air tires, that are durable, and will withstand any terrain. We like that the Croozer is pretty easy to pull when it is in the bike trailer mode. Even parents who are not perfectly fit find that it's not a problem to take longer trips with this.

The connector arm and the axle hitch are easy to use, and they will fit most bike models. Their Click and Crooz system makes the biking arm click easily, and it even has a key lock.

When you switch to the stroller mode, it's easy to push. We like that the handlebar is positioned well, and you can flip it to adjust it to your height. The problem comes if you're trying to move in narrow spaces.

The Croozer is rather wide, so you'll need a bit more room to maneuver it. The strolling attachment is actually just one swivel wheel that clicks easily into place at the front of the Croozer.

If you like to take a jog with your kids, this trailer also has a mode for that. The adapter for the jogging front wheel is easy to use and set. You can freely run on smooth to moderately rough terrain. The jogging front wheel attachment is pretty sturdy and it has some give to make it easier to steer.

With some practice, you'll be able to switch between modes literally in seconds.

And, another thing, even though it doesn't come with skis, this trailer also has a ski system that is really unique and simple to use. You actually use your own skis, and just clip them into the brackets when you remove the wheels. This mode isn't really fit for deep snow but will do great on groomed snowy trails.


When it comes to safety, Croozer really didn't try to cut corners with this model. It has a spring loaded hitch that will protect anyone around in the case the trailer flips. We love the 5-point harness system that will keep your kid safely in the seat if anything happens. Harnesses are well made. They do not chafe, so your kids won't keep trying to take them off.

The roll cage construction is more than sturdy enough, and it handled actual flipping and rolling over without even getting a dent. So even if something unexpected happens, you can rest assured that your kid will be completely safe in this trailer.

This trailer has two seats, but using just one seat will make no impact on the trailer stability.


The seat is comfy and well padded, so your little ones won't complain that it's uncomfortable to sit in this trailer. The ventilation is good, so it won't be stuffy in there, no matter how long the ride lasts. Since there's ample room, your kids won't feel cramped in this trailer. And, another important thing that we checked; there's quite a bit of leg room.

The seat also reclines, so if your little ones feel like taking a nap, that's not a problem. Another useful thing for a nap are headrests, and this trailer has them. We like that they have a mesh vent behind them, so your kid's heads won't get sweaty.

We like that Croozer thought of everything. There's a bug net that you can pull over the entrance so your kids can be safe from mosquitos and similar pests. Also, if it rains, this bike trailer comes with a rain cover. We tested it, and it can withstand long rides in rather heavy rain without any of the moisture reaching your little ones.


Behind the seats, you have a rather big storage space, like a little trunk on your bike trailer. This can be handy when you're going grocery shopping or mountain riding with your kids, as you can pack quite a lot in there.

When you convert your bike trailer into a jogger or a stroller, this will be great for diaper bags, bottles, jackets, and whatever else you need to take with you on a jog or for a walk.

We like that there are even small side pockets in the cabin, so you can put a bottle or a toy right there where your kids can easily reach them.

When it comes to storing the Croozer itself, it's pretty easy. It folds easily into a large, flat package.


  • Incredibly versatile
  • Has ample room for both of your little passengers
  • Large storage space
  • Durable, strong construction that comes with protective metal bumpers
  • All conversion attachments come in the box


  • Wide and heavy design makes it a bit impractical as a stroller, as it might be too big for a sidewalk
  • You can't recline just one half of the seat

Final Verdict

Croozer Kid Plus Two Child Trailer

When we first saw all the Croozer bike trailer reviews, we thought they were blown out of proportion, but now that we tested it, we have to agree; this is an amazing thing. We love that everything you need comes in the box. No additional accessories you need to buy, no features unexploited.

When it comes to safety, we rarely see bike trailers that are this safe, and well thought out. Croozer took everything into consideration here, from tiny pockets on the sides of the seats to windows, rain and mosquito covers, and even comfortable handlebars for the stroller mode. If you want something that is perfect for your cycling family, this model definitely has all the features you can ever desire.

We give it a stellar, five out of five stars rating.

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