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Best Gymnastics Landing Mats For Sale

gymnastics landing mats for sale

For all gymnasts who are thinking about buying mats for practice, they need to do more research. I am saying so because you will find a whole lot of options here. You will surely be astonished by the variety of gymnastics landing mats for sale.

In this article, I pay particular attention to the landing mats used in gymnastics. Here is a list of the selected few that are loved and acclaimed by many. You can select any one or all three, if they fit most or all of your requirements.


Our Recommendation

Based on my experience, the Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat is the perfect gymnastics landing mat for practice. One great advantage is that you will not have to look for a suitable bar separately. This practice mat goes along with the Junior Kip Bar.

They can either be used together or you can use the mat alone. It is like a small safety mat or tumbling mat that can be used with other gymnastics practice equipment as well. The thickness of this mat is 4 inches, making it perfect for high impact activities.

Comparison Table

ProductFeaturesF2bmom Ratings

Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat
Dimension (ft): 3 x 6

Thickness (inch): 4

Material: Vinyl cover


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Z-Athletic Tumbling Crash Mat
Dimension (ft): 4 x 8

Thickness (inch): 4

Material: Vinyl cover


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We Sell Mats Bi-Folding Crash Landing Mat Pad
Dimension (ft): 4 x 6 and 4 x 8

Thickness (inch): 8 or 12 and 1.33

Material: Vinyl cover


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Best Gymnastics Landing Mats for Sale

1. Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat

The Junior Practice Mat by Tumbl Trak is landing mat made for regular practice. It can take constant beating for years without any decrease in its performance. If you want a low price gymnastic mat, this is good for you.

Cheap gymnastics landing mats with good quality are hard to come by. It is available in two color options; purple and royal blue.

The Junior Practice Mat comes with handles on either side for convenient portability. It has non skid coating on bottom. It can cushion falls and landings very well, all thanks to the 4 inch thick mat.

These mats do not contain any lead or harmful chemicals. Also, certified by CPSIA 2008. The Junior Practice Mat is completely worth it, sturdy and durable.

You can get it at a good price, as these are gymnastics landing mats for sale. Such great deal is difficult to come by, catch it while it lasts!

2. Landing Mat for Expandable Jr Training Bar

If you are using an expandable junior training bar and require a suitable landing mat, this is the one. These 4 feet by 8 feet landing mats by Z-Athletic would make a perfect companion.

Do not buy cheap landing mats, invest in good quality.

Although the price of this mat is in the medium range but quality is top notch. The basic function of this mat is to put it on the top of a mat that is 4 foot wide. This way extra cushion can be provided for falls or landings.

This mat is basically designed to go with the Junior Training Bar. But, it can also work as a safety mat for additional equipment or a little tumbling mat. All mats manufactured by Z-athletic are lead-free.

It can be bought in 3 colors, black, blue, and pink. These mats are covered by 18 oz. high-quality vinyl. It has Velcro on both sides and can be folded for easy storage and portability.

The mat contains a foam core that is open cell to ensure softer cushion. But, it is not that good for high impact gymnastic practice as the thickness might not be enough.

3. We Sell Mats Bi-Folding Crash Landing Mat Pad

The Crash Landing Bi-folding mat pad by "We Sell Mats" is made for high impact falls. Its best feature is high quality safe landings while practicing. You do not have to look anywhere else, get the best landing mats for sale here!

Having an appropriate crash mat is an integral part of safety measures during training. Every gymnast needs a trust fall like this. It is crucial that a gymnast of all skill levels and ages should be able to trust the floor.

A trustworthy surface will assist in preventing injury during completion and training. This crash pad can be folded in half for trouble-free storage. The foam padding is sponge-core with mesh sides and 18 oz top of vinyl.

It also comes with convenient handles for easy portability. It is available in two thickness options, 8 and 12 inches. They are thick enough to bear extremely high impacts and keep you safe even during very high falls.

This is a great thick, sturdy mat but the price is a little bit high. Again, totally worth it as you will not have to buy another one for years.


The best gymnastics landing mats for sale are listed in this article. There are many other options out there in the market, but, we have picked out the best ones for you.

Of course, you have to consider the different features of a mat before investing. A good mat will assist in your daily practice in a huge way. And a wrong one could create huge problems. 

We suggest that you try the Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat. It is a durable, sturdy mat at a good price.

If you think this article has helped you in any way, do share it with your friends and fellow gymnasts. Similarly, you can also look at our top 10 gymnastics mats for sale.