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3 Gymnastic Bars Exercises to Improve your Gymnastic Skills

To be able to perform optimally with gymnastic bars you will need to be physically fit. There are simple exercises that you can do while at home to improve physical strength like pushups and regular runs around the neighborhood.

 Physical fitness extends to the diet that you eat; eat whole grain and high energy foods as your body burns a lot of fat when you are doing gymnastic exercises.

Gymnastic bars require a lot of muscle strength to hold the body weight and reduce injuries. The gymnastic bar will demand that you have a lot of upper body and core strength. You will have to repeat various exercises in order to reach an optimal level of performance; the National Strength Association suggests 6 to 8 repetitions.

Always carry some water to the gym and avoid any fluids that can dehydrate your body; this includes excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine and smoking. There are certain exercises that you can do with gymnastic bars to improve your gymnastic skills and this article explores the three of them.

Keep in mind that proper gymnastics clothing is necessary, as it encourages you to do more poses without clothing restrictions. And it can also be easier for your coach or supervisor to spot any mistakes.


Core Exercises

These are exercises that focus solely on the core muscles. They include abdominal, back and pelvic muscles.

Gymnastic exercises are very intense and require you to have a lot of core strength in order to easily maneuver the gymnastic bars.

A strong core is essential to maintain balance when using gymnastic bars and helps in reducing injuries.

You can dangle on the bar and lift your leg to the bar; it can be bend or keep your legs straight This will help your shoulder muscles and help your grip on the gymnastic bar. You can do up to 3 sets of 15 each.

You can also try hip lifts in a front support position grip the bar and gently over the bars lean your shoulders while you lift you your hips to the highest position that you can. Then move your thighs towards the bar while keeping your feet towards the ground. You can then slowly return to forward-facing support; this can be done for 3 sets of up to 20 each.

Benefits of Core Exercises

  1. 1
    They prevent back, spine and body injuries
  2. 2
    Core exercises are good for generating strength and power
  3. 3
    Core exercises provide the necessary stability for the rest of the body
  4. 4
    You can handle different positions with a strong core

Ready to take it to another advanced level for more kick burning in the abdominal? You can also try this core exercise with wall bars (aka as Sweddish ladder stall bars). Easily available, and you can have it mount on the wall in your home.

Back Exercises

Back exercises can easily be ignored because you cannot see changes when you look yourself in the mirror. Muscle strength is easily noticeable. A weak back is a major cause of rounded shoulders which lead to neck and shoulder pain.

Back exercises also provide balance between your front and back sides. Back exercises help the back discs to discharge fluids and receive essential nutrition; they act like a sponge by distributing nutrients to the disc. These fluids prevent swelling of other tissues in the body.

Good back exercises prevent stiffness increasing flexibility of ligaments and tendons. Back exercises are critical if you want to eliminate injuries when using gymnastic bars.

3 exercises you can do with gymnastics bars

Some common back exercises you can practice include: Pullups with a gymnastic bar help to increase muscle strength in the back area. The back is critical when it comes to handstands, castings and giants on bars.

You can try all three variants of pullups with the bar; wide grip, reverse grip and narrow grip. You can have sets of 20 but if you are a beginner try to do as many as you can as your body has yet to adjust to the pullups.

While lying on the gymnastics mat with arms stretched above you can perform superman lifts and back extensions; this have the added benefit of improving muscle endurance. Repeat this up to 20 times with your arms and bases together.

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder exercises are one of the 3 exercises you can do with gymnastic bars to improve your gymnastics skills. Strong shoulder muscles is a must if you are keen to do handspring or grasp handstands while swinging the bar effectively. The arms are the ones that hold the rest of the body when you are swinging and if they are not strong enough you can easily slip and injure yourself.

For beginners first ensure that you are the only one using the gymnastic bar, this is to prevent injuring other people. You can begin with pike body position pushups; this will enhance your shoulder muscles.

By incorporating bar dips you can start forward-facing support bar, gently with bent elbows lower your upper frame down so that your ribcage touches the bar. Then press up while keeping your abs tight in a correct position. This will increase your muscle strength and cause you to have a firm grip on gymnastic bars.

gymnastics exercises for strength

You can also try gluten exercises even though they are not that common in gymnastic bar exercises. The glutes balance the upper and lower body. To have strong glutes hang on the bar while you squeeze your glutes and arch your back. Remain in that spot for 3 to 5 seconds without letting go.

The above 3 exercises you can do with gymnastics bars are a sure way to improve your gymnastic skills with gymnastic bars. They can be performed by anyone though beginners may need help in some of the exercises. Your safety comes first so ensure that there is someone with you when you are trying out these exercises.


Gymnastic skills can be tiring and difficult but if you practice them on a daily basis you will become a pro. The 3 exercises described above can help improve your gymnastic skills with a gymnastic bar. The list is not exhaustive as most body requires careful attention to operate optimally.

You cannot expect to perform these exercises if you do not eat right, sleep well and constantly rehydrate your body whenever possible. You will need to engage all your body muscles if you are too see great results with gymnastic bars. A body that is not strong enough and well-taken care off will result in frequent injuries.

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