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Gymnastics Horizontal Bars VS Uneven Bars [What Are Their Differences]

When it comes to the Olympics, you will discover that most games between men and women are similar. But, this is not the usually followed in gymnastics. The events and Gymnastic equipment's that they use are very different. In fact, they only share two games; vault and floor. One significant difference of Gymnastics Horizontal bars vs Uneven bars is that the former are used in men sports while uneven bars are used in women competitions.

History of The Bars

The uneven bars first consisted of two parallel bars on varying heights. Transition from one bar to another was very easy at the time. The bars were introduced in 1936 as the games become more difficult.

They would perform beats where you bounce your body on the lower bar while you hang on the high bar; wraps - while hanging on the high bar you wrap your body on the low bar. They were first displayed in a national event in Budapest during the World Championships but the sport was introduced as an event in 1952. 

Dimensions of The Bars

The Uneven bars are usually two bars that are parallel to each other. They are set on different heights with a high bar of around 8 feet and the low bar at 5 and half feet. This, however, can be changed for junior athletes and made lower, but for the elite gymnastics, this is usually the standard measurements. They also are set at a width of 6 feet.

Uneven bars are synonymous with "Uneven parallel bars" or "asymmetric bars" and the terms are used interchangeably.

parallel bars home

Parallel bars where invented in the 19th century by a German called Friedrich Jahn. They are especially helpful in promoting upper body strength. The bars are made of wood of 2 inches thickness, 6.5 feet high, 11.5 feet long and they are often 16.5 inches apart. Depending on the sport the height and width can be adjusted.


Men tend to have six events at the Olympics while women do four. Women will use the uneven bars and balance beam while men are relegated to the still rings, pommel horse, horizontal bars and the parallel bars. However, both genders share the floor exercises and the vault.

The routines in the uneven bar include swings, jumping and spinning. You will notice that parallel bars are made to incorporate the male physique. Men tend to have upper body strength while women have lower body strength. This has also influenced the type of games played.

gymnastics horizontal bars vs uneven bars

Women use games tend to have a lot of music and artistry; men do not. You will find the women sports with a lot of dancing moves when using the uneven bars.


The uneven bars are mainly made of fiberglass and sometimes wood. There is a springboard that joins the two bars. The width varies depending on a particular event and the age of the gymnast. You will find that in junior championships the uneven bar heights and width vary from the elite ones.

The parallel bars are used by men only in gymnastic events and include games such as swings and flight sports. They have been a part of the Olympics games since 1896.

Almost all the rhythmic gymnastics are performed with music while only the women floor exercise uses music in the artistic gymnastics.

The pommel horse is usually considered the hardest male event because the balance beam is 4 inches wide and is the major cause of falls.


Both men and women teams composition is very different when it comes to the Olympic teams. Men begin their junior program by first starting with the Basic Skills Achievement Program; that has three levels for boys. They advance to Age Group Competition and those who become elite are added to the National Olympic team.

For women things are a bit different because they start with the Development/Beginning four levels. The Compulsory Levels 5 and 6 come next followed by other levels till you reach level 10. From here you can be added to the elite team.

When it comes to scoring dance moves like leaps and jumps form a major part in women gymnastics but not in men's. Men however require more strength when they are doing tumbling exercises. For men games, one of the main focus is physical strength. You need to have practiced your moves well and done a lot of physical exercises to succeed in the parallel bars.

For women, they mainly focus on artistic moves that include dances, and they tend to have music in their performances.


Both men and women will use the vault table, but it is set at a higher height for men. For men, the tasks performed are more difficult and include; double-flipping faults like the Tsukahara double-back or handspring double front. You will find very few women performing such.

Before 2001 both men and women used to perform on the vaulting horse with men doing lengthwise while women did the widthwise. This was changed to the vault table as the former was considered more dangerous.

gymnastics vault for home


Men and women gymnastics have changed over time. The games they engage in are very different. One of the differences of gymnastics horizontal bars vs uneven bars has been the usage. Horizontal bars remain for men gymnastics while women gymnasts use the uneven bars. The uneven bars are not the same height for both junior and elite members. Over the years manufacturers have changed the design of the uneven bars.

In the mean time, if you are looking for a perfect gymnastic mat, check out our review here!

3 Gymnastic Bars Exercises to Improve your Gymnastic Skills

To be able to perform optimally with gymnastic bars you will need to be physically fit. There are simple exercises that you can do while at home to improve physical strength like pushups and regular runs around the neighborhood. Physical fitness extends to the diet that you eat; eat whole grain and high energy foods as your body burns a lot of fat when you are doing gymnastic exercises.

Gymnastic bars require a lot of muscle strength to hold the body weight and reduce injuries. The gymnastic bar will demand that you have a lot of upper body and core strength. You will have to repeat various exercises in order to reach an optimal level of performance; the National Strength Association suggests 6 to 8 repetitions.

Always carry some water to the gym and avoid any fluids that can dehydrate your body; this includes excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine and smoking. There are certain exercises that you can do with gymnastic bars to improve your gymnastic skills and this article explores the three of them.

Keep in mind that proper attire is necessary, as it encourages you to do more poses without clothing restrictions. And it can be easier for your coach or supervisor to spot any mistakes.

Core Exercises

These are exercises that focus solely on the core muscles. They include abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. Gymnastic exercises are very intense and require you to have a lot of core strength in order to easily maneuver the gymnastic bars. A strong core is essential to maintain balance when using gymnastic bars and helps in reducing injuries.

You can dangle on the bar and lift your leg to the bar; it can be bend or keep your legs straight This will help your shoulder muscles and help your grip on the gymnastic bar. You can do up to 3 sets of 15 each.

You can also try hip lifts in a front support position grip the bar and gently over the bars lean your shoulders while you lift you your hips to the highest position that you can. Then move your thighs towards the bar while keeping your feet towards the ground. You can then slowly return to forward-facing support; this can be done for 3 sets of up to 20 each.

