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10 Best Indoor Monkey Bars For Kids [2023 Reviews]

Play is an important factor in the proper development of a child. Psychologists have proven over the years that children who play and smile more have higher chances of attaining improved cognitive development.

There are also many physical benefits that comes with allowing your children to engage in physical activities such as climbing monkey bars.

Below are the top 10 indoor monkey bars for kids you can find in the market. For those who are in a rush, here are our top picks.

best value

Slsy Ninja Line Obstacle Course

  • Designed for both kids and adults
  • Easy set up
  • Max weight load - 440 lbs


Eezy Peezy Indoor Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

  • Made of UV-resistant plastics
  • Easy assembly
  • Best for kids up to 10 years old


Why Do You Need One?

As kids play about, it is essential to keep an eye on them to ensure they are safe. An indoor monkey bar makes it easier to monitor your kids when they play.

Since many models are foldable, parents can control kids' access to the equipment. For instance, mount the equipment when you want the children to play or fold them up when playtime is over. It is a good way to integrate play while building a healthy habit for your kids.

Top 10 Indoor Monkey Bars For Kids Product Reviews

1. Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground With Indoor Monkey bars - Editor's Choice

indoor monkey bars for kids

Gym1 Deluxe Indoor play equipment comes with a unique core doorway unit, ladder, swings, rings, ropes, and trapeze. It is quite easy to set up and can find its way past the door of most houses.

There are lots of security measures on the equipment to ensure your kids stay safe as they play around. These include replacing regular cantilever pull-up bars with the company's unique vice-grips. The equipment comes with motion stabilizers to prevent kids from falling when playing on the equipment.

The frames of the equipment are made of dual-reinforced steel and plastic to give a noiseless indoor play experience. The only noise you will perceive is that of your kids.

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2. Slsy Ninja Line Obstacle Course

Slsy Ninja Line is a well-organized play kit for your kids. It comes with a rope ladder, 1 Ninja Line, 2 tree pads, 2 swing monkey bars, 2 gymnastic rings, 3 climbing knot ropes, and some other features.

The indoor monkey bars are designed for both kids and adults and can take up to 440 lbs of weight. The equipment is very easy to setup. The kit is made of highly secure and quality materials. The gymnastic ratchets are rubber coated, and the frames are made of coated steel.

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3. Eezy Peezy with indoor Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

This play equipment is majorly made of UV protected plastics. It has interlocking plastic tubes and joints coupled with effective locking springs to ensure the play kit stays strong yet lightweight. It is very easy to set up indoors and can support the weight of children between 3 to 10 years of age.

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4. Popsport Ninja Line 45ft Monkey Bar Kit

Popsport Ninja Line comes with a 56' slackline. It features 2 gymnastic rings, 3 knotted ropes, and 2 swing indoor monkey bars, making it one of the must have at home gymnastics equipment to purchase. It is packed full of security features to help kids stay safe when playing.

For instance, the frame is made of a durable mix of wood, steel, and polyester webbing to give rigidity and balance. The Ninja line is also tree-friendly as it comes with tree pads to prevent slackline from hurting trees.

Both kids and adults can use this play equipment. It can take up to 100 kg/220 lbs of weight.

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5. Smart Kids Wooden Indoor Foldable Climbing Playset

This kit is made of high-quality ash wood - with a nice finish and durable coat. The playset comes with adjustable height and compact arrangement. There is no need for a very large space to mount the equipment.

It also comes with an assembly manual to help faster assembly of the kit. There are lots of fun tools packed in the kit so kids can have a varied fun experience. Up to four children can play on the set at the same time. Adults can also join their kids in the fun as the equipment can support the weight of up to 110 kg.

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6. Dani LLC Colored Wooden Playground with indoor monkey bars

SportWood colored indoor monkey line is a very versatile play equipment. Weighing just 53 pounds, it can take the weight as much as 132 lbs. It can easily fit into your indoor space as it is well constructed to use less space.

You can also adjust the height of the equipment. There is a climbing net, ladder, gymnastic rings, and slide to give lots of fun and exercise to kids. The frames also come in different colors that you can choose from.

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7. Kids Jungle Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training indoor Monkey Bars

This indoor monkey bar is made of strong steel. Despite weighing 20 pounds, it can take on up 132 lbs weight without bending. This means you can have two or three kids play on the playset at the same time.

The frames are expandable to give more space and support. You can trust your kids with the product as the equipment is balanced and the quality of steel is excellent.

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8. Lil' Monkey Everest Jungle Gym

Lil' Monkey Jungle Climber kit is meant for children only. It is made of UV resistant and waterproof plastic. Come rain come shine; your kids are good to play on the kit. As such, there is little to do when it comes to maintaining the equipment.

With very assembly procedures, it takes only about one minute to have the playset completely setup. You can easily fold the kit and keep away after use. The monkey bar does not take up much space.

It can be used both indoor and outdoor. There is also a one-year warranty on the product.

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9. Kids Jungle Expandable Junior Training indoor Monkey Bar

This is another versatile children play kit. It comes in two boxes and bears a 2 feet thick, 2 by 6 feet gymnastic mat. The frames are made of high-quality steel to keep kids safe. The kids can have lots of diverse fun exercises on this versatile play device.

