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Best Gymnastics Chalks [Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide]

Best Gymnastics Chalks

Gymnastics demands a lot of mental and physical strength as well as plenty of practice time. During practice, using the various equipment with sweaty hands and feet can result in serious injuries. This is where the use of gymnastic chalks comes in. 

Gymnasts use chalks to aid quick drying of body moisture to prevent them from slipping off when performing on the equipment. It also provides them with the ability to maintain a firm grasp.

This article will enlighten you on the 5 best gymnastics chalks in the market today and also the factors you should consider when buying one.

best value

SPRI Chalk Block

  • Perfect for grip-intensive workouts
  • Simple to use
  • Comes in value packs of 1, 4, and 8


Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk

  • Antibacterial properties to keep hands free from germs
  • Easy to handle, without creating a mess
  • Lasting drying effect for extensive workouts


5 Best Gymnastics Chalks On The Market

1. Z-ATHLETIC Chalk Balls - Editor's Choice

The Z-Athletic Chalk ball is made from high-grade magnesium carbonate. The purified magnesium carbonate chalk is encased in a cotton sack. This gymnastic chalk bag is suitable for use by children and adults alike as it is pigment-free and is 100% non-toxic. 

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2. Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk  - Popular Choice

The Fire Team Fit liquid chalk is the most popular of all gymnastic chalks. As the name implies, this gymnastic chalk comes in a liquid form, so it is so popular. However, this liquid gymnastic chalk's popularity comes more from the fact that it comes with antibacterial properties. 

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3. SPRI Chalk Block  - Best Value

The SPRI chalk block is made from highly purified magnesium carbonate. It is suitable for young ones and adults as it is free from pigments and non-toxic. This block produces a long-lasting drying effect when applied on the hands as it sticks for much longer, enabling gymnasts to carry out workouts for long periods. 

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4. Refillable 3 oz Chalk Ball Sock by BRYO

The gymnastic chalk by BRYO is made from high-quality magnesium carbonate. It comes in the form of a chalk ball. As the name implies, the chalk in the bag can be refilled when it is used up. The attached drawstring cord enables easy refilling.

It is awesome for gymnasts who want to save money they spend on chalk as the chalk ball releases the appropriate amount of chalk needed during workouts, without getting messy. 

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5. Slackers Climbing Chalk

The Slackers climbing chalk is the last one on our list. The chalk bag contains chalk made from pure magnesium carbonate. The fabric used in making the chalk bag is 100% durable cotton.

The great thing about this gymnastic chalk brand is that the chalk bag can easily be refilled with chalk as it comes with a reusable drawing cord design. So, gymnasts get to save money instead of buying new chalk bags. 

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Buying Guide

As stated earlier, chalk is an essential item that every amateur and professional gymnast must buy as part of their gymnastic gear. Gymnasts use chalk to perform at their best during gymnastic competitions. This is because chalk enables them to swing easily and make turns when on the horizontal bars without being hindered by sweaty palms. 

It also makes them maintain a good grasp of gymnastic equipment like horizontal bars without fear of sustaining injuries resulting from slipping. Experienced gymnasts can easily tell the difference between the high-grade from the low-grade gymnastic chalk due to the many years of practice. 

So, what is the difference between great chalk and lousy grade chalk for gymnastics? This is the question that is on the minds of most amateur gymnasts. There are a few things a gymnast should compulsorily consider when buying chalk that is made explicitly for boosting all-round performance at gymnastic events. They are the following: 

  • Texture
  • Price
  • Moisture Absorbing capacity
  • Purity level grade

Let us discuss each of these 4 factors in detail. 

1. Chalk Texture

The size of chalk particles matters a lot when it comes to the effectiveness of absorbing moisture. Chalk texture with smaller particles is better and quickly absorbed by the hands but has a wet feeling.

Large particles give a more firm grasp but are not readily absorbed by the smaller particles' hands. Medium-sized chalk particles are in-between. One should go for the right particle size that reaches all palm grooves where moisture can accumulate. 

2. Value Price

The chalk used for gymnastics costs more than the typical chalk on the street. But that does not mean you should spend money on chalk that offers no value. If you use chalk very often during practice, the value for money spent is significant.

We recommend that you consider chalk that is highly qualitative and pocket-friendly. Don't be deceived; gymnastic chalk with a higher price tag is just chalk after all. 

3. Moisture Absorbing Capacity

Many gymnastic chalk brands produce chalks that contain drying agents such as magnesium sulfate. While these brands will make the chalk feel dry on the hand, they are not great at promoting significant friction. This only ends in the skin getting cracked after using it for a while.

Chalk made from pure magnesium carbonate gives that dryness all gymnasts desire when performing. Be it liquid, solid, or powder form, the moisture-absorbing effectiveness of chalk that is perfect for gymnastics is very important. It doesn’t only allow dry palms to aid fluid movements during gymnastic drills but also aids better friction. This gives a better, firm grasp when holding gymnastic equipment.

4. Purity Level Grade

Chalk made from magnesium carbonate of high purity levels is ideal for getting a firm grasp when performing gymnastic routines. Pure magnesium carbonate should make the palms feel dry after applying.

You might experience dryness, especially when sweating. Gymnastic chalk made from high-grade magnesium carbonate comes with excellent frictional capabilities as well. This enables gymnasts to get and maintain a firm grasp when performing on bars or ropes. Chalk made of more refined magnesium carbonate is the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of chalk do gymnasts use?

Gymnasts use chalk that is created from magnesium carbonate. This specific type of chalk helps them to get a firm grip when using gymnastic equipment. The chalk can be in solid, liquid, or powder form. 

2. Is sidewalk chalk the same as gym chalk?

No, it isn't. Sidewalk chalk is made of calcium sulfate, which does not provide the desired firm hold when grasping gymnastics tools.

3. Is liquid chalk better than regular chalk?

Liquid chalk is one of the forms of gymnastic chalk. It is better than regular chalk because it is more effective at absorbing body moisture produced by gymnasts during drills. 

4. Can the baby powder be used as a substitute for gymnastics chalk?

Yes, you can do so. The baby powder is ideal for gymnasts who have allergic reactions to gymnastic chalk. However, it does not deliver the drying effectiveness in comparison to gymnastic chalk. 

Final Verdict

Using chalk is very important in the professional career of gymnasts. Gymnasts will not be able to perform their best and get a firm grip without using chalk when executing gymnastic drills.

Although the purchase of gymnastic chalk is not a complicated process, it is essential to know the different types and the factors to look for in gymnastic chalk. 

With that said, among our five picks of the best gymnastics chalks, our top pick is the Z-Athletic Chalk Ball. It is affordable, lasts for a long time, and is excellent for gymnasts who have fragrance allergies. 

The most popular choice is the Fire Team Fit Liquid because of its antibacterial formula, which keeps the hands clean after gymnastic workouts. Lastly, if you are looking at value for money, go for the SPRI Chalk Block because apart from the high purity level grade, it also comes in different value block sizes (packs of 1, 4, and 8).