Benefits of Core Exercises

  1. They prevent back, spine and body injuries
  2. Core exercises are good for generating strength and power.
  3. Core exercises provide the necessary stability for the rest of the body.
  4. You can handle different positions with a strong core.

Ready to take it to another advanced level for more kick burning in the abdominal? You can also try this core exercise with wall bars (aka as Sweddish ladder stall bars). Easily available, and you can have it mount on the wall in your home.

Back Exercises

Back exercises can easily be ignored because you cannot see changes when you look yourself in the mirror. Muscle strength is easily noticeable. A weak back is a major cause of rounded shoulders which lead to neck and shoulder pain.

Back exercises also provide balance between your front and back sides. Back exercises help the back discs to discharge fluids and receive essential nutrition; they act like a sponge by distributing nutrients to the disc. These fluids prevent swelling of other tissues in the body.

Good back exercises prevent stiffness increasing flexibility of ligaments and tendons. Back exercises are critical if you want to eliminate injuries when using gymnastic bars.

3 exercises you can do with gymnastics bars

Some common back exercises you can practice include: Pullups with a gymnastic bar help to increase muscle strength in the back area. The back is critical when it comes to handstands, castings and giants on bars.

You can try all three variants of pullups with the bar; wide grip, reverse grip and narrow grip. You can have sets of 20 but if you are a beginner try to do as many as you can as your body has yet to adjust to the pullups.

While lying on the gymnastics mat with arms stretched above you can perform superman lifts and back extensions; this have the added benefit of improving muscle endurance. Repeat this up to 20 times with your arms and bases together.

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder exercises are one of the 3 exercises you can do with gymnastic bars to improve your gymnastics skills. Strong shoulder muscles is a must if you are keen to do handspring or grasp handstands while swinging the bar effectively. The arms are the ones that hold the rest of the body when you are swinging and if they are not strong enough you can easily slip and injure yourself.

For beginners first ensure that you are the only one using the gymnastic bar, this is to prevent injuring other people. You can begin with pike body position pushups; this will enhance your shoulder muscles.

By incorporating bar dips you can start forward-facing support bar, gently with bent elbows lower your upper frame down so that your ribcage touches the bar. Then press up while keeping your abs tight in a correct position. This will increase your muscle strength and cause you to have a firm grip on gymnastic bars.

gymnastics exercises for strength

You can also try gluten exercises even though they are not that common in gymnastic bar exercises. The glutes balance the upper and lower body. To have strong glutes hang on the bar while you squeeze your glutes and arch your back. Remain in that spot for 3 to 5 seconds without letting go.

The above 3 exercises you can do with gymnastics bars are a sure way to improve your gymnastic skills with gymnastic bars. They can be performed by anyone though beginners may need help in some of the exercises. Your safety comes first so ensure that there is someone with you when you are trying out these exercises.


Gymnastic skills can be tiring and difficult but if you practice them on a daily basis you will become a pro. The 3 exercises described above can help improve your gymnastic skills with a gymnastic bar. The list is not exhaustive as most body requires careful attention to operate optimally.

You cannot expect to perform these exercises if you do not eat right, sleep well and constantly rehydrate your body whenever possible. You will need to engage all your body muscles if you are too see great results with gymnastic bars. A body that is not strong enough and well-taken care off will result in frequent injuries.

Have you heard of some people actually building their own gymnastics bar at home? Learn how you can DIY in this article.

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Gymnastics Bar

If you use parallel and uneven bars a lot, you will notice that your hands develop rips. They are usually very painful and can form blisters with blood in it. A rip is a result of the tearing of the hand skin. Rips can cause a gymnast to lose a season in the sport and therefore there should be proper care taken at the gymnastics bar. The gymnastic bar is a costly piece of equipment, and a lot of care is required to protect this equipment and avoid injuries to the gymnast. In this article, we have highlighted some necessary safety procedures in how to properly take care of your gymnastics bar.

7 Safety Procedures to Maintain Your Gymnastic Bars

1. Regular Checkup for Tear

Maintenance is a daily affair. Before any gymnasts take to the swing on the gymnast bar ensure that you have checked the bars for any form of a tear. If a bar shows signs or gymnasts start complaining about difficulty with grips, then it is time to replace that gymnastic bar. This prevention measures reduce the chances of the gymnastic bar collapsing while in usage; this can result in more fatal injuries.

2. Storage

Care should be taken when storing gymnastic bars. Avoid storing them in areas where they are exposed to water elements. Besides water elements, the gymnastic bar should not be in a place where they can be easily destroyed. When mounting check that the bars are firmly secured to the ground before any gymnast starts using them.

3. Grip Brush

A grip brush is a useful tool to brush off any excess chalk on the gymnastics bar. You should gently brush off chalk along the bar grain. If there any leather stitching avoid brushing near them.

Select a suitable quality grip brush that is recommended for gymnastic bars. Gymnasts use their hands a lot, and great care is needed on grip bars as they can cause serious injuries.

how to properly take care of your gymnastics bar

4. Use of Water

Water can be harmful to metal bars and lead to serious rusts. Water contains chemicals that can react with gymnastic bars which may result in a rough grip. If your grip is wrapped in leather, then water is highly not recommended as it can lead to the leather rotting.

Check the warranty on your gymnastic bars as most companies have specific instructions on how to clean your gymnastic bar; they may refuse to repay if don't follow instructions.

Some athletes may have the disgusting habit of spitting on their grips. This does not only create a bad image for the gymnast but can damage the gymnastic bar. Otherwise, investing in a pair of gymnastics bar grip is another option too.

5. Bags

You can dismantle you gymnastic bars and keep them in good, quality bags that prevent any contact with moisture. These bags maximize the storage space for gymnastic bags and are easy to carry when you are traveling. They also prevent premature damage to the gymnastic bars through wear and tear.

6. Proper Records

You do not need to be an accountant to do an appropriate bookkeeping. Buy a simple file and record equipment's once they are purchased. Manufacturers will usually indicate the lifespan of equipment so that you can replace them.

Record when you last replaced spare parts. Inspect the mats for any tear and ensure they are stored in a place absent of rodents. Replace them if necessary.

