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6 Best Gymnastics Parallettes And Handstand Bars For Home Use

best gymnastics parallettes

Gymnasts are experienced athletes who perform a variety of high strength and flexibility exercises. Key equipment in their routine is a set of parallettes. Gymnastics parallettes are becoming a staple in many workout plans, and new models are coming out every day. This article lists the 6 best gymnastics parallettes in the market today and how you can find one that suits you.


Why do you need gymnastics parallettes?

Parallettes work your shoulders, core, back, chest, arms, and even leg muscles. You can use them for regular gymnastics exercises like handstands, pirouettes, and balances. You can also incorporate them into your other exercises like planks, pushups, and mountain climbers.

Unlike kip bars, parallettes are incredibly versatile, for gymnasts and non-gymnasts alike. It is the one workout equipment that you can use anywhere and at any time to give your body a full workout.

best value

Juperbsky Push Up Parallettes Set

  • Optimized handle grip
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Weight limit: over 2220 lbs


Tumbl Trak Parallettes Adjustable Set

  • Durable construction
  • Elongated solid wood bar
  • Tumbl Trak D2 knob - 3 adjustable heights
  • Weight limit: Up to 200 lbs

6 best gymnastics parallettes On The Market

1. Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes Set - Editor's Choice

The 24" version of the Vita Vibe parallettes set is a well-built set of parallettes with great support. Its ash bar is smoothened and sanded to provide a comfortable grip, even with sweaty hands. The bar is glued securely to its steel legs, so you don't need to fear sudden dislocations.

It is great for gymnasts with bigger bodies as it can support over 250 pounds of weight. At 6 inches, it offers an ideal height for most gymnasts and exercises. 

Its powder-coated steel legs are great for support, and they ensure stability. It comes with rubber-covered feet that help maintain a good grip on the floor during exercises for even more support. It weighs 13 pounds, so it is easy to transport. This set of parallettes is also long-lasting, and it has a ten-year warranty that ensures its durability and value.

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2. Juperbsky Push-Up Stands Bars Parallettes Set - Best Value

The Juperbsky parallettes set is lightweight, which is perfect for traveling. Apart from being lightweight, it has a compact build that makes it easy to store. It is made with a good quality steel metal, with TPR covered handles.

The handles make it easier to grip and reduce a lot of stress on the wrists. The handles are also abrasion-resistant, which means they can withstand a lot of abuse without compromising their grip.

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3. Tumbl Trak Parallette Bars Blue, Adjustable - Premium Choice

The Tumbl Trak adjustable parallettes bars are the one of the top rated gymnastics parallettes set when it comes to versatility. Its outstanding feature is that you can adjust it to 3 different heights, 6 inches, 7.25 inches, and 8.5 inches, depending on your workout. 

You can easily switch between heights using its Tumbl Trak D2 knob. With this feature, different people can use it and adjust it to their preference.

It has a comfortable grip as well, thanks to its 24 inches long beech bar. Its metal frame adds some stability because its legs spread out longer than many of the competitors. The frame can support up to 200 pounds, and it has a compact build. For smoother floors, it has a Velcro bottom that keeps it stable during use.

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4. Barre Trainer Wood Mini Parallettes Set

If you prefer parallettes with shorter heights, then this is the best set for you. It has a solid beech wood bar that is sanded down to ensure a comfortable grip. Its rubber feet are removable, which makes it even better to transport and store. 

The rubber feet fit well with the bar, so you don't have to worry about it detaching during use. Also, the design of the rubber feet is unique, and it sticks to floors to provide you with the best stability – even on the slippery floors.

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5. Garage Fit Steel Parallettes

The Garage Fit steel parallettes are made with reinforced steel that gives it a more durable construction. They are solidly built, and they offer you stability and functionality. You can use them as dip bars, weight bars, and push up bars.

It is versatile and functional for all types of exercises. The bars are powder-coated, making them easier to grip and more comfortable. You don't need to use any gymnastics chalk with them, either.

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6. Barre Trainer Wood Parallettes Set

The Barre wood parallettes set is a stylish set with a solid wood bar and metal frame supports. The design of this set is unique, and it makes it a great set for many different exercises. You can use it for weight exercises, movement exercises, and other gymnastics exercises. It has a rubber strip on each frame to provide adequate non-slip protection.

These parallettes come in 2 sets, one with an 18-inch long bar and one with a 24-inch long bar. The bars are 1.5 inches in diameter, which means it is a durable bar with a comfortable grip. The wood is sanded down to avoid splinters during use.

With its 250-pound weight limit, it can support the gymnasts of different weights comfortably. The steel frame is detachable, which makes it easier to store and transport. Also, the package comes with the tools you need to assemble it.

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Buying Guide

There's a wide variety of gymnastics parallettes in the market, so finding one won't pose much of a challenge if you know what you're doing. Before you go looking for a reliable gymnastics parallette for your home workouts, you need to consider several factors. With these factors in mind, you can make a well-informed choice.

1. Height

The height of your parallettes depends on the type of exercises you plan on performing on them. For a beginner, parallettes are supposed to be high enough to do L-sits comfortably. The reason is that most beginners can't lift themselves high enough for their feet to be parallel to the bars.

