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Jr Kip Bar: Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Brand

We recently tried out a lot of gymnastics bars, looking for the very best. Our favourite at the end is the Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar. In this article, we'll tell you all you need to know about this product including the health benefits your child will see when exercising using the jr kip bar pro.


What is the Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar?

jr kip bar

The Tumbl Trak Junior kip bar is a gymnastics bar that is adjustable so that it can be used by gymnasts of multiple heights. The beech bar is 1.5 inches in diameter and the height can be adjusted from 38 inches to 56 inches. You can also buy it's extensions to make the base more stable when set at the tallest level.

You may wonder if you can find the jr kip bar cheap. The answer is yes. For a kip bar, it has a remarkably low price for its superior quality.

Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar - What Others think?

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. We tried it out ourselves along with other bars and we were impressed. Then we looked at how other people faired at their gymnastics. Looking at tumbl trak jr kip bar reviews of professionals and home users we saw that this kip bar is well loved.

One thing we found when looking at other reviews is that people overwhelmingly enjoyed this gymnastics kip bar. It stands up to a lot of abuse.

Some reviewers said that there were issues with being sent components that were incorrect. We had no problem with that. Everything was the right size and we were able to assemble the bar very easily. We also got the extension kit and that arrived in good condition as well.

jr kip bar reviews

When we receive a product, we check it thoroughly before allowing any testing. The welds were sturdy, the bar was level, and the bar didn't need any extra sanding to remove splinters.

We made sure that it was assembled according to the instructions. We found that the instructions were clear, and but following them, we ended up with a very stable bar.

There's also the issue of finding the right mat to go with it. We used a 4-foot mat and it fit well.

Reviewers said that when doing serious flips on this bar it can get unsteady. We used the extensions from the beginning so we didn't really have any issues with that. We highly recommend that you purchase the Bar's Extension kit to go with this product.

We had no problem with this kip bar being adequately stable for our gymnasts and it's probably because of the extension kit.

Product Features


1.5 diameter, beech


Heavy gauge steel


Adjustable from 38 inches to 56 inches


22 pounds


72 x 48 x 58 inches


Rounded for safety

What are the pros and cons of the Jr Kip Bar?


  • Adjustable height
  • Safe rounded corners
  • Made with beech and heavy grade steel
  • Goes with standard size 4-foot mat
  • Stable


  • Weight limit of 100 pounds
  • Must be protected from weather, keep it indoors

You'll notice that we found more pros than cons in our experience with this bar. It has 7 height adjustments and the rounded corners prevent injury. Also, we really like the beech bar. It's flexible and strong. The heavy grade steel construction of the frame prevents bending. Being able to match it with a standard sized mat is great. Having to use a custom mat is the worst part of some gymnastics equipment.

We also liked how stable this bar is. It was able to hold gymnasts of varying weights as they did mill circles and hip circles.

We strongly advise that you don't allow anyone over 100 lbs to use this bar. It might not be as stable for them.

This bar is not weatherproof. While you can use it outdoors with a mat, you should bring it inside when it's not in use.

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Health Benefits of the Junior Kip Bar

There are many health benefits to gymnastics exercises. Let's look at a few:

Heart health: Kids should exercise for about 60 minutes per day according to the American Heart Association. One way to ensure that your kids get enough exercise is to provide them with activities.

Flexibility: Gymnastics is one of the best types of activities to increase flexibility. A flexible athlete is less likely to be injured.

Strength: Using the bar will increase strength and balance. As an athlete uses the bar for gymnastics, their muscles work to hold their weight on the bar. Their muscles also work to hold them steady and balanced.

Coordination: Gymnasts training on a bar spend most of their time feeling what many of us would describe as off balance. Because of their training, gymnasts can make adjustments to keep themselves balanced in a more efficient way than other athletes.

Good posture: Gymnastics can help strengthen the muscles that help to maintain good posture. They use their entire body in their exercises and have to be aware of how they are carrying themselves at all time. This ensures that they will hold their heads up high and won't be slumped forward.

Strong bones: To prevent osteoporosis later in life, weight bearing activities like using a kip bar will help strengthen bones.

The safe design of this bar is exceptional. The rounded corners prevent injury. The Tumbl Trak Junior Kip bar is very stable even with more exuberant exercises. Not only was this a fun piece of equipment to use, it was also tremendously helpful in training young gymnasts. While it does have a weight limit, that didn't have much of an impact on our gymnasts because they were all well under the 100-pound limit.

Although it has to be stored indoors to protect it from the elements, it is light enough to be transported outside. We recommend that you make sure the area you select for the Junior Kip Bar is level. Also, the grass is not the same as a mat. Your gym mat should be moved outside with the bar.

Using this bar is easy and fun. Our gymnasts really liked it and the stability was refreshing. Many bars of roughly the same size wobbled. That made our gymnasts nervous.

Thankfully, though, this one was better. With the added extensions, this was the most stable bar we tried. Attaching the extensions is easy and we highly recommend that you buy them along with the Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar.

So, if you need a gymnastics bar, we highly recommend this Jr Kip Bar. It's stable, safe, and fun. It is also adjustable so it works for a wide range of heights. Even some of your taller gymnasts will be able to use it. Have fun and enjoy using this gymnastics bar.

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