Do checkout our article about the current best gymnastics bars available in the market if you decided that it is time to get a new one.

bookkeeping tools

7. Cleaning

You can use vinegar to remove chalk dust and clean off mats. Where there are pins and spin-snap locks, use a solution of graphite or a graphite pencil to clean the parts. The gymnastic rails can be cleaned using Velcro to get chalk from them. Water is not recommended as it can make your gymnastic bar warranty null and void.

The gymnastic area should be vacuumed on a daily basis to avoid the accumulation of dust and rid of any sharp objects. Water use should be at a minimum because it can cause a lot of injuries by creating a slippery floor.


Injuries are very common in the gymnastics area, but they can be avoided by following the above mentioned guides on how to properly take care of your gymnastics bar. Rips are the major cause of concern for any gymnast as they prevent you from continuing with the sport.

The gymnastic bars often come with a warranty with specifications on methods of cleaning. This should be clearly followed to the letter to prevent your warranty from being cancelled. 

Many of us are used to using water to do most of our cleaning. However, when it comes to the gymnastic water can be very harmful. Steel bars are subject to rust and molds if subjected to water elements. Wooden bars also can rot when water is used to clean them.

Coaches should allocate a cleaning role with proper records. This makes it easier to supervise whether work has been done or not. They should also ensure that gymnasts do not use the bars before proper cleaning has been done.

Safety Precaution When Using Gymnastics Bars [Must Read!!]

Gymnastics is a fairly fun sport, while it may not look as intense as rugby or soccer there are various risks involved. Those who are good at the sport are able to advance to the Olympics where they get to compete with other like-minded people; the top prize been an Olympic gold medal.

Gymnastic injuries comprise of: torn ligaments, broken bones, ankle sprains, foot injuries and wrist sprains. While it is impossible to eliminate all gymnastic injuries there are several safety precautions when using gymnastic bars that users need to employ to minimize the chances of injury.

Safety should be all inclusive and should involve both the students and coaches. Students should have a clear picture of the risks involved in gymnastics.  This article explores some preventive measures to reduce injury.

Personal Safety

You are personally responsible for your own safety while you are in the gymnastic area. There some sporting gear that you can buy to reduce injury during flipping, balancing or tumbling. These include bar grips, guards, wrist straps and applying powder to your hands to enhance your grip.

It is highly recommended to get appropriate sporting shoes to prevent ankle injuries. The shoes can have extra rubber soles to prevent slipping when running. Or, you can opt to wear ankle braces, not only it helps to prevent injuries, but also helps in recovery from injuries.

Beginners can benefit a lot from spotting belts which can be hooked or suspended from the celling to prevent falls when practicing. Spotting belts are also excellent for learning new tricks when you are new to gymnastics. Those who are very new to the sport can use tape and gauzes to protect their hands; beginners and children may not have the right grip when starting out in the sport.

Gymnastic Safety

The gymnastic should have safety procedures when using gymnastic bars. These should include a proper emergency first aid kit that is placed in an accessible area by all; if you are training young children make sure you have their parent's number.

safety precaution when using gymnastics bars

Gymnastics has a lot of jumping and falling down and so the number one item you really want to take care of are gymnastics mats. The mats act as a cushion whenever a participant falls. You should purchase good quality mats and replace them after repeated use.

When sporting enthusiasts are practicing new moves include trampolines and foam pits. Ensure that there is enough roof space so that people don't hit their heads when doing high jumps.

To ensure adequate safety precautions when using gymnastics bars care should be taken when assembling the bars. Be careful to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions to the letter. Accidents are often a result of badly assembled components or missing ones. The training coach should test the equipment first before allowing other people.

Training of Coaches in First Aid

The gymnastics coaches should be taught first aid procedures. Classes should be conducted by qualified personnel with extensive experience in sporting games. Most of the time, the determining factor between someone making it when they have an injury is the first aid that is administered. Simple CPR and bandaging procedures should be taught to all students.

The gymnastic should have well written first aid procedures and have them placed in a public place where they can be seen by everyone.

Gymnastics Equipment 

Every effort should be made to purchase quality and long lasting materials from reputable suppliers. Research should be done before making any purchase; note that gymnastic equipment is meant to last for many years and cheap stuff may actually become expensive in the long run. This is because they require constant maintenance and can result to breakages which lead to injuries. 

After purchase do not wait till equipment breaks down before repairing it. Maintenance is a continuous process that needs to be done more frequently so that equipment can last a long time. You also avoid numerous lawsuits from students who get injured as a result of faulty equipment. 

Students are advised to adhere to below additional rules

  1. Avoid carrying any jewelry when going to the gymnastic. This is because jewelry may be obstructive when performing first aid and can tear some gymnastic materials like bags and trampoline.

  2. Ladies should have their hair well tied in the back to prevent injuries when hair gets tangled in gymnastic bars. For easy gymnasts hairstyles, check out this post!

  3. You should be in full gymnastics uniform at all times this applies to especially to gymnastic shoes. Slipping accidents do happen when you have inappropriate shoes. Check out tips on what to wear.

  4. Avoid jumping off the trampoline onto the floor as the floor surface may be slippery. Gently ease yourself off the trampoline. Also avoid wearing socks and landing head first when using the trampoline.

  5. Safety starts with you so whenever you suspect that the gymnastics bars are loose report immediately to your gymnastic instructor before any injuries are caused.

Some other safety precautionary rules to observe when using gymnastics bars are: you should never use them when you are alone; make sure that there is an adult near you.

Avoid carrying metallic objects to the gymnastic as they can cause abrasion with the gymnastic bars. In case you suffer from some condition that requires medical attention make sure you inform your coach before joining the gymnastic team.


Accidents are inevitable and we cannot totally eliminate them but there are various safety precautions that one can deploy when using gymnastics bars. A first aid kit is must in any sporting facility; but it is of no use if people are not taught to perform basic first aid procedures.

These procedures are usually a matter of life and death for a victim before an ambulance shows up. You can easily subscribe to a first aid course before you start any sporting activity. 

