The Ultimate Guide On Choosing The Best Bike Trailer

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Bike trailers are a very easy solution for transporting large loads while you are riding a bike. It could come in handy, especially while traveling with children or going out for long trips. Since it does not tip the balance of the bike, you will be able to ride much easily. How you are going to use the trailer depends all upon you. There are different types of bike trailers available in the market, and you may need some clear forethought for choosing the one most suited to you. This article will offer tips regarding the various aspects of the bike trailers and the things to consider before making a purchase.

Why Buy Bike Trailers?

Different bike trailers have different carrying capacities and hence serve different purposes. They can be very useful if you are traveling long distances on a bike along with some heavy load. The cargo offers a convenient storage space without affecting your balance while riding. Trailers can also provide an extra seat if you want to enjoy your riding adventure together with a partner. Hence, if you own a bike, it only makes sense to invest some amount in a trailer. It helps to make your riding adventure more versatile.

Which Bike Trailer Should I Buy?

Trailers should have smooth wheels that do not rust easily and offer a long run time

If you are confused regarding which bike trailer to buy, consider the following features to narrow down your options and make an easier selection.

  1. Harness

The trailers should have a five-point harness that can be adjusted to restrain the passenger while riding. Some may even have a crossbar as an additional safety feature.

  1. Foldability

Trailers should be easily foldable so that you can tuck it into smaller spaces such as a closet when not required. It should have quick release wheels and smooth folding mechanisms.

  1. Attachment

The attachment is what secures the trailer to the bike axle. This is the most important thing to look for as it decides how reliable the trailer actually is. The trailer should have shims and quick release clamps for the ease of use.

  1. Hitch

The hitch forms a connection between the bike and the trailer. The hitch should have reliable backup features to ensure the trailer does not run astray.

  1. Convertibility

Some of the bike trailers can also be converted into strollers. This can be useful, especially when you are traveling with a child and want to switch between riding and jogging midway.

  1. Frames

The trailer frames decide their weight and durability. The most commonly used material is steel. However, the more expensive ones may also make use of alloy.

  1. Wheels

Trailers should have smooth wheels that do not rust easily and offer a long run time. Look for larger wheels as this reduces the bumps while riding.

  1. Reflectors

A trailer with reflectors is easily visible while riding. This allows you to have a safe ride by reducing the chances of accidents.

  1. Seating

There are different types of seating available with trailers. This includes bicycle mounted seats, rear-mounted seats and front mounted seats.

  1. Weather protection

Look for trailers with fabric or plastic shield in order to save it from wearing out under the natural elements such as rain, wind, and sun. There should also be a sufficient amount of ventilation in the trailer.

Types of Bike Trailers

There are mainly two types of bike trailers as mentioned below.

  1. Children's bike trailer

Most of the children?s bike trailer can provide comfortable room for two children. However, there are also a few that can accommodate up to three children. These types of trailers are properly enclosed for better protection and have detachable front wheels and handle.

  1. Luggage bike trailer

These have a different design as compared to the children?s trailer and are mainly designed for the purpose of transporting heavy luggage. They are highly stable and have a large weight capacity. However, these trailers have an open design, making it more exposed to natural elements.

Who Makes the Best Bike Trailers?

bike trailer

1) Burley

Burley has been manufacturing bike trailers for more than 30 years. They use very functional designs with added safety and durability. Along with trailers, they also make accessories, conversion kits, and replacement parts. You can go through the Burley bee bike trailer review or burley solo bike trailer reviews in order to have a better understanding of their products.

2) Chariot Carriers

This is a family run business focusing on the transportation options for children. Their product range includes bike trailers and side carriers. They also sell accessories and conversion kits.

3) Croozer

Croozer sells trailers for pets, children, and cargo. You can go through the Croozer bike trailer reviews to check out the various options available with the brand.


InSTEP is a branch of the Dorel Juvenile Products Group. Their products are available at Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Toys ?R? Us, Buy Buy Baby, the company?s official website as well as a few other juvenile product retailers. Going through the Instep bike trailer reviews can help you understand their products better.

5) WeeRide

WeeRide has all the safety features that you would want in a child trailer. This includes the cycling trainers, the tow behind trailers and the center-mounted child barrier. You can check out the Weeride co pilot bike trailer reviews before making your purchase.

6) Weehoo

Weehoo was started by a parent of twins. The brand has some of the best trailers including those for the twins. Go through the Weehoo buggy trailer review for a better idea of their products.

Affordable and Premium Bike Trailers Brand

You do not always have to put money into an expensive trailer for the sake of reliability. There are many cheap brands that offer you the same benefit at a much lesser cost. So if you are looking for cheaper alternatives, it is recommended that you look up brands such as Trail a bike, Pro Source, InSTEP, Ride 858 and Colibrox. You can also go through the wike bike trailer reviews and sunlite bike trailer reviews.

Best Place to Buy Bike Trailers

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  • Target
  • eBay
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Internet Bikes
  • Bike Discount