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Burley Solo Bike Trailer Reviews 2020 [The Best One On The Market?]

a safe and sturdy bike trailer

Finding a safe and sturdy bike trailer can often be tricky. There are many factors to consider, and the safety of your child should always come first. Therefore, with spring just around the corner, it is crucial to author a 2019 edition of Burley Solo Bike Trailer Reviews.

Bike trailers are known for making life easier for parents all around the world. Not only are they a fun way to haul your children around, but you can also find additional uses for them as well.

Here we have compiled a list of key features you should keep in mind when researching Burley Solo Trailer. In addition, we will also give you our verdict and help you determine whether or not you need this product in your life.

Benefits of the Burley Kids Solo Trailer

Rarely can you find a company that cares more about your child's road safety than Burley. After all, they've been creating bike trailers for many years now.

Burley Solo Bike Trailer Reviews

This bike trailer features a top-notch design that will help you haul your child around without too much hassle. The structure of it is sturdy and reliable. There is little chance it will fall over, even when you park your bike.

The reason behind its safety is the implementation of key features, such as the parking brake and the adjustable suspension. You can use these add-ons to create a more comfortable cart for your child.

By using the adjustment mechanism, you can easily make the trailer suit your child's weight. Furthermore, the parking brake comes in handy because it lets the cart stay upright. Your bike might fall over, but the trailer won't.

Unlike its predecessor, this bike trailer is superb when it comes to navigating through tight spaces. The mesh fabric is soft enough to fold when it needs to - yet your child will not feel any discomfort at all.

Burley Solo Bike Trailer Reviews

Key Features

Bowed-Out Sides

Your child should feel comfortable and relaxed inside the trailer. Therefore, Burley added bowed-out sides which add the extra shoulder room most kids want. In addition, it also gives you more space to fill with toys.

S.I.T. Seat

the seat is removable and washable

Padded String Integrated Technology is the main feature of this bike trailer. Most parents know how difficult it can be to remove your child from the seating area. By using this new strapping method, you can easily take your son or daughter out without too much trouble. There is also a bonus quality: you can remove the seat and wash it.

Aluminum Frame

The frame is durable and sturdy enough to handle long bike rides with your child. However, you can also use the trailer to tow any cargo - for example, groceries.

Extension Kits

You can primarily use this trailer for bike rides. However, if you feel like jogging or strolling, you can purchase an extension kit that allows you to transform it into an entirely different product.

Adjustable Handlebar

You can use the handlebar to switch trailer modes. Moreover, when you place it in the bike mode, it can serve as an additional roll bar.


  • The wheels are high-quality, and they roll smoothly even on uneven terrain.
  • You can transform it into a classic stroller or jogger. There is also a Ski Kit that lets you take it out on the snow.
  • It comes with a fully adjustable sunshade.
  • The cover is incredibly durable, and the zippers are water resistant.


  • It only comes with one hitch which you have to screw into the bike's back wheel. It would be difficult to transfer it onto another model, so you would have to buy another one.

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Final Verdict

Burley Kids' Solo Trailer

When looking for the best single bike trailer, you simply cannot go wrong with this Burley model. It has all the necessary features that are vital for keeping your child safe, and it also looks stylish as well.

The S.I.T. seat is a fantastic addition to the design. Not only will you be able to calmly pull out your child, but it will also keep him or her securely strapped in during the ride.

burley solo bike trailer reviews

In addition, the fact that you can buy the extension kits and convert this trailer into a regular stroller is worth bearing in mind. It could make your life a lot easier, and also save you storage space in your home.

To sum up our Burley Solo Bike Trailer Reviews - 2019 edition, we can, without any doubt, rate this product a fantastic 5 out of 5. Moreover, we would recommend it to all parents who are still looking for a safe bike trailer to haul their child around. We are confident you will love it as much as we do.