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The 9 Best Air Tumbling Track Mat For Young Gymnast [2023 Review]

Are you a young gymnast and looking for a comfortable way to practice when at home? Well, look no further. We know that practicing at the gym or school involves waiting for long periods to use the equipment. Even so, in the end, there isn’t always enough time to practice. 

As such, we have taken the pain to search out the 9 best air tumbling track mat for young gymnasts on the market. For those who are in a rush, here are our top picks.

best value

  • Available in sizes from 10 - 20 feet
  • Made from commercial grade PVC


  • Available in sizes from 10 - 20 feet
  • Double wall material with 0.9mm thickness


Why Do You Need An Air Track Tumbling Mat?

Generally, training on most surfaces can be hard on the body, especially the joints. However, air track tumbling mats are more friendly to the body, especially the young growing body, because of the soft impact it has.

You can use this mat to practice tumbling, gymnastics, and cheerleading. It usually comes with an air pump to pump air into the mat to fill it up. These mats are inflatable and comes in different lengths and colors.

Compared with the usual mats, you will be able to perform more exercises with less energy. They are lighter in weight, portable, and easy to set up.

In addition to its soft impact, practicing on the mats can be great fun and can encourage people who want to try out new skills.

Best Air Tumbling Track Mat For Young Gymnast Reviews

1. FBsport's Tumbling Mat - Editor's Choice

best air tumbling track mat for young gymnast

FBsport's Inflatable Gymnastic Air Track Tumbling Mat is an excellent gymnastic air mat that happens to be extremely versatile. It can be used just about anywhere you can think of, in the living room, outside the house, on vacation grounds, and more. It is ideal for children at parks, pre-schools, sports clubs, and colleges, both indoors or outdoors.

It is lightweight, easy to carry along, and set up for those who want easy-to-carry and lightweight equipment. It can be used for all kinds of purposes, from fun activities to more professional purposes. 

It is made from a durable and strong double-walled material (commercial grade PVC/tarpaulin). It is airtight with reinforced seams to prevent deflation so that it can maintain its pressure for days.

The mat is airtight and can handle pressure up to 5 psi. You can change the pressure level to control the softness or hardness of the mat. Setting and packing this mat up is so easy, and it only takes a few minutes.

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2. EZ Glam Tumbling Mat

This model is an inflatable air tumbling track mat and is simple to handle. It can be inflated and deflated, folded and unfolded, all in a matter of minutes.

This mat is primarily designed to make your gymnastics easier anywhere. It can be set up anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor, in your living room, back yard, park, etc. Made from durable and quality materials and components like commercial grade PVC and double wall, drop stitch material. The double PVC wall is to make sure that the mat is durable and safe to use at all times.

It is airtight, and all seams are reinforced to offer durability. You can also vary the air pressure of the mat to your liking. You can make it soft enough to bounce or hard. Once inflated, the air pressure can be maintained for several days.

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3. Melchef Inflatable Tumbling Mat

Melchef is another excellent air track tumbling mat, which makes your gymnastics training easier anywhere.You can set it up anywhere, indoor or outdoor. It is lightweight so that it can be moved easily from place to place.

The mat can be used on the floor, grass, even on water. You can set it up in your living room, at your back yard, at the beach, anywhere you want. Also, deflating or inflating the air track mat can be done quickly and easily. You can also set the mat pressure as desired, from bouncy-soft to rough-hard.

Unlike other home gymnastics training equipment as listed here, the mat has a lesser chance of causing injuries from repeated jumps.

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4. Furgle Air Tumbling Track

This air track gymnastic mat is another model that is designed to make gymnastics easier and more comfortable. It is lightweight and can easily be transported from one place to another. You can also fit in the seat of a car. It is easy to set up, inflate, and deflate.

This model can be used for both indoor and outdoor gymnastics, in your living room, in the park, on the beach, even on water. It can be set to your desired pressure, varying the degree of softness or hardness of the mat.

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5. Aksport Tumbling Mat

The Aksport Tumbling Mat, like every other air track mat, is built to ease the stress involved in gymnastics. You can use it at the beach, backyard, living room, etc.

It is portable and can be carried anywhere. Its lightweight and size allow it to fit in easily on your car backseat when deflated. Deflating and inflating the mat can be done quickly in a matter of minutes.

Also, its pressure can vary to make the mat either bouncy-soft or hard. The Aksport air track mat is durable and resistant to deformation. It is made out of top-notch quality PVC tarpaulin. 

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6. Darget Gymnastic Tumbling Mat

This is yet another good option. With its versatility, it can be used anywhere, like schools, gyms, dance club, yoga, cheerleading, and more. Whether you're at home, or a friend's place, or on vacation, you can still have your training like you would in a gym.

It is perfect for lots of sports like gymnastics, cheerleading, martial art, and tumbling, and so on. Lightweight, easy to carry around, inflate, and deflate. It is airtight and can handle a pressure of up to 5 psi.

This tumbling mat is so durable that it is practically indestructible. It has a double-walled design, consisting of a 1000D material and a 3-ply industrial-grade PVC polymer.

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7. Playieer Tumbling Mat

Designed to make your gymnastics training exercise easier and more comfortable, this mat provides a non-slip surface for your activities. 

It is suitable for all kinds of sports activities and exercises like gymnastics, karate, cheerleading, martial arts, and tumbling. You can also use it both indoors and outdoors. 

