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Best Dirt Bikes For Kids (Detailed Reviews & Buying Guides)

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Finding the right dirt bike for your kid is not an easy task. There is so much to choose from and what's right for a 4-year old will definitely won't work for a 10-year old. You don't want to get a dirt bike that is the wrong size, and getting a bike that is too powerful or too heavy might be dangerous for the child.

This guide is here to help you find a dirt bike that will keep both you and your child happy. First, we'll go over our top picks for the best dirt bikes for kids.

Since the choice of a dirt bike is highly individual and depends on many factors, we've also included a buying guide to help you understand exactly what features to look for.


Table of Comparison

ProductFeaturesF2Bmom Ratings

Razor MX400 Dirt Bike
Size:44 x 24.5 x 31 inches

Weight Capacity: 140 lbs

Max Speed: 14 mph


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Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike
Size:84.3 x 32.3 x 48.6 inches

Weight Capacity: 396 lbs

Max Speed: 70 mph


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Mega Moto Classic Mini Bike
Size:15 x 50.3 x 25.5 inches

Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

Max Speed: 23 mph


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Coolster Semi Automatic Dirt Bike
Size:52.8 x 24.8 x 32.5 inches

Weight Capacity: 180 lbs

Max Speed: 35 mph


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Best Dirt Bikes for Kids Reviewed

best dirt bikes for kids

Razor MX400 is a step up from entry-level kids electric dirt bikes. It is recommended for ages 12 and up by the manufacturers.

One of the greatest advantages of this bike is that it comes with adjustable handlebars, so your kid will surely be able to ride it for a couple of years.

Razor MX400 is powered by a 250-watt, chain-driven motor with a single speed. The motor is very quiet, but it provides enough power to make riding fun for younger kids. The bike comes with 12-inch pneumatic tires, which is quite large for a bike of this size. The tires are knobby which results in a more comfortable ride on rough terrains. The weight capacity of MX400 is 140 pounds and it's available in green and red. Overall, this is the best electric motocross dirt bike from Razor. It is solid and a relatively inexpensive choice for younger kids.


  • Perfect dirt bike for beginners
  • Powerful and easy to operate
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Good value for money


  • None

Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc

Excellent Dirt Bike with Great Traction Tires

Many people have doubts about Apollo bikes because they are made in China. This is because Chinese products are usually cheap but low in quality. However, this is definitely not the case with the Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike. It's a great, reliable bike, and probably one of the best you can find in this price range.

This is actually a full-sized bike, but it's a good option for older kids if they want to learn to ride a real dirt bike. Apollo AGB-36 has a very simple, user-friendly interface with 5 manual speeds, so it's not too hard to learn. Furthermore, this bike has a very high weight capacity (440 pounds) so two people can ride together with no problems. This way, your kid can ride together with you.

Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike is a really powerful machine. It has a 4-strong, single cylinder motor which is air cooled and it can reach speeds up to 70 MPH. It comes with hydraulic disc brakes and an electric dirtbike which is very useful. One of the best things about this bike are the 12-inch traction tires which are suitable for riding on all types of terrain including mud, sand, and dirt. Overall, Apollo AGB-36 is a great bike that strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality.


  • A reliable bike for kids with a solid frame
  • 21-inch traction tires suitable for all terrains
  • Can reach high speed up to 70 mph
  • High weight capacity allows for an extra passenger on the bike


  • Some assembly is required

Mega Moto Classic Mini Bike

Sturdy, Durable and Easy to Start

The Mega Moto Classic Mini Bike is a great dirt bike that will remind you of old-school minibikes. It has added modern features to the well-known minibike design that make it safer, easier to ride, and more suitable for beginner riders.

This bike has an 80cc 4-stroke overhead valve engine that offers more than enough power for any young riders.

It can reach speed up to 23 mph. This Mega bike is not just powerful, but it also looks awesome thanks to the rugged steel tube frame and no-dent polypropylene fenders make this.

What many parents will like about this bike are the safety features. These include a heat shield, a chain guard, and a kill switch. Furthermore, the Mega Moto Classic Mini Bike has a very large and comfortable seat and spring loaded foot pegs. All of these features make this bike both comfortable and easy to learn and ride on.

Other great features on this bike include an automatic clutch and adjustable handlebars. The braking is handled by a rear disc brake which provides more than enough stopping power for a bike of this size. The Super Grip tubeless pneumatic tires are mounted on steel rims and provide a comfortable ride on rough surfaces. The bike comes mostly pre-assembled. You only need to attach the handlebars, which is fairly easy and there is a toolkit included.


  • Safe and easy to ride for beginners
  • High-quality construction
  • Simple to set up
  • Comfortable


  • The steering radius is limited which can be a bit uncomfortable for beginner riders

The Coolster Semi Automatic Dirt Bike is a comfortable bike that is easy to ride. The weight capacity of this bike is 180 pounds and the seat is 17.3 inches high, which makes this bike perfect for kids aged from 8 to 10.

