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Top 5 Gymnastics Mats For Home Use In 2023

gymnastics mats for home

Are you combing the internet for gymnastic mats? If you are a gymnastics workout freak like me, you would want the best gymnastics mats for home use.

Gymnastic mats are just the right amount of balance between cushioning and firmness. They provide the required amount of stability and bounce necessary for regular workout and exercise sessions. You can get these mats in different colors, quality and dimensions.


Our Recommendation

Each gymnastic mat listed in this blog was picked with various considerations. All products mentioned here have proved their worth. But, I would recommend the exercise mat by "The Beam Store".

The Beam Store Folding Gym Mat is available in various dimensions. The different options available have 4 or 5 feet width and 6, 8, 10 or 12 feet in length. The mat thickness is also available in 3 options that are 2, 4, and 8 inches.

It is made of 18 oz heavy vinyl as a cover. The entire mat is divided into 6 parts of 4 X 1.66 feet each, making it easier to fold. The folding ability makes it portable and easy to store.

All major wear points such as the corners are reinforced. There are no stitched seams other than on the edges of the mat. The mat uses thick polyethylene cross-linked foam.

These mats are perfect to be used at home for exercise, yoga, martial arts, to be paired with horizontal bars and even playing kids. This mat is great for tumbling.

You can get in 4 different colors, pink, royal blue, purple, and black. The price is perfect and will fit easily into your budget.

Comparison Table

ProductFeaturesF2Bmom Ratings

The Beam Store Folding Gym Mat
Dimension (ft): 4 x 6/ 4 x 8/ 4 x 10/ 4 x 12/ 5 x 10

Thickness (inch): 2/ 4/ 8

Material: Vinyl coated nylon cover

More Details

Bestmart INC Folding Gymnastics Gym Mats
Dimension (ft): 2 x 6

Thickness (inch): 1.2

Material: Removable PU leather cover

More Details

Gymmatsdirect Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat
Dimension (ft): 4 x 2/ 5 x 2.5/ 6 x 3

Thickness (inch): 1.16 and 1.25 and 1.33

Material: PU leather cover

More Details

Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat
Dimension (ft): 5 x 10

Thickness (inch): 1.37 and 2

Material: Vinyl cover

More Details

GSC Rainbow Tumbling Mat
Dimension (ft): 4 x 6/ 4 x 8/ 5 x 10

Thickness (inch): 1.37 and 2

Material: Vinyl cover

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Best Gymnastics Mats For Home Use

The mats recommended here are generally made of foam and then covered with leather or synthetic cloth. The mattress in-cased could be made from a selection of materials. Select a workout mat in accordance with your daily workout regime, budget and other specifications.

Mats are used all around the world by gymnasts, workout enthusiasts, athletes, martial art trainers and many more professionals. You can get a few mats for your home. They will provide a great base for your daily exercise routine.

1. The Beam Store Folding Gym Mat

The Beam Store Folding Gym Mat

This folding gym mat by The Beam Store is the best mat for the exercising area of your house. The best part about these mats is that it is available in a range of size and thickness options. You get this mat in 2, 4 and even 8 inches of thickness.

Depending on the type of physical activity that you perform, you will have to choose the thickness accordingly. The cross-linked PE foam is high quality and durable. You can trust this mat with your kids; your kids will be safe while playing.

The nylon cover of the mat is coated with vinyl making it 18 oz. and a great protecting envelop. It has Velcro on both the sides while all corners are reinforced to protect against wear. The top of the mat is seamless; all seams are along the edges.

The price range is genuine and as expected from a good quality gym mat.

2. Bestmart INC Folding Gymnastics Gym Exercise Mats Stretching Fitness Yoga

Bestmart INC Folding Gymnastics Gym Exercise Mats

The thick folding gymnastic mat by Bestmart has the basic dimensions of 2 feet by 6 feet. This yoga, fitness, stretching, exercise, folding mat is available in the width of 1.2 inches. This is not only a gym mat.

It can also be used for martial arts, general exercises, stretching, dancing, yoga and many more. The entire mat can be folded and carried easily. It is highly portable and very easy to store. It is divided into 3 sections each of 2 X 2 feet.

It has handles sewn in for your convenience. The mat is durable and comes with thick foam that is sturdy and spongy in the right ratio. The outer cover is PU leather that can be easily cleaned.

The inside id EPE Pearl Wood and the mat cover is non-absorbent, making it easy to clean. The foam and cover can also be cleaned separately as the cover of each panel has a zipper to remove it.

The mat is basically designed for individuals, teams, camps, clubs, and schools. It is also great for teaching simple exercises and gymnastics to kids.

The thickness of the mat could be a little less for certain practices. It can be bought in two colors, namely orange and purple.

3. Gymmatsdirect Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat

Gymmatsdirect Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat

The gymnastics large folding incline mat by GymMatsDirect is in the shape of a cheese wedge. These ramp wedge triangle shape tumbling mats is meant for aerobics, home exercise, and kids play. Such incline mats are called cheese wedge.