Safety procedures need the cooperation of both the students and the coaches. If all work together to follow laid out rules there will be fewer accidents. Most accidents are a result of negligence; for example when someone pours water on the floor or when you use the trampoline when another is using.  A good gymnastic should have laid out safety procedures that everyone can follow.

Want to show some appreciation to your coach for his/her hard works? Here are some gift ideas you may want to consider.

Cheap Gymnastics Bars For Sale In 2020 [Top 5 Rated Bars With Reviews]

gymnastics bars for sale

Artistic gymnastics is incomplete without asymmetric or uneven gymnastic bars. Regardless of the fact that you are an experienced or a budding gymnast, you will require these bars. Gymnastics bars available for sale can be easily bought online.

A single bar also works but mostly you will require at least two bars for good gymnastics practice. With two bars multiple routines can be tried and practiced. It was realised gradually that transitioning between parallel bars of same height was difficult, a new way was discovered.

Two horizontal bars set at different heights are perfect. Evidently it is important that the bars you buy for yourself should have the feature of height adjustment. This enables you to set the bar height according to your bar routine.

There would be many specifications that you need to pay attention to, as a buyer.

Foremost thing in your mind should be quality. Never invest in a low quality product, you might regret it later. When you buy bars for your kid, their safety should always be the first thing on your mind.

Our Recommendation

Various gymnastics products and accessories are now available at retail and online stores. You do not need to get baffled with the wide range of options. To reduce your confusion we have prepared this article.

Top 5 rated bars that have been used and reviewed by various experts and beginners are listed here. This will help you narrow down your options. Every gymnastic bar included in this list is top quality.

My favorite is the Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar by Tumbl Trak. I recommend this bar because of its high weight handling capacity. When you buy a practice bar for your kid, you know they will outgrow it soon.

This way the bar you bought becomes useless after a year or so. But, that is not the case with this product. The horizontal bar height can be between 3.16 feet and 4.66 feet. It is a widely loved high quality product that is priced well.

Comparison table

ProductFeaturesF2Bmom Ratings

Tumbl Trak Expandable Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar
Bar Height: 38" to 56"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 125 lbs

Price: $$$

More Details

Nimble Sports Junior Adjustable Horizontal Kip Bar
Bar Height: 36" to 60"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 150 lbs

Price: $$

More Details

Joom Beem Adjustable Kip Bar
Bar Height: 36" to 60"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 100 lbs

Price: $$$

More Details

Z-Athletic Expandable Kip Bar
Bar Height: 36" to 58"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 120 lbs

Price: $$$

More Details

Nimble Sports Non-Adjustable Horizontal Bar with Folding Gym Mat
Bar Height: 60"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Mat Size: 6 x 4 ft

Price: $$$

More Details

Top 5 Rated Bars with detailed Reviews

1. Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar

Perfect at-home practice and training bar by Tumbl Trak that is perfect for an aspiring gymnast. The bar has decent price so price conscious buyers can depend on it. Its high quality structure is sturdy and durable enough to assist in gymnastics training at home.

The 1-1/2 inches competition level bar of this equipment is made of beech wood. You will have 7 different height settings ranging from 38 inches to 56 inches. There are D-2 knobs that can be pulled to adjust the bar height easily.

Junior Kip Bar by Tumbl Trak is available in 3 beautiful colours, purple, green and red. It will definitely bring a smile on the face of your kid. One greatly appreciated feature of this bar is that it can be used very easily.

The gauge steel heavy tubes keep the equipment steady and ensure the safety of your little ones. It has round corners that are an additional benefit that will keep the gymnast safe.

This cheap gymnastic bar could use a bigger limit when it comes to height adjustment. It might wobble but that is extremely rare. Overall a good product to invest in. Find out more details in our Junior Kip Bar review.

2. Nimble Sports Junior Adjustable Horizontal Bar

The need to have complete faith in their bar is crucial for a budding gymnast. The Purple Junior Adjustable Horizontal Bar is something you can trust as a parent. Your child will be safe practicing on this equipment.

It has height adjustment feature from 3 to 5 feet. The different bar height settings are 60, 54, 48, 42, and 36 inches. The product will take 4 feet width and 5 feet in space in length. The dimensions of its base mean that you can use a 4 X 8 gymnastic landing mat with it.

Design of this equipment includes adjustable lock bolts and rubber base caps. It has wooden bar that is 1-1/2 inches. This bar is extremely strong and its capacity is more than 100 lbs.

The price is great, affordable and perfect for a durable product like this. It could be a little rickety or wobble a bit depending on the height and surface. But, this problem can be solved by using sandbags.

The manufacturer Nimble Sports gives a 1 year warranty on everything sold. Although, there is a return policy of 30 days but it comes with restocking fee of 20% on all items returned.

3. Joom Beem Adjustable Horizontal Bars

Adjustable Horizontal Bars by Joom Beam have a range from 3 feet to 5 feet height adjustments. 5 different settings are 60, 54, 48, 42, and 36 inches. It can be secured with lock down ultra stainless steel screw bolts.

The frame is built for durability and it is corrosion resistant. It comes in a stunning black and pink powder glossy coating. The hardware is made of stainless steel and all frame ends have soft rubber caps.

A 4 X 6 feet standard size should be fine as a landing mat for this bar. The horizontal bar by Joom Beam claims to handle up to 175 lbs of weight. But, buyers think that it cannot handle more than 100 lbs.

It has a steady base but you can add protection just to be sure. You can fix the base to the surface or use sandbags. The beam is 1-1/2 polished premium wood.

The precision manufacturers provide a 5 year warranty on this product. Adjustable Horizontal Gymnastics bars for sale by Joom Beam are perfect for beginners. Might not be that suitable for experienced gymnasts.

Price would be perfect if bought on sale. The product is certainly durable and very dependable.

4. Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Kip Bar - Cheap Gymnastics Bars

One of the best expandable kip bars is this edition by Z-Athletic. It is a heavy-duty, free standing, stable, and portable equipment meant for indoor storage and use only. The fiber glass rail is 40 mm diameter and is covered with synthetic non-slip wood material.

