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The 5 Best Tumbling Mats for Home Use 2023 [Detailed Reviews]

best tumbling mats for home

The place to start working toward being the best athlete you can be is home. You may spend a lot of time at the gym but if you have quality mats to work with at home, you can spend more time focused on honing your skills.

We're going to look at the 5 best tumbling mats for home on the market today. We also considered its price so these mats are quite affordable as well.


Our Recommendation

The Incline Cheese Wedge Skill Shape Mat stood out to us as the best because of the quality and options. You aren't stuck with just one size. This wedge-shaped mat is excellent and sturdy. This gymnastic mat is an amazing deal and we highly recommend it for home use or for your little gymnasts who enjoys doing handspring.

These mats are incredibly resilient and stand up to a lot of use. They also come in a variety of colors so you're more likely to be able to match your team colors. There are other great things about these gym mat, and you can find them below in our full review.

Comparison Table

ProductFeaturesF2Bmom Ratings

We Sell Mats Gymnastics Incline Mat
Dimension: 6 sizes available

Thickness (inch): 14 & 15

Material: Vinyl cover


Price: $$$

More Details

Juperbsky Gymnastics Tumbling Folding Mats
Dimension (ft): 4 x 6

Thickness (inch): 1.5 and 2

Material: Vinyl cover + Polyethylene foam core


Price: $$

More Details

Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat
Dimension (ft): 3 x 6

Thickness (inch): 4

Material: Vinyl cover


Price: $$$

More Details

Best Choice Products Foam Folding Gym Mat
Dimension (ft): 4 x 8

Thickness (inch): 2

Material: Faux leather cover


Price: $$

More Details

ProsourceFit Bi-Fold Folding Exercise Mat
Dimension (ft): 2 x 6

Thickness (inch): 1.5

Material: Vinyl cover + EPE foam


Price: $

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Cheap Tumbling Mats for Sale Reviews

One thing we looked for in gymnastics tumbling mats was if they were foldable. Folding gymnastics mats are convenient for storage. Let's start by looking at our recommendation, a comparison chart, and then individual reviews of the 5 mats. We have also included a buying guide section to help you make the right decision when picking out a mat.

1. We Sell Mats Gymnastics Mat

This Tumbling Mat is excellent because of its durable commercial grade material and construction. It's easy to carry because of the handles on the sides, and it's made of durable vinyl.

These mats com in a variety of sizes. The smaller sizes do not fold, but the larger ones do. Obviously, small wedge-shaped mats don't need to fold, but the larger ones do in order to be more portable and easier to store.

This mat is available in small sizes which is the best choice products for home use and much larger sizes for use at the gym. They're great for kids, teens, and adults. It just depends on the size you get.

It's also available in a variety of colors. We got a blue and green mat. The colors were vibrant. There also wasn't much of a smell when we removed the packaging. Some mats can have a longer chemical odor that you have to air out for hours or days. This mat has superior quality and it's a tremendous deal for the price.

2. JuperbSky Gymnastics Tumbling Cheerleading Martial Arts Fitness Folding Panel Mats

The JuperbSky 1.5" and 2" Thick 4'x10' Gymnastics Tumbling Cheerleading Martial Arts Fitness Folding Panel Mats with 4 Sides Velcro Design is a great portable mat for tumbling. You can get in in 1.5"-2" thick. If you're going to use it for tumbling it might be better to fold it so it will be a little thicker.

It comes in multiple colors and has Velcro on 4 sides so that it can attach to other mats. That makes it convenient to use at home and the gym. If you're using it at home, a single mat will likely do the trick, but at the gym, multiple mats can be combined to make a much larger surface.

The wedge-shaped is superior for many uses, but this flat mat is good for tumbling as well. While it isn't as thick as some others, we still recommend it for tumbling. It's an excellent mat for many purposes.

3. Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat

The Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat is 4" thick so you will have a soft landing on this mat. It has non-skid material on the bottom and has handles for easy carrying. They thought of everything when making this mat.

It is an excellent landing mat for landing floor stunts safely. The non-skid bottom and thickness of the mat ensure safe landings. These mats are lead-free and have passed rigorous testing. We put the safety of our gymnasts first. We used this mat as a landing mat and it worked really well. We had no complaints. It gripped the floor and didn't slide even when it was hit at an odd angle.