Since its lightweight, one can move it easily. It's easy to set up, inflate and deflate. The pressure can be adapted to fit your preference. Made from a durable, double-walled commercial grade PVC material, and it has a laminated cover that makes it water-resistant.

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8. Ibigbean Air Track Training Mat

The Ibigbean Air Track Training Mat offers a perfect surface for safe and comfortable gymnastics. This mat is easy to handle and set up. 

The gym mat is used professionally to meet the needs of daily training. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor practice. It is suitable for several sports activities like gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, and a lot more.

It is made from durable drop-stitch material as well as the commercial-grade PVC polymer. This mat can be placed anywhere, whether on land or water. Due to its low weight, you can transport it anywhere. One can also easily inflate, deflate, fold, and store it.

The pressure of the Ibigbean mat is adjustable and depends on your preferred degree of softness or hardness.

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9. Aqua Plus Inflatable Tumbling Mat

The Aqua Plus Inflatable Tumbling Mat is another popular option. It is suitable for exercises, gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, and more. You can use it anywhere, whether in your living room, backyard, park, beach, and so on.

The material of the mat is a standard drop-stitch, ultra-light, military-grade PVC fabric. Also, it is constructed with an extra layer of PVC material to strengthen the mat. You can easily inflate and deflate in a matter of minutes. Being lightweight makes it easy to use and transport as you can easily fold it and pack it up.

You can determine the softness or hardness of the mat by the amount of pressure you pump in during inflation.

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Buying Guide

Now that you are ready to buy an air track tumbling mat, you need to consider a few things. When it comes to equipment like an air track tumbling mat, it’s wise to avoid the lower-end choices. You should only go for the best.

Whatever the use of the air track mats, like gymnastics, karate, yoga, martial arts, or other activities, it's essential to go for a mat that works for you.

Below is a guide, we have put together to guide you through the features to consider and place great importance.

1. Size

Inflatable gym mats come in various sizes to fit into the available space. So, you need a mat that fits into the area you intend to use.

Also, the size of the mat has to be one that will accommodate the types of exercises you will be performing on it. Therefore, you have to go for an average length if you're going to be performing activities like martial and yoga.

Should you be considering more complex moves like tumbling and cheerleading, then you should go for bigger lengths. An alternative to longer mats is to connect multiple mats.

2. Thickness

Thickness is possibly the most important thing, and it should depend on the type of exercise you intend to do. The absorption capability of the mat is dependent on its thickness. 

Low thickness is excellent when it comes to low impact activities such as stretching, yoga, or aerobics. Such thickness provides you with the cushion effect you need without extra toughness.

As such, if you intend to do more intricate, rhythmic exercises on the mat, such as tumbling, martial arts, and gymnastics, then you should go for a thicker mat that absorbs shock and impact better. Higher-impact activities usually need more thickness. This is to help protect your body from injury.

3. Features

Another thing to consider is the features they offer, and also any other extra accessories that accompany them. Generally, the best mats usually come with free pumps, a hand pump for the more budget-friendly mats, and an electric pump for the costlier ones. These pumps make inflation of the mats easier and help you save on the cost of an extra pump.

Also, it has to be portable so that it can be easily folded and unfolded. It should fold into a compact shape to allow for easy mobility. Ideally, accessories such as built-in handles and a strong storage bag should come along with the mat.

Also, models with dual valves give the best control over air pressure. If you are looking at creating the ultimate tumbling space, look for mats with velcro surface on both ends, which allows for attachment of several mats together for an extension.

Another essential accessory is the repair kit. Inflatable pieces of equipment run the risk of getting punctured. Therefore, looking for a mat that includes a repair kit is critical. Given the right tools, most patch jobs can be done at home. These tools are found in a repair kit.

4. Materials

Mats are designed to protect your body during those complex aerial maneuvers. This means that the materials should be of top-notch quality.

For the outer covering of the mats, a durable and sturdy PVC is often used, with the top side coated with a soft material to protect the skin.

Its durability implies that you will not have to worry about it losing its shape early. This way, it will remain firm, and stay in shape for longer. You will not also have to worry about getting injured from rough surfaces, as the mat will remain inflated and reliable.

There is also the double-walled technology utilized, which involves connecting two woven pieces of polyester with thousands of polyester threads. This way, the mat can be filled to high pressure while maintaining the flat surface.

5. Versatility

The versatility a mat will give to the user is another important consideration. The mat should have a wide area of application, which should include gymnastic fields, fitness clubs, beaches, and so on.

6. Price

This is treated last but is certainly not the least, because it’s believed with quality comes a cost. When buying anything, the price should be a consideration, how it's essential to go for a mat that has almost all the features you need and still fit with your price.

Final Verdict

And with these, we come to the end of our review of the best air tumbling track mat for young gymnasts. It’s a fun exercise tool for young gymnasts, and you can also join in the fun with your kids.

These type of mats are popular for their flexibility compared to regular mats. They are convenient and comfortable to use. The main advantage they have over other mats is that they are softer on the body compared to other mats. Indeed, for young developing bodies, this is extremely important.

If you want an excellent mat to start with, our best recommendations would be Fbsport's as our top pick. EZ GLAM Mat is quite popular among the community, or if you are looking for budget choice, check out MELCHEF.

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