Height of this kip bar can be adjusted from 36 inches to 59 inches. The adjustable snap locks are used to change height settings. It can take 130 lbs of maximum weight.

This gymnastic equipment is made to work through the practices of level 1 to 4. A 4 X 8 feet or 4 X 10 feet landing mat should be sufficient with this kip bar. This is one of the best practice bars available from these reputed manufacturers of gymnastic equipment.

The assembly could take a little more time than you anticipate. The product quality is good but some reports of internal rusting have been recorded. Although isolated, but you can protect your equipment by using it indoors only, as suggested by the company.

The price is mid range which makes it a good buy. The manufacturers strictly mention the indoor only use. If use outdoors the life and quality of the product will be effected.

5. Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar with Folding Gym Mat

A 4 feet Horizontal Purple Bar by that is made in the USA by Nimble Sports. These gymnastic bars for sale are available on retail stores and online portals as well. The base of the equipment is 4 feet in width and the height is 4 feet high.

Wooden bar is used which is 1-1/2 inch round and it can support up to 100 lbs of weight. The bar is not adjustable. But, you can yourself add options to adjust height later. The bar design includes lock bolts that can be adjusted and base caps made of rubber.

One normal 4 X 8 landing gym mat is included with this product. It is folding mat with 3 sections of 2 X 4 feet each. This feature allows easy storage and transport.

The manufacturers of both mat and bar are the same. Mat has a firm 1-3/8 inches thick foam within a vinyl coated 18 oz. nylon cover. This cover is puncture, mildew resistant, and fire retardant.

Manufacturer Nimble Sports provides a 1 year guarantee on all products sold. Every returned item means 20% restocking cost and return policy is 30 days. The absence of adjustable height might be an issue for some but otherwise it is a great product.

Cheap gymnastics bars for sale? What should you look for?

Are you looking for cheap gymnastics bars for home? What are the features you should pay complete attention to? Are there different considerations for home gymnastic equipment?

When buying gymnastic equipment for your home, you might have to think a little differently. The priorities could vary in both cases. I will provide a short guide for buying gymnastic bars.

Dimensions- Before buying a gymnastics bar for your kid pay attention to its dimensions. What kind of space do you have at home? What is the height of your ceiling? Remember that buying and placing the equipment is not your only job. Your kid will need lots of empty space around and even above the equipment to practice flips and turns. Ensure you have empty space all around the bar.

The height of ceiling should be your priority. While practicing, the arms and entire body of the gymnast is extended above the bar. Consider height of your kid and add the length of their arms to it.

Material- What material is the bar made of, is it wood, steel, or something else? What are the bars made of? Is the equipment specifically meant for indoor use?

The bar itself could be made of steel, wood or synthetic material. Consider your material of choice and then make decision accordingly. Also look for the material the frame is made of. The frame and bar should be strong enough to withstand the weight of your kid. Also, consider whether the equipment is meant to be used indoors or outdoors.

Adjustable Height- Your kid is still growing, so buy a kip bar that has the provision of adjustable height. You can increase or decrease the bar height. It depends on the type of gymnastic routine and the height of gymnast.

Price- You have to look at your pocket. Budget is a crucial aspect. How much money can you spent?

Decide beforehand the maximum amount of money you want to invest. This way you will narrow down your options making the decision making process simpler. If you want to look at other slightly more expensive gymnastics bars options, read our detailed reviews here.


There are a number of gymnastics bars for sale. In this article we have selected and listed the top most products for you. I hope this will be your buying guide and help you decide the product you want to buy.

But I recommend the Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar by Tumbl Trak. It has height adjustment feature from 3.16 to 4.66 feet. It is a widely loved high quality product that is priced well.

Various gymnastics products and accessories are now available at retail and online stores. Locating a good quality gymnastics bar of your choice is easy.

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO

Our #1 Best Value Gymnastics Bar

  • High quality structure that is sturdy and durable
  • 7 different height settings ranging from 38 inches to 56 inches
  • Rounded corners that will keep the gymnast safe
  • Decent price that is good enough to assist in gymnastics training at home.

Best Gymnastics Bars For Home Use 2020 [6 Amazing Kip Bars To Get]

gymnastics bars for home

If you have a budding gymnast at home, there are a lot of products out there that are sure to delight. One piece of equipment your child will love is a horizontal bar for gymnastics.

You may be wondering how to pick out the right product especially if you're buying online. Don't worry, we've got you covered. We found 6 exceptional gymnastics bars for home use and we will help you pick one that is best suited for you.

To help you decide which one is right for you, we broke it all down into segments. First, we will tell you what our recommendation for the best home gymnastics bar is. Next, we'll give you a chart that compares these gymnastic bars. Then, we will provide you with detailed reviews on each  of these models. Lastly, a buying guide to help you with your buying decision.

Comparison Table

Our top choice is the Tumbl Trak Junior PRO. This adjustable model is one of the best bars we've seen this year. It gets good reviews across the board. We'll explain why below.

But first, we'll show you how it compares with other top rated bars in the market today.

ProductFeaturesF2Bmom Ratings

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar
Dimension: 54" x 72"

Bar Height: 38.5" to 59"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 125 lbs

Price: $$$$

More Details

Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar
Dimension: 72" x 48" x 58"

Bar Height: 38" to 56"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 125 lbs

Price: $$

More Details

Z-Athletic Expandable Junior Training Bar
Dimension: 52.8" x 54"

Bar Height: 36" to 59"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 130 lbs

Price: $$

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John Beem Horizontal Bar and Folding Mat Combo Gym Set
Bar Height: 36" to 60"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 100 lbs

Price: $$$$

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Norbert's Athletic Products Gymnastics Mini Bar
Bar Height: 38" to 58"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 100 lbs

Price: $$$

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Nimble Sports Little Gym Deluxe
Bar Height: 36" to 60"

Bar Thickness: 1.5"

Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Price: $$$$$

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Best Gymnastics Bars for Home [Top 6 Reviewed]

1. Tumbl Trak Junior PRO

The Tumbl Trak Junior Bar PRO is a top of the line training bar for home gymnastics. The Jr. Bar PRO only takes up a 4' x 6' space on the floor.