It comes with a 4-stroke semi-automatic engine which is air-cooled. The capacity of the engine is 70cc which is quite a lot of power for a bike of this size and allows it to reach speeds up to 55 km/h.

One of the best features of this Coolster dirt bike is the semi-automatic transmission which allows you to switch gears easily which is great for young riders. Furthermore, the kickstart allows for easy starting without problems caused by electric components, and the kill switch allows the kids to easily turn off the engine.

Coolster Semi Automatic Dirt Bike is also quite comfortable because it has a padded seat and wide footrests. Overall, it's a great, affordable choice if you are looking for a beginner dirt bike to introduce your kid to riding.


  • Padded seat and wide footrests result in a comfortable ride
  • Semi-automatic transmission is super easy to use
  • Built for trail riding
  • Great design


  • Certified Technician is required for Assembly

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Dirt Bike for Your Kid

So you have a kid who wants to try riding dirt bikes? As a caring parent, there is a good chance that you'll be anxious about your kid getting hurt while learning to ride a motorcycle. When my 8-year-old son first started asking about motocross bike, my head was filled with a thousand questions. Is it safe? How old should kids be before they start riding? What if he gets hurt? I have discovered that there are plenty of ways to reduce the risks of your kid getting hurt, such as equip with bike helmets and other safety tools. 

However, one of the most important thing that we cannot ignore is by finding the right bike according to your kid's age, size, and skill set.

There are a lot of dirt bikes to choose from on the market today and the prices and features vary widely. Many of them are made especially for kids, but there are many adult dirt bikes that are not too large and suitable for older kids who already have some riding skills. Here are some things to consider in order to choose the perfect dirt bike for your kid.

Bike Size and Recommended age

One of the most important things when looking for a dirt bike for your child is to find a bike that is the right size. Most kids bikes manufacturers provide age recommendations, which is a good starting point. However, this is generally not enough because there can be a huge difference in size and weight between two 8-year-olds, for example. Check out recommended dirt bikes for 10 years old.

Because of this, you should always check out the weight capacity and the seat height of your new dirt bike. The child should always be able to touch the ground securely with both feet and reach the handlebars with ease. The choice of a bike is also highly dependent on how skilled, confident, and strong your child is. Furthermore, young kids grow fast, so it's a good idea to look for a dirt bike with adjustable handlebars.

We have also reviewed some dirt bikes to cater your smaller children. Be sure to check out!

Wheel Size

Wheel size makes a huge difference in how riding a dirt bike feels. Both smaller and bigger wheels have their advantages and disadvantages.

With big wheels, you'll get much more stability. Bigger wheels are also usually softer, so they will soak up small bumps more easily, resulting in a smoother ride. On the other hand, bigger wheels are always heavier, so they can make a bike to heavy for smaller children.

Smaller wheels are lighter and more nimble, which makes steering much easier. Your child will be able to do quick turns with ease, but the rims on smaller wheels get damaged more easily. With smaller children, big wheels can make a bike a bit too high, so they can't reach the ground safely. Generally, a bike with smaller wheels is a good idea for your kid's first bike, and you can move onto bigger wheels when your child grows and develops more skill.

Engine Type

In dirt bikes for kids, engines are either two-stroke or four-stroke. Two-stroke engines deliver power for every rotation of the crankshaft, while four-strokes do so for every two rotations. This means that two-stroke engines have a higher power to weight ratio.

Four-stroke engines are generally the way to go when it comes to dirt bikes for kids. They provide smoother acceleration and a smoother ride overall. Two-stroke engines do have more kick in their step, but they are more difficult to control at low speeds, which is definitely not good for kids who are just learning to ride.

Engine Displacement

Too much power is never a good idea for a kid's first bike. The smallest engine size you can get is 50cc. If your kid is younger than 8 or if this is their first bike ever, this is definitely enough power. It's much easier to learn on a bike that is lightweight and doesn't have too much power, so a four-stroke 50cc dirt bike is a good start.

When your child grows older and more confident, you might opt for a more powerful engine. Kids dirt bikes usually go up to 125cc, but you can also opt for an adult model up to 250cc for older children used to riding.


Every kid needs to learn how to steer and balance first in order to be able to ride a dirt bike. Not having to think about changing gears helps a lot, so many beginner dirt bikes come with an automatic clutch. Once your kid masters the basic controls, you might want to start thinking about moving on to a dirt bike with manual transmission.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best dirt bikes for your kids will depend on many factors including your budget and the child's age and size. If it's your kids first bike, you'll definitely want one that is lightweight and easy to control.

In this case, the Razor MX400 is definitely a great choice. If you are looking for a step up, the Mega Moto Classic Mini Bike is a much more powerful bike that is both sturdy and easy to control. On the other hand, if your kid is older and serious about motocross bike racing, go for Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike and you won't regret it.