It can take up to 130 lbs of weight. If you also need an affordable kit to bring out the sportsman in your kids, this can be the best deal you can get in the market.

Despite packing all these features, the equipment is very lightweight. It is easy to fold and erect. Easy to move and store.

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10. PEGAS: Children’s Indoor Home Gym with indoor monkey bars

This is one of the largest indoor gym products from Pegas. It is meant for older children. The swing has been replaced with trapeze. The frame which is made of high-quality steel can take up to 220 lbs / 100 kg weight.

This equipment can also be used by adults who would like to be part of their kids' fun activities. The equipment is very stable, and the steel gives confidence that you and your children are safe as you explore the device.

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Indoor monkey bars Buying Guides

Purchasing an indoor monkey bar equipment involve paying attention to key security and durability features. As there are lots of manufacturers and models out in the market, it might be quite difficult to get the best through random selection. We present some factors to consider before investing in one.

1. Consider Your Space

Nothing can be as frustrating as getting a model that cannot fit into the space you have already allocated for the equipment. You need to measure the space where you will be mounting the equipment when you want the children to play with it.

These indoor monkey bars come in different dimensions. You should find the ones that will fit perfectly into the space you have prepared.

2. Frame Material

Many models come in cable lines, solid steel, galvanized steel, ropes, and wood. The durability of the equipment depends largely on which materials form the whole or the bulk of the equipment.

For instance, ropes and cable lines are not as durable as others because they can snap with use. Steel equipment, when used indoors, tends to last longer as there will be less exposure to agents of corrosion. Wooden indoor monkey bars are also great in terms of durability. However, the steel monkey bars promise better longevity than the other materials.

Wood and steel equipment require some periodic maintenance practices that you must be aware of before purchasing them.

It is important to note that, children are advised to wear hand gloves while practising on monkey bars. This helps to prevent calluses and blisters.

Wood Maintenance

After every six months, you check for stains and remove them if found. You may also need to tighten some screws or bolts and nuts on the equipment.

Advantages of wooden monkey bars

  • There are no incidences of corrosion or decay
  • Wooden equipment is stable, strong, and tolerates stress
  • Wooden monkey bars can last many years before a major need for repair arises

Disadvantages of wooden monkey bars

  • It may take a longer time to install equipment
  • There are chances termites may attack equipment
  • Wooden monkey bars may not be easy to move due to their weight

Steel Maintenance

If you choose steel monkey bars, be sure the model and specifications are the right ones for your kids. Older and bigger kids may tend to bend the equipment. One major reason for choosing steel monkey bars over their wooden types is its relative cheapness.

A good steel monkey bar can be purchased as long as it is made of good quality steel.


  • Steel monkey bars are relatively cheaper than wooden ones
  • Installing a steel bar is faster and easier
  • The steel surface is usually coated to prevent rust


  • May bend or break from excessive weight
  • It is less stable and strong when compared with wooden equipment
  • Metal may corrode if the surface is corroded

3. Social Space

You may need to consider how many children can play on the equipment at once. For instance, can the monkey bar allow up to three children or more play at the same time without obstructing one another? This is very important if you have kids at home who may like playing together.

4. Safety

Check the edges of the equipment to confirm that they are blunt and curved inwards. Also, check if the equipment is well-balanced.

If you are buying a steel frame indoor bar, be sure that it is made of double galvanized steel. Quality steel will prevent equipment from breaking or bending easily when kids put their weight on it. You can also check the thickness of grips to see if they are safe enough for kids to use.

On top of that, by investing a good set of mat helps in ensuring your kids' safety too.

5. Play Tool Variety

How many different play options does the equipment offer? Some bars come with swings, ladder, slides, and ropes in a single kit. Some others come with two or three different play tools combined.

The more varied the play tools available, the more the demand for space, and the higher the cost. However, you get more value for your money when you get durable play equipment with varied play tools. There are some of these types that are yet so compact and won't take up too much indoor space.

Apart from getting greater value for money, kids are not subjected to monotonous exercise. They can choose any play tools they prefer on the equipment.

6. Extra Accessories

Some indoor monkey bars kits may require that you make extra constructions to support poles and swings. This eventually increases the cost of using a fully functional kit. It is better to go for an all-in-one solution as there will be no need to purchase accessories. You only have to assemble and start using the equipment. 

Some kits come with extra bolts, nuts, and many other important accessories. You'll save yourself some stress and cash when you have to replace some parts that have been included in the kit.

Final Verdict

When you are looking for the best indoor monkey bars for kids, you need one that will give you the best quality experience that comes at an affordable price. Of the 10 products we reviewed, Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground remains our top pick. This is because it combines many materials to give a sturdy playset. The doorway unit makes it more fun for kids and helps kids use different parts of the equipment without obstructing others.

Our choice for best value is the Slsy Ninja Line Obstacle Course. When we compare its price, versatility, and ability to accommodate both kids and adults, we find it definitely worth the deal. We also find the equipment very easy to assemble.

Eezy Peezy Climbing Tower is our choice of the most popular model from our top 10 list. This is not surprising as Eezy Peezy is known for making many high-quality kids' products.

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