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Best Gloves For Monkey Bars [Top Choice For Adults & Kids In 2023]

Monkey bar gloves are protective materials covering the entire hand that protects adults and kids while climbing, swinging, and hanging on a metal pipe or rope.

There are a few reasons why we ought to have our gloves on while on monkey bars. The best gloves for monkey bars can provide improved grip and hand protection. When your hands get sweaty, you might lose the grip. These gloves allow you to hold on to the bars for a longer period of time. 

Also, sportspeople partaking in activities or competitions can stay away from slippery hands and get enough arm strength.

The gloves can also protect your palms from calluses (red lumps between your palm and finger) and some wear and tear.


Quick Answer:- The 6 Best Gloves For Monkey Bars

best for kids

  • Designed for kids age 7 & 8
  • Best suited for most activities
  • Great grip control and padding

best for adults

  • Available in silicone and leather grip
  • Wrist support with slit for fitness watch
  • Quality made

Top 3 Monkey Bar Gloves For Kids Product Reviews

1. Hang Monkey Bar Gloves

best gloves for monkey bars

The Hang Monkey bar gloves with grip control are for kids age 7 and 8. It is designed to bring protective covers for the children's hands. The glove is also ideal for cycling and can be used for scooters, rope climbing, etc. It a grip control glove, and it's mainly for monkey bars, not ideal for water sports.

The most important fact is that these gloves were made to improve grip, hence reducing the chances of our hands slipping off.

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2. Bassdash UPF 50+ Kids' Gloves

The Bassdash UPF 50+ Kids' Gloves are padded gloves made from microfiber leather, silica gel, and high texture foam. The gloves are of good quality and comes with a spandex surface for stretching purposes.

It allows half fingers of the kids for full finger dexterity and easy grip of the monkey bars. It's a multi-purpose glove, perfect fit for weight lifting, climbing, bike riding, gymnastics, wheelchairs, etc. 

This glove comes with a piece of additional special fabric to wipe the nose with your thumb. Additionally, it is also made up of 5mm padded foam on the palm.

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3. Roaming Kids Gloves

Roaming Kids Gloves is for kids between the ages of 3-10. It is a multi-purpose glove that can be used for outdoor sports, cycling, climbing, and so on. It is a cheaper option for kids.

The gloves are skin-friendly and made with elasticized materials. The Roaming kids' gloves are attractive with lovely designs, little padding on the palm for better grip, and offer maximum protection. They are unique with environmental protection, printing, and dyeing. 

It is more suitable for monkey bars and climbing. Sizes of these gloves are based on the measurement of the kids' hands and not ages. So one should consider this when shopping. The product comes with an anti-slip fabric.

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Top 3 Monkey Bar Gloves For Adults Product Reviews

1. Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Gloves

The Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Gloves are for adults and comes in two types; leather grip and silicone grip. These gloves are practically made for races and obstacle training. The OCR Slit Gloves don’t only protect your wrist but protect your fitness band and wristwatch. It is a multi-purpose glove ideal for climbing, pulling, lifting, pushing, and other crazy outdoor events.

The gloves are made with quality material for maximum protection. Also, they cover your palm while allowing your fingers to show and keeping your hands relaxed. Also, the gloves are made in such a way that you can slip them into your hand very easily and quickly.

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2. Fit Active Sports Ventilated Gloves

The new ventilated weight lifting gloves by Fit active sports are not just for monkey bars alone but other outdoor sport as well. The glove consists of silicon printed neoprene. This material is highly resistant to any type of liquid, water, chemicals, heat, or oil. It is a glove made to improve your grip and still offer maximum protection. 

The gloves come with wrist wraps that can be loosened and tightened with velcro as per your comfort. It is of the open back type that covers the bottom of your fingers and offers maximum protection from calluses.

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3. Trideer Padded Weight-Lifting Gloves

The Trideer padded gloves are multifunctional gloves. It is suitable for a lot of exercises which includes monkey bars, weight lifting, gymnastics, climbing, etc. The gloves come with an Ultralight microfiber breathable mesh that provides comfort when wearing and also the presence of the hexagonal silica gel anti-skid to improve the grip.

These gloves have a pull-up buckle on the fingertip to put in on and take it off easily. It comes in different sizes, different colors, and the thick fiber pad provides maximum palm protection. Lastly, it comes with a solid wrist strap that reduces stress and enhances your power.

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Buying Guide

Here are some things to consider before buying one for yourself or your kids. 

1. Durability

Before you purchase gloves, the first thing you should ask yourself is if it will last the taste of time. Do you want a glove that often requires replacement?

The durability of a glove depends mostly on the materials and fabric used in making the glove. Getting an expensive product sometimes turns out to be the best because most times, durability comes with a huge price.

A good and quality glove for monkey bars should have a lifespan of 6 months. Most companies give at least a 1-year warranty on their products.

2. Budget

Before looking at the product description, it is necessary you know how much you will want to spend. There are so many factors that make up the price for gloves, from the type fabrics used, the weight, glove purpose, and some other special features.

Know your budget and filter the products; this can help you make a smart purchase. All gloves are good, depending on what you want and the price difference between them.

3. Comfort

They are designed to provide comfort and also to protect you from injuries. If comfort is your major priority aside from cost price, then you should go for something that brings comfort.

Most of these gloves have features like enhanced grip, water/any form of liquid-resistance, foam-padding, skin-friendly, and others. You can choose the gloves with these features.

4. Protection

One of the major reasons to get these gloves is for protection. All the gloves are made to offer protection, but which particular area of your hand do you want to protect the most. Does it offer maximum protection? Will my kids be safe from injury? 

Nobody wants to slip or have blisters and calluses when swinging or doing any outdoor sports. That’s why you should check out gloves with protective features. For more info, do check out this article on Gymnastics Rips [Prevention and Treatment Guide].

5. Size

They come in different sizes, and every product has its size specifications. Gloves sizes are determined by age and hand measurement. They come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Most product sizes are confusing and are not exactly as you think they should.

Before getting a glove, review the products and learn how the sizes of these products are determined. A perfectly sized glove is meant to serve its purpose perfectly. Nobody wants to buy an oversized or undersized glove for themselves or for their kids.

6. Purpose

Most gloves are multi-purpose gloves while some are not. What is the main purpose of getting a glove? Talking about the purpose, we mean what type of outdoor sports made you want to purchase a glove. 

Do you swing, climb, ride a bike, weight lift, gymnastics, and others? You need a particular glove that serves its main purpose. You need to check every product and know the product that offers your purpose before spending your money on them.

If you are a gymnast, feel free to check out our verdict on the bar grips. Hand grips also serve the same purpose as hand gloves - protect  the palm without interfering the movement of your hands.

Final Verdict

The Best gloves for monkey bars are made to prevent injuries, improve grip, make swinging on the monkey bars, and other outdoor sports. Aside from blisters, you can get calluses on your fingers and rips in which your skin tears. 

These injuries or sores can be very painful. It is a very good idea to protect your hands by providing gloves. We find the Hang Monkey Bar Gloves as our top-pick for kids as they are lightweight and offers great comfort, while those looking for budget-friendly options can go for the Roaming Kids Gloves

The Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Gloves are our top-pick for adults as they are lightweight, protective and skin-friendly. For those that are looking for budget-friendly option, the Trideer Padded Gloves is for you!

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