For a beginner to do L-sits well, the bars of the parallettes have to be high enough, so their feet stay off the ground.

For a more advanced gymnast, a handstand pushup should be considered when picking a set of parallettes. The gymnast needs tall enough bars to allow their heads to be below the bars during the handstand pushup.

The best parallettes should be tall enough to accompany both needs without compromising its stability.

2. Length

Many parallettes in the market are built for pressing exercises, so they may not be long enough for gymnasts. When looking for gymnastics parallettes, you need one that is long enough to accommodate a gymnast for performing pirouettes. A pirouette is a common exercise for gymnasts, and they typically require a lot of room.

To be able to perform a pirouette on a set of parallettes, each one should be a bit longer than the width of your shoulder. There isn't a one-size-fits-all set of parallettes, so you have to choose one that suits your needs best.

3. Size of the rail

This factor is especially important for beginners looking to get a set of parallettes. The ideal size of the rail should be close enough to the size of the parallel bars rail.

As a beginner, this helps you to get used to the parallel bars faster and makes the workouts easier on your muscles. Different models have different rail sizes, so you can find one that fits your build.

4. Stability

Every equipment in gymnastics requires stability to avoid accidents. Similarly, the stability of your parallettes set is important because it helps you develop your technique better. A stable set of parallettes should have a long enough base not to shake or wobble when your weight is placed on it.

Stability is important because if you don't feel safe on your parallettes, it can interfere with your technique.

Look out for parallettes that have bases long enough to compensate for their heights; they are usually the most stable. So, if you want parallettes with longer bars, they also need to have longer bases.

5. Durability

With gymnastics equipment, the more you use them, the more comfortable you get with them. So, to avoid replacing them every now and then, you need sets that last long. The material used in making parallettes largely determines how long they will last. You can find parallettes made from a variety of materials with their different features.

Wood is commonly used to make parallettes, especially because of its solid consistency. The most common wood types are pine, maple, and oak. Pine is a favorite among many manufacturers because it is lightweight and easier to manipulate.

However, it may not be heavy enough to support a heavier gymnast for long. Oak is a hardwood so that it can support more weight. But it has an inconsistent grain, so you may find it chipping off after some use.

So far, maple seems like a good choice if you want your parallettes to last long because it can carry a lot of weight and doesn't chip easily. But, it is considerably more expensive and heavier than the other two. If you don't care for wood parallettes,

PVC is another good option. It is a bit more flexible, and it will last longer when it is fortified with a strong adhesive.

6. Portability

Portability is not too important when choosing parallettes, except for transportation. If you're in transit, having a set of parallettes will allow you to practice wherever you go. They are also great if you're traveling for a competition or vacation. Who wouldn't appreciate an opportunity to get in a good workout before a gymnastics meet?

Hardwood parallettes are usually bulkier and heavier, but some wood parallettes may be light enough for you to transport. A better option is PVC because it is lightweight and easier to pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What muscles do Parallettes work?

Parallettes work on many muscles in the body, depending on the exercises you perform. They work mostly on shoulder muscles, upper back, and arm muscles with exercises like handstands and pirouettes.

They can also engage your core muscles and leg muscles with L-sits and knee raise. You can be creative with parallettes and use them on whatever muscles you want.

2. Is it easier to handstand on Parallettes?

Parallettes can be easier or harder, depending on the person. Some people prefer them because it gives them a better grip, which makes it easier. Some find it harder because it eliminates the fingers, and you don't get enough hand contact with the surfaces.

High parallettes also make it harder for beginners. But, if you have wrist issues. A set of parallettes is easier for handstands.

3. How far apart should gymnastics parallettes be?

The distance between gymnastics parallettes depends mainly on the exercise you want to perform. Olympic parallel bars usually have 42cm to 52cm between them.

4. How do you grip parallettes?

The correct position for your wrist should be straight. Don't bend your wrist or turn it outside the bars. Place your thumb facing forward on the top of the bar, then wrap the thumb and your other fingers around the bars.

5. How tall should gymnastics parallettes be?

The height of your parallettes depends on your exercises and experience level. You need them to be tall enough to accommodate a handstand and an L-sit. An average set of parallettes is 7 inches tall.

Final Verdict

Gymnastics parallettes are a must in every gymnast home because of their ease of use, portability, and importance. All the parallettes listed in this article are great choices, but three stand out for their value, popularity, and overall best features.

The best gymnastics parallettes set for us out there is the Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes Set. It is a versatile product that works for many different exercises and gymnasts. We love this the most because it provides a comfortable grip, and is long-lasting too.

If you are on a tight budget, the value pick would be the Juperbsky Push-Up Stands Bars Parallettes Set. For its price, it provides a great set of features, including portability, great handle grip, and versatility.

Based on many reviews from the internet, the most popular pick is the Tumbl Trak Parallette Bars. Tumbl Trak is a well-known gymnastics equipment brand, and its parallettes set is a favorite of many due to its unique adjustable heights. It has a lot of great features, and most gymnasts and coaches around the world highly recommend it.