We liked this mat as a landing mat. It was thick enough to cushion landings, but not overly cushioned so that the gymnast couldn't get their balance on it. It was just dense enough for our athletes. While sticking the landing is mostly up to the gymnast, a good mat can help.

It comes in royal blue and purple so you may not be able to match your team colors, but blue mats are fairly standard. Blue is a neutral color when it comes to gym mats. It also comes in a limited size range. However, we found the size of this mat to be adequate.

4. Best Choice Products 8x4ft 4-Panel Foam

These mats from best choice products are great multipurpose mats. They are low priced and comes in a variety of colours and sizes. The Velcro provides a secure hold so that the mats stay together exceptionally well.

The non-slip surface was particularly noticeable compared to some that didn't make our list. Slipping can cause injury. These mats are a great idea if you are concerned about safety.

The Velcro on these mats can help them stick to carpet without shifting. That makes them safer and easier to use than mats without Velcro.

The cushioning of these mats is from the closed cell high-density polyethylene foam. That makes them strong and safe to use. Most of our gymnasts really liked these mats. They are lightweight enough to be carried easily even though they don't have a handle, we were able to transport them easily.

5. ProSource Bi-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

The ProSource Bi-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat 6'x2' with Carrying Handles for MMA, Gymnastics, Stretching, and Core Workouts is another good gymnastic mat for tumbling. It's not a good landing mat because it's only 1.5 inches thick, but it is good for cartwheels and also . It has carrying handles that make it convenient to take anywhere you want to practice.

It folds easily so it can be stored easily and compactly under a bed. That makes this a great mat for people with limited storage.

It comes in multiple colors so you may even be able to match your team colors. For home use, though, maybe you'll find that it has your favorite color.

This also makes a good yoga mat. It's firm so your knees are completely cushioned and never go down to the floor. What's really special about this mat is the low price. It sells for under $45 from most online stores. That makes this mat an amazing deal.

We really liked using this mat. While it wasn't perfect, it was a quality mat at a reasonable price. Pricing is key. Some lower quality mats cost more because it makes them seem more elite, but this mat is priced lower than we expected for the quality.

We did not expect this mat to be as good as it is for under $50. Our criticisms of this mat were fewer that criticisms of much more expensive mats. It's well made and well worth the money.

Buying Tips

Thickness and density- Tumbling can require a larger thicker mat than you might otherwise use. Consider the exercises the mat will be used for and buy a thickness and density that will be safe for that particular exercise. No one mat will be right for everything, but some of the foldable mats can be versatile.

Material- Vinyl is preferred because it is strong and non-slip. Other materials are often used in gym mat but a strong vinyl is still preferred.

Construction- A well-made mat will have good seams that hold. Quality stitching is key. A mat is only as durable as its weakest stitch.

Value- Cheap mats can be great for home use. They may not all be made of strong vinyl, but if the mat is only being used by one child, then a cheaper PU leather mat could suffice. You can get a gymnastics mat for less than $40 in some cases.

Reversible or slide resistant- A lot of gym mats for home are reversible, however, if you have a slippery floor you might want to consider one that has a slide proof surface on one side. In this case you couldn't treat it as a reversible mat because the underside would be abrasive. Still, vinyl can be sticky and it doesn't just slide across the floor like it's on an ice rink. A regular mat may be ok for your floor.

Beware of chemical odors- All mats are prone to chemical odors. In our experience, high-quality vinyl mats tend to need to be aired out the longest. If there is a bad smell from your new gymnastics mat, just air it out. The odor should be chemical and not truly foul like a dying animal. If the odor is truly foul, you should return the product for a replacement.

Many people are sensitive to strong chemical odors so leave the mat outside on a nice but not overly hot day and it should be better. If the weather isn't great, put the mat in a well-ventilated room. Mats are tested for safety so they don't contain harmful materials like lead.

If you are interested in an inflatable tumbling mat, you should check out our reviews.


The We Sell Mats Gymnastics Mat came out on top of our best tumbling mats for home list because it has commercial quality. It comes in many sizes and colors and it's incredibly durable. The larger mats are even foldable for easier storage.

Our team tested a lot of mats and we looked for quality of craftsmanship and safety. If you want to look at other types of gymnastics mats, be sure to visit our top 10 gymnastics mats for sale.