They are crucial for gymnastic trainers of almost all skill levels. It can be a great platform for kids to learn walk-overs, kick-overs, handsprings, front and back rolls. This foldable mat can be folded into half to form a high-square mat as well.

These high quality mats are famous due to the large selection of sizes and colors available in it. These are the perfect gymnastics mats for home. Such mats are ideal for athletes small in size/kids. We also have a list of best mats for sale.

This skill shaped incline wedge permits them to practice the tumbling forward and backward with the mat slant. Most gymnastic instructors believe that the downhill incline training allows kids to increase their motor skills. It meets the requirements of CPSIA for Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Lead. They are portable, light in weight, and easily stored.

Incline mats have prime polyurethane foam that has a durable heavy duty reinforced PU leather coating. Also, they are easy to clean and wipe.

4. Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

The tumbling folding Gymnastic mats by Tumbl Trak are one of the premium quality mats in market. Each of the mats has a 2 inch wide panels that fold offered in various colors with two ends Velcro. These mats have an 18 oz. industry standard vinyl, polyethylene cross-linked foam.

You can get many different color options, most of which have multicolored strips. The vinyl covers of these mats are reinforced fabric with woven base. It is 18 oz. knife-coating that offers maximum peeling, wearing, and tearing strength.

They are made exactly the way professional mats need to be made. The PE cross-link foam provides proper cushion and optimum support. They are durable and have premium quality construction possible in a tumbling mat.

The Tumbl Trak gymnastic mat does not contain any lead. It has passed all test requirements set by CPSIA 2008. The mat is light and sturdy but tends to slip around a lot.

You might experience a strange smell but this is an isolated issue. Overall the mat is good for the price paid. It folds up really small and can be stored away in small spaces without much hassle.

5. GSC Rainbow Tumbling Mat

GSC Rainbow Tumbling Mat

Low key or high impact exercise, GSC Rainbow mats will assist you through all. You have different size and thickness options to choose from. Select according to your requirements.

The 2 inch polyfoam mat provides the recommended padding for young children (age 3 to 9) and toddlers. They are soft and perfect for activities with low impact. These are one of the best quality gymnastics mats available.

There is another thickness option that is 1 3/8 inches. This is a more firm polyethylene cross-link pad. It is more suited for older and heavier individuals to perform activities with higher impact.

One mat is divided into 8 panels of 1 foot each (depending on the size you select). This enables you to fold eh mat into a small stack and hence enhance portability and storage capacity. Each panel is covered with 18 oz. vinyl of different color.

Both ends feature a hook and loop fastener. Each panel has nylon stitching that ensures double reinforcement. They are light in weight and perfect for classroom, home or gym.

The price is just right but there have been some concerns about this mat being safe for toddlers and babies. As soon as you open the package, there is a noticeable chemical and rubber stench. Might not be so good for small babies.

Buying Guide

To make sure that you have no problem in your shopping for a gymnastic mat, here are some tips. Some features will demand your attention. These are purpose, dimensions, material used, and budget.

Purpose- What do you need the mat for? For your kids to play? To practice yoga, martial arts, gymnastics or regular workout?

According to that you can decide upon the mattress thickness and type. First, you have decided the purpose of the mat. Then only you will be able to decide about the other features. Is slip-proof a very important feature for you? It should be if you are into high impact activities, you will need a thick landing mat to minimize the impact.

Dimensions- How much area are you looking to cover with mats? Will one mat be enough for you? If you want mats for gymnastic purposes or some similar activity then surely you will require multiple mats. Consider the available space you have at your disposal. Also know that you can fold and tuck away the mats when they are not in use. The thickness of a mattress varies from 1 inch to 8 inches.

Material  Used- Consider the cover of the mat and the material of the mattress inside. Is it cross link polymer? Simple foam or Mildew resistant?

Looking for soft or firm mat? The outside cover also matters; it could be PU, leather, vinyl or any other material. Another thing to consider is if you require removable covers or not. Consider the seams and their placing; they might interrupt your workout routine. Go for good quality material. You would not want to buy a low quality mat and just see it disintegrate.

Budget- What could be better than getting the perfect mat within your budget? Nothing! But, how are you supposed to find such a gymnastic mat for your home? You can do so by finalizing a spending limit first so that you can narrow down your choices.

Final Verdict

This article includes all basic information that you need to know before buying gymnastics mats for home. A gymnastic mat placed in your home could be used for various purposes, regular exercise, safe playing area for kids and other physical activities.

All products mentioned here are well loved and acclaimed. But, my recommendation is The Beam Store Folding Gym Mat. The best feature of these mats is the premium quality and the variety of options you get in dimensions.

Mats will also protect the floor of your home from unnecessary indents or/and scratches. Hopefully, this article has helped you reach a conclusion and made your decision easier.

The Beam Store Folding Mat

Our #1 Gymnastics Mats For Home

  • Available in a range of size and thickness options
  • Cross-linked PE foam that is high quality and durable
  • All corners are reinforced to protect against wear
  • Coated with vinyl making it 18 oz. and a great protecting envelop