It features an extremely durable 1-1/2in solid maple bar with heavy gauge steel tubing to make sure that it's the highest quality bar on the market.

As this gymnastics bar is stable enough on its own and requires no additional stabilizing mechanisms, kids feel incredibly stable as they swing on it without requiring any additional base extensions.

The Jr. Bar PRO is also extremely easy to set up and can be done in approx 5-10 minutes. The D-2 Knobs make it easy for anyone to adjust bar heights that makes for quick transitions between skills. The rounded corners safety features help to keep the athletes safe and give them more confidence to progress.

Being the bar that is the easiest to assemble and disassemble, this extremely versatile single bar is great for all skill levels and ages in the gym or at home.

2. Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar

The Tumble Trak Junior Kip Bar, in purple was our favourite for many different reasons. First, it is a tremendous value. The solid beech bar and heavy gauge steel construction make this a high-quality gymnastic bar.

Beech is a great choice for the bar because of the right balance between strength and flexibility. Heavy gauge steel ensures that the bar will be sturdy enough to hold your child.

The size of this gymnastics kip bar is particularly good for small hands. Some were a little bigger, but this one seemed to the right for a larger age group. Also, the beech wood used to make the bar is a really good choice. It's a solid and strong wood with just enough flexibility. Wood that isn't flexible may be too brittle. That's why we liked the kip bar and the wood.

The frame of this kip bar for home is made of heavy gauge steel. That means it won't bend during normal use. It's safer than low gauge steel or aluminum. It's also very stable. There was no wobbling when our gymnasts completed their exercises.

The height is also something you may want to consider. Some bars are too short for kids that aren't above preschool age. This bar can adjust to a higher level. Also, the bar didn't need to be sanded to make it smooth enough for use. We always keep sand paper handy for when we get new wooden equipment, but it wasn't needed in this case.

As the child grows and improves, you can also add extension kits which is sold separately.

3. Z-Athletic Gymnastics Kip Bar

Another gymnastics bar we like is the Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar. This kip bar is heavier than some you might see on the market and that's a good thing. It's indicative of the unusually strong construction. Made of heavy duty steel, the frame is very strong. Add to that the wood/fiberglass construction of the bar and you know that this a high-quality piece of equipment.

The bar is more than an inch and a half diameter. Be sure that's not too big for your gymnast's hands. Most of the bars we tried were 1.5 inches.

We got the extension kit that's sold separately because we have gymnasts of various heights. We strongly suggest getting the extension kit because it also comes with stabilizers. It makes this gymnastics bar much easier and safer to use.

Our gymnasts liked this kip bar and it was very sturdy. We didn't feel that it was completely safe without the extension kit, so we never tried it that way. That being said, it was tall enough for our gymnasts up to age 10. That's better than some other bars that are not expandable. We liked this product and recommend it as long as you also buy the extension kit.

4. Joom Beem Gymnastic Bar and Folding Mat Balance Beam Combo Gym Set

The Joom Beem Pink Adjustable (3'-5') Horizontal gymnastics bar and 8ft Folding Mat Balance Beam Combo Gym Set is another one that our gymnasts liked. The set we received did not come with a gym mat and we didn't get one in time for the review. The bar was our primary concern, however.

The gymnastics kip bar in this set is adequate. We measured the bar diameter at 1.5 inches, but that wasn't listed in the specifications.

So, we didn't put it in the comparison table on the chance that they sell more than one size under the same product line.

We sanded the gymnastics bar before letting our gymnasts give it a try because it looked a little rough. After that, though, it was good to go.

The manufacturer didn't specify the type of wood used in this bar. We thought it might be maple, but since they didn't list it, we fear it might not be standard. So, we'll just say that it is a wooden bar and that it's a little rough. After some sanding, it was ok.

The quality of the kip bar was better than we expected. We had seen some reviews and wondered if it would even be safe. However, the one we got was level and the welds were solid.

5. Norbert's Athletic Products Gymnastics Bar

The Norbert's Athletic Products Gymnastics Mini Bar is another one our gymnasts liked. It's adjustable so a wide age range of gymnasts can use it. It is recommending for gymnasts up to 100 lbs. We didn't have any gymnasts over that size so everyone got to give it a try.

The maple bar didn't need to be sanded like some others we tried out. The structure was well made. We were able to use one of our regular gym mats for this, which was helpful. Having to buy a custom mat is a pain.

We feared that it wasn't stable enough because of the narrow base so we added width with some pipes. After that, there was no stability problem. There may be no stability problem on the lowest setting with a child that is not yet up to putting strain on the equipment. However, if your little gymnast does serious flips you might consider adding something to make it more stable.

Our gymnasts really liked this gymnastics bar. There were no splinters and the size was right for all of the little hands. We particularly liked the adjustable height and how easy it was to put together. It's a nice bar even though it is a little unstable without some added pipes that you can get at a home improvement store.

6. Little Gym Deluxe Gymnastic Bar + Adjustable Balance Beam + Folding Mat + Landing Mat

This landing mat was another one our gymnasts liked. It was our favorite that came as a combo set. All of the pieces were included and it has an adjustable bar.

Like most of the gymnastics bars, we tried it has a weight limit of 100lbs which is not really an issue with young gymnasts. The balance beam has a weight limit of 150lbs so a few adults tried it out and it was stable and well made.

We sanded this bar a little just to be sure that our gymnasts didn't get splinters, but we didn't need to do anything else to adjust it.

The base on this gymnastics bar didn't need any additions to make it more stable. It comes with braces to make it safe. The price of this product may seem high, but it is high-quality. It is big enough for kids up to 10 to enjoy and the set as a whole is great. We highly recommend this product.

Buying Guide

Height- It's important to look closely at the height of the gymnastics bar you will be buying. Many of these bars are best for kids 10 and under. If they aren't adjustable or expandable, they might be too small for an 8-year-old.

