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Dirt biking is a popular hobby, especially among the speed freaks. With dirt bike, you do not have the limitation of speed or a terrain. Therefore, you can take the bike almost anywhere you want. However, dirt bikes are machines and therefore require maintenance. You may also be required to make frequent replacements for the filters and the fluids. This buying guide covers all the different things you should know before buying a dirt bike.

Why Buy Dirt Bikes?

1.    Freedom

Dirt bikes take off-road riding to an entirely new level. You do not have restrictions of any kind. With the freedom to go anywhere you want, you will be able to satisfy your deep thirst for adventure. It is also the best way to explore new areas, especially the wilderness.

2.    Good for mental health

Riding dirt requires you to stay alert and have a perfect coordination of the body movements. Hence, it can be helpful in enhancing the cognitive function. Riding a dirt bike after a long and stressful day can help you unwind. It also helps in optimizing the brain capacity so that you can have a better focus while performing other important tasks later on.

3.    Physical benefits

Riding a dirt bike actually provides a fine workout for the full body. Most of the muscles in the body are utilized and get a strong core. In addition to this, it also helps in promoting your cardiovascular health. 

4.    Versatile

The best thing about dirt bikes is that you can ride them all year round. Whether it is coursing through the woods in the summer or warming yourself up during the cold winter evening, a dirt bike allows you to do it all.

Which Dirt Bike Should I Buy?

dirt bikes for kids

There are many different types of dirt bikes. Hence, there are naturally multiple factors that need to be considered while buying your perfect ride. The following tips can help you in selecting the best dirt bike for yourself.

1.    Experience level

Your experience level makes a huge difference to the types of dirt bike you can handle. For example, the ones lying under the range of 110cc are usually the best dirt bikes for kids who are just setting out. For kids who are more experienced, it is best to get something around the range of 250cc. Go through the Apollo dirt bike 250cc review if your kids fall to this category.

2.    Height

If you want a high level of safety while riding, you should definitely consider your height while buying a dirt bike. You should be able to sit comfortably and when extended, your feet should touch the ground so that you can have a better control, especially while starting and stopping.

3.    Weight

You may need to go for different suspension depending on how much you weigh. Those weighing less than 150 lbs can opt for something under 250cc. For example, the Apollo 125 cc may be great for a dirt bike for 9 year old.  By going through the Apollo dirt bike 125cc reviews, you will learn all the virtues of this bike that is suited for beginners.  However, those with a larger weight should go for something in the range of 250 to 450cc.

Types of Dirt Bikes

dirt bikes

1.    Motocross dirt bikes

These are the ones that offer a very high agility and speed. The motocross bikes are exclusively designed for racing.

2.    Desert bikes

These are specially meant for riding through the sand. Hence, they are perfect for riding on beaches. The bike offers a great traction and does not get damaged by the sand.

3.    Endurance bikes

These are the bikes that are meant to be used while riding through the extreme of conditions. They are also ideal for long distance rides.

4.    Trail bikes

These are very common and are meant for riding through the off-road, tough terrains. If you are looking for a dirt bike for a 12-year-old, a trail bike can be the best option. 

5.    Street bikes

These are also known as dual-purpose bikes, mainly because they can be used both on paved surfaces as well over rough terrain. If you want a versatile bike, then you should opt for a street bike.

Who Makes the Dirt Bikes?

Given below is the 3 best dirt bike brand. These brands also manufacture the best dirt bike helmet.

1.    Yamaha

Yamaha is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing dirt bikes for many years. They also manufacture other diverse products such as boats, scooters, multipurpose engines and more. They have some of the best dirt bikes for trail riding.

2.    Suzuki

Suzuki is another Japanese manufacturer that produces both the two-wheeler and four-wheeler dirt bikes. The brand has a strong presence in the global motorcycle industry. They have some of the best bikes for beginners.

3.    Beta

This company is based in Italy and is ranks as one of the world's best manufacturers of motorcycles. Their bikes have a rather unusual style and unique features. These bikes offer a great balance and suspension and are therefore popularly used in racing.

Affordable and Premium Dirt Bikes Brand

If you are looking for some cheap but reliable dirt bike, there are some affordable brands listed below that you check up. 

1.    Royal baby

The royal baby has many freestyle bikes for the kids. These bikes are light and easy to handle. If you are looking for a dirt bike for 10 years old, you may give Royal baby a shot.

2.    Pulse

Pulse has very unique and stylish bikes at a highly affordable price tag. These bikes have a comfortable seat, easily manageable weight and high safety rating. These features make this the perfect dirt bike for toddler.

3.    Apollo

Apollo is another one of the affordable and well-trusted brands for a dirt bike. Go through all the Apollo dirt bike reviews and you will be able to understand immediately. With Apollo, you get uncompromised power and unrestricted riding experience.

Best Place to Buy

Given below are some of the best places where you can buy the dirt bikes of all different categories.

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Megamotormadness.com
  3. Bikeberry.com
  4. Craiglist
  5. eBay