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How To Choose The Perfect Gymnastics Mats [What You Have To Know]

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We all know that gymnastics is a sporting activity that can help increase body flexibility, better control of the mind and maintaining good health condition. Besides practicing this sport in school or gymnastics classes, supervised by an experienced instructor, it can also be practiced at home too.

However, practicing at home comes with risks if the right equipment and accessories are not used during practice. One of the most important piece of safety equipment is the gymnastics mats. As this sport involves many falls and drops, the mat is critical to prevent the risks of injuring your head or your limbs. With the mat, you can make sure your workout can be done in a more safe manner. In this article, we will talk about what to consider when choosing the perfect gymnastic mats.

What to Take Note of When Purchasing a Home Gymnastics Mat?

Here are a list of considerations you have to take note of before purchasing the home gymnastics mats.

  • Mat Dimensions

The Mat dimensions is very important when you want to buy a mat. It is important to know where you want to use the mat and whether it is the right size for you to practice your stunts on.

  • Softness & Surface

The second consideration is to look for a mat which is soft, made of foam and providing other protective layering. This will ensure that its shock absorber attributes can go a long way. The surface of the mat should also be carefully looked at . Since this sport involves lots of running and jumping, you will want to make sure that it is made of good quality and not slippery which can lead to serious injury.  

  • Size of the User

It is important to also take the weight and height of the user into account when choosing the right mat. The length of their hands and feets are important factors that can impact their landing. 

  • Thickness

Last but not least, the thickness of the mat is something important to consider. You would not want a mat that is too thin, not providing the protection and cushioning to break your fall. A thick mat does not necessary means good as well as you will not be able to practice your stunt properly. A thick mat provides too much cushion, hands and feet will sink into the mat. The standard mat thickness is about 1 3/8? thick, so try choosing its thickness value somewhere around that range.

Too much gymnastics mats choices on the market?

Do not worry as we have got you covered. We have a list of the top rated gymnastics mats for sale. We also cover different types of mats like the landing mats and tumbling mats. If you wish to get one for home use, we have also done its reviews here.