Bar width- Bar width comes into play with smaller kids and smaller hands. Make sure the bar is small enough that your little gymnast can get a good grip. Or, invest in a good set of bar grips for better protection.

Weight- Weight restriction is very important to choose a right equipment for your child. You definitely don't want a bar that isn't strong enough to hold your little gymnast.  Many companies will limit their equipment to around 100 lbs. The lower they are below the weight, the more higher level exercises they will be able to perform so be sure that your children weigh less than the maximum weight.

Bar material- Bar material is important because the bar needs to be flexible and strong. Beech is a good wood for this kind of gymnastics bar. If the manufacturer doesn't say what kind of wood they use, they may use whatever is cheapest. Hence, it is better to know the type of wood used.

Extra items included- Some gymnastics bars come in combo sets. That may be a good value or it may not. A cheap combo set is likely made of cheap material. The manufacturer gives you a lot of items to make it seem like a great deal, but the quality of the individual items is important. A low price that seems too good to be true likely is. Some comes with beams but we do recommend you to check out this list of the best gymnastics beams for home use before making your decision.

Base width- The width of the base is important because that's where the stability is. You can buy a bar with a narrow base and expand it yourself if you need to, however, it is probably better to buy one with a wide enough base, to begin with.

Structure- A gymnastics bar on a weak structure can be dangerous. Check to see if it's level, if not, there may be a bend somewhere. Also, look at the welds on the bar's frame to make sure they're sturdy.

Mats- Bars should never be used without a proper mat underneath. Some gymnastics bars come with gym mats, but if they don't, you should buy one separately to have in place to protect your young gymnast. Look at the dimensions of the product you're buying to find the right size mat.


In conclusion, it can be difficult to choose the best gymnastics bars for home use needs. To ensure that you're buying a worthwhile product, it's very important that you get a good idea of the functionality of a gymnastics bar before you make a decision.

The utmost quality of the material and the bar itself is possibly your top consideration. Support structures must be stable enough as the athlete spins and twirls on them so it's important to make sure it is in fact trustworthy.

Among all of the products we'd reviewed above, we strongly recommend the Tumbl Trak Junior PRO for home due to its many advantages as mentioned earlier. Matching the weight and the skill level of your gymnast will provide the best value for your money.

If you are planning to buy a gymnastic bars, we hope that this guide has been helpful for you in choosing your gymnastic equipment.

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO

Our #1 Gymnastics Bar For Home

  • Very easy to set up
  • Rounded corners safety features
  • Extremely durable
  •  Great for all skill levels and ages
  • Easily adjustable bar heights that makes for quick transitions between skills.

Jr Kip Bar: Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Brand (Product Review 2020)

We recently tried out a lot of gymnastics bars, looking for the very best. Our favourite at the end is the Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar. In this article, we'll tell you all you have to know about this product including the health benefits your child will see when exercising using the jr kip bar pro.

What is the Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar?

jr kip bar

The Tumbl Trak Junior kip bar is a gymnastics bar that is adjustable so that it can be used by gymnasts of multiple heights. The beech bar is 1.5 inches in diameter and the height can be adjusted from 38 inches to 56 inches. You can also buy it's extensions to make the base more stable when set at the tallest level.

You may wonder if you can find the jr kip bar cheap. The answer is yes. For a kip bar, it has a remarkably low price for its superior quality.

Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar - What Others think?

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. We tried it out ourselves along with other bars and we were impressed. Then we looked at how other people faired at their gymnastics. Looking at tumbl trak jr kip bar reviews of professionals and home users we saw that this kip bar is well loved.

One thing we found when looking at other reviews is that people overwhelmingly enjoyed this gymnastics kip bar. It stands up to a lot of abuse.

Some reviewers said that there were issues with being sent components that were incorrect. We had no problem with that. Everything was the right size and we were able to assemble the bar very easily. We also got the extension kit and that arrived in good condition as well. Check out our reviews on the best bar grips.

jr kip bar reviews

When we receive a product, we check it thoroughly before allowing any testing. The welds were sturdy, the bar was level, and the bar didn't need any extra sanding to remove splinters.

We made sure that it was assembled according to the instructions. We found that the instructions were clear, and but following them, we ended up with a very stable bar.

There's also the issue of finding the right mat to go with it. We used a 4-foot mat and it fit well.

Reviewers said that when doing serious flips on this bar it can get unsteady. We used the extensions from the beginning so we didn't really have any issues with that. We highly recommend that you purchase the Bar's Extension kit to go with this product.

We had no problem with this kip bar being adequately stable for our gymnasts and it's probably because of the extension kit.

Product Features


1.5 diameter, beech


Heavy gauge steel


Adjustable from 38 inches to 56 inches


22 pounds


72 x 48 x 58 inches


Rounded for safety

What are the pros and cons of the Jr Kip Bar?


  • Adjustable height
  • Safe rounded corners
  • Made with beech and heavy grade steel
  • Goes with standard size 4-foot mat
  • Stable


  • Weight limit of 100 pounds
  • Must be protected from weather, keep it indoors

You'll notice that we found more pros than cons in our experience with this bar. It has 7 height adjustments and the rounded corners prevent injury. Also, we really like the beech bar. It's flexible and strong. The heavy grade steel construction of the frame prevents bending. Being able to match it with a standard sized mat is great. Having to use a custom mat is the worst part of some gymnastics equipment.

We also liked how stable this bar is. It was able to hold gymnasts of varying weights as they did mill circles and hip circles.

We strongly advise that you don't allow anyone over 100 lbs to use this bar. It might not be as stable for them.

This bar is not weatherproof. While you can use it outdoors with a mat, you should bring it inside when it's not in use.

To look at our reviews on the other top 5 gymnastics bars for home use, click here.

Health Benefits of the Junior Kip Bar

There are many health benefits to gymnastics exercises. Let's look at a few:

Heart health: Kids should exercise for about 60 minutes per day according to the American Heart Association. One way to ensure that your kids get enough exercise is to provide them with activities.

