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Best Gymnastics Grips For Bars [5 That Will Not Limit Your Movement]

When doing gymnastics, it's important to have all of the right equipment and safety gear. Mats are important, but so is what you wear. Grips can protect your palms without interfering with the movement of your hands.

We looked at some of the best gymnastics grips for bars and found some we think are the top notch in the market today.

First, we'll go over our top recommendation, then we'll have a comparison chart for you to quickly see how the grips compare. After the reviews, we'll get into some buying tips to help you decide on which grips are right for you.

Top Recommendation

The product we found to be the best of all is from Bear KompleX. Their grips are meant primarily for gymnastics but can also be used for cross training, weight lifting, chin ups, kettlebell, and more. We liked this product because it provides the right level of comfort and palm protection.

These bar grips do not limit your movement. That was important to us because you shouldn't have to give up performance when you add protection. That's why we consider this model to be the best gymnastics grips.

Best gymnastics grips for Bars Comparison Chart 

ProductFeaturesF2Bmom Ratings

Bear KompleX 3 hole hand grips and gymnastics grips
Primary Use: Gymnastics

Material: Leather

Sizes (from base of middle finger to palm): 3.75 inches - 5 inches


More Details

Reisport Ladies Uneven Bar Grips
Primary Use: Uneven Bars

Material: Leather

Sizes (from base of middle finger to palm): 5.5 inches - 7.25 inches


More Details

Gibson Athletic Double Buckle Just Right Uneven Bar Grips
Primary Use: Uneven Bars

Material: Leather

Sizes (from base of middle finger to palm): 5.25 inches - 7.5 inches


More Details

WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips
Primary Use: Cross Training

Material: Leather

Sizes (from base of middle finger to palm): 4 inches - > 4.75 inches


More Details

Beginner Soft Hook and Loop Gymnastics Grips
Primary Use: Children's Gymnastics

Material: Leather

Sizes (from base of middle finger to palm): 2.625 inches - 3.75 inches


More Details

Top 5 gymnastics bar grips [detailed Reviews]

1. Bear KompleX 3 gymnastics grips

best gymnastics grips for bars

We ranked these as number 1 because of the comfort and utility of these grips. The three hole design ensures that they won't slip. The wrist strap with support doesn't dig into your wrist. They are great for parallel bars.

Another key aspect of these gloves is the craftsmanship. Made with superior quality leather, the stitching and design are excellent. The triple stitching ensures that these gymnastics grips won't rip.

While they aren't available in the smallest sizes, these grips are useful for most gymnasts. For palm sizes under 3 inches, consider getting the Venus grips instead. Then, you can get the Bear KompleX when your child gets older. The small size of these grips are fine for palm sizes under the recommended 3.75 inches, but less than 3 inches is a little iffy. Grips that are slightly larger than you need isn't much of a problem, and can even make them more useful because they give you a larger surface to work with.

These are leather grips so you have to break them in a little before they reach peak performance. As soon as you break them in, you'll feel the comfort that made these our top performers.


2. Reisport Ladies Grips with Dowels

We liked the Reisport hand grips for uneven bars because of the sewn in dowel that added to grip and performance. The hook and loop closure provides a comfortable fit as well.

If you're a female gymnast and you're tired of getting rips in your palms or you don't want callouses, consider these model.

Some gymnasts felt that they had problems with the dowel when doing skills like kips that require forward motion of the wrist. However, with proper chalking, this can be avoided.

The sizes will fit most girls and women. Even though the smallest listed size is 5.5 inches, it's ok to buy gloves that are a little big. Sometimes that's the better option.

Like the Bear KompleX, these grips are well made and durable. We had no problems with tearing or broken seams. The wrist strap is comfortable and doesn't dig in. The dowel is a positive and a negative. Not everyone is comfortable with a dowel and it can make it difficult for other types of exercise. However, these grips are specialized for uneven bars and best kept for that skill.

3. Gibson Athletic Double Buckle Just Right Uneven Bar Grips

Another brand that is popular is the Gibson Athletic. These two hole leather grips aren't as popular as the Reisport, but they are worth trying. While the Reisport grips are made in Switzerland, these grips are made in the USA.

The double buckle closure is tricky to put on by yourself, but once the grips are on, there's no slipping. While Velcro might be tempting, buckles are more secure.

Like most leather products, these grips require some breaking in. Once they're broken in, they are very flexible and comfortable. The wrist straps won't dig into your wrists and the holes are well placed. As with most models, some adjustment is required to get the right fit. That includes increasing the size of the finger holes to fit your fingers as needed.

We chose these gloves because of comfort and durability. Because of the dowel, they are primarily useful for uneven bars. There was no ripping and the seams are well sewn. Once they are adjusted to be the right size and are broken in, they feel great. They're soft and strong at the same time. Expect to experience an excellent grip with these model.

4. WODFitters Textured Leather Grips

These were the best low price option we found. They don't have a dowel so they can be used for a wide variety of exercises and skills. That makes them good grips for overall gymnastics use.

If you don't like having to adjust the size of the finger holes in your hand grips, these are a good option. If you're looking for a perfect fit, look elsewhere. The finger holes are large rectangles. That means they fit all sizes of fingers, but they don't fit snugly.

While they are on the cheap side, these grips are made of leather. They're designed to reduce slipping, but they aren't too rough. They reduce friction as you go through your routine.

They are designed to be used for a variety of exercises like cross training, kettlebells, powerlifting, and chin ups as well as gymnastics. They're so versatile because they don't have a dowel. Grips with a dowel are often preferred for use on uneven bars.

One issue is that the wrist strap can dig into your wrist. Still, it's better that going without hand grips and if you're on a tight budget, these will work for you. We selected them because of the quality to price ratio.

5. Beginner Soft Hook and Loop - Best for Kids

These grips come in the smallest size of any of the high quality hand grips. They're affordable, but they're still made of leather. That makes them solid gymnastics hand grips.

The Venus grips are great for small hands, but they craftsmanship isn't as good as it is with the Bear KompleX. Bear KompleX uses triple stitching. These are ok, but watch the seams and for signs of wear. They can tear if you use them a lot.

The Velcro closure is easy to fasten and remove without help. The finger holes are adequate for most hands. They are actually round, unlike the WODFitters hand grips which are rectangular and less comfortable.

We think these hand grips are great for young gymnasts with small hands. As soon as they are big enough for another brand, we recommend making the switch. Otherwise, these are good gymnastics bars grips if your gymnasts are very young.

Buying Tips

Before shopping for the best gymnastics grips for uneven bars, measure your hand from the base of your middle finger to the base of your palm.

Look for decent quality material. We only selected leather products because they perform better. Leather is both strong and flexible, though it requires some breaking in.

The wrist strap is an important consideration. Some straps can dig into your wrist. Look for a comfortable and flexible wrist strap.

Make sure the hand grips you're buying are well suited for the exercise you're doing. Hand grips made for uneven bars, for example, may not be the best for other activities.


Of all of the hand grips we tried, the Bear Komplex hand grips were our clear favorite. They're well made, durable, comfortable, and don't dig into your wrists. They provide adequate grip and protect your hands from friction. Because they don't have a dowel, they can be utilized for a variety of skills and exercises. As high as the quality is, they are still affordable.

While the quality for gymnastics grips varies, the ones we chose for this list are all worth considering. The ones with dowels are best for uneven bars and the others are good multitaskers. We looked at most of the best gymnastics grips for bars and found that these are the best you can get for your money.

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