Flexibility: Gymnastics is one of the best types of activities to increase flexibility. A flexible athlete is less likely to be injured.

Strength: Using the bar will increase strength and balance. As an athlete uses the bar for gymnastics, their muscles work to hold their weight on the bar. Their muscles also work to hold them steady and balanced.

Coordination: Gymnasts training on a bar spend most of their time feeling what many of us would describe as off balance. Because of their training, gymnasts can make adjustments to keep themselves balanced in a more efficient way than other athletes.

Good posture: Gymnastics can help strengthen the muscles that help to maintain good posture. They use their entire body in their exercises and have to be aware of how they are carrying themselves at all time. This ensures that they will hold their heads up high and won't be slumped forward.

Strong bones: To prevent osteoporosis later in life, weight bearing activities like using a kip bar will help strengthen bones.

The safe design of this bar is exceptional. The rounded corners prevent injury. The Tumbl Trak Junior Kip bar is very stable even with more exuberant exercises. Not only was this a fun piece of equipment to use, it was also tremendously helpful in training young gymnasts. While it does have a weight limit, that didn't have much of an impact on our gymnasts because they were all well under the 100-pound limit.

Although it has to be stored indoors to protect it from the elements, it is light enough to be transported outside. We recommend that you make sure the area you select for the Junior Kip Bar is level. Also, the grass is not the same as a mat. Your gym mat should be moved outside with the bar.

Using this bar is easy and fun. Our gymnasts really liked it and the stability was refreshing. Many bars of roughly the same size wobbled. That made our gymnasts nervous.

Thankfully, though, this one was better. With the added extensions, this was the most stable bar we tried. Attaching the extensions is easy and we highly recommend that you buy them along with the Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar.

So, if you need a gymnastics bar, we highly recommend this Jr Kip Bar. It's stable, safe, and fun. It is also adjustable so it works for a wide range of heights. Even some of your taller gymnasts will be able to use it. Have fun and enjoy using this gymnastics bar.

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How to Make a Gymnastics Bar:- DIY and Under $100 (Materials needed, Tools and Step-by-Step Guide included)

As a gymnastic parent, you would completely understand the kind of money that goes into gymnastic classes, meets, and equipment. Even the essential products such as a gymnastics bar are pricey. To save cost, you can try making it yourself, but the question is how to make a gymnastics bar?

The price hike is not limited to gymnastics bars; it extends over all necessary equipment. If your kid is an aspiring gymnast, this interest of theirs might cost you a fortune. Since all gymnastic equipment is costly, why not try to make some yourself at home.

It is not a difficult task. Also, it will not take much of your time. It can be easily done within a day or extended over a weekend. If you have a few fundamental supplies and tools, it is certainly possible.

You will surely need basic skills for building things. If you have already done some similar task in the past, then this should not be difficult for you. But, even if this is a first in itself, you will also be able to complete it successfully.

Gymnastics Bars for Sale Under $100

If you are looking for gymnastic bars under $300, you will get plenty options for kids from age 3 to 4. For ages above that, you will not be able to find a product with good rating at such a low price. All bars are well above $800 dollars!!

If your kid is aged 5 or above then you will realize the prices gradually rise with increasing age. You child is already indulged in a professional gymnastic class, but they will require practice at home.

Chances are you might not have so much money to spend on gymnastic equipment for your kid. Even if you want to, it is a steep price. Making a gymnastic bar yourself at home sounds like a great idea.

How to Make a Gymnastics Bar

How to make a gymnastics bar? I will guide through the entire process. And, you can do it all under $100!


  • 12 foot 2 X 4: Two (Pine lumber recommended)
  • 10 foot 2 X 4: One
  • 8 foot 2 X 4: Three
  • 2.5 inch and 3 inch wood screws
  •  4 foot length bar: One (Metal or wood, whichever you want)
  • Wood Glue
  • Steel Washers
  • Threaded pipes of 4 inches: Two (Optional)
  • 3/4 inch couplers: Four (Optional)

The optional are only required if you follow our method using a galvanized threaded steel bar. However, if you have different bar (such as wood), then you will not require these materials.

Cost Breakdown

The equipment can be easily made under $50, but you are recommended to use higher quality products. These products might cost a little extra but your kid will be safe. Here is a breakdown of each product's cost.


Approximate Cost (X1)


Money Spent

12 foot 2 X 4




10 foot 2 X 4




8 foot 2 X 4




Wood Screws

$5 (Assorted set)



4 foot bar

$9 (galvanized steel bar)



Wood Glue

$40 - $50 (lower price is also available)


$40 - $50

Steel Washers




Threaded pipes (4 inch)




3/4 inch bushings/couplers




Total = $88 - $98


You will require some basic tools for this DIY gymnastics bar. Most household already have them. But if you do not, there is no need to buy brand new ones.

Borrow them from a neighbor or friend. Or you get the required tools on rent from a hardware store. The necessities are:

  • Saw
  • Hole saw
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver or Cordless Drill

If you do not want to get a saw or do not want to use it, there is another option. Get help from home improvement store, they can make the cuts. Similar to a drill but has wide end, for a 3/8 inch pipe, use a 1-1/8 inch hole saw.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Cut Legs- Cut one 12 foot 2 X 4 into half, giving you two 6 foot pieces. Repeat same for the second board. You will have 4 of these 6 foot pieces now.
  2. Build Legs- Pick any 2 out of the four 6 foot pieces you got in step 1. Screw and glue them together, face-to-face, using 2.5 inch wood screws. This way you get a 4 X 4 (double 2 X 4).Repeat this with the other two 6 foot pieces. These will be the legs of your gymnastic bar.
  3. Cut Feet- For the gymnastic bar's feet, take the 10 foot board and cut it into a half. You will get two pieces of 5 foot each.
  4. Find Crossbars- Locate the longest among the 8 foot long boards and keep it handy. They might vary a little in length, but that is not going to be an issue.
  5. Leg Braces- The other 2 boards of 8 foot will be cut into two 3 foot pieces each. Miter the ends to an angle of 45 degrees. This way they will be used as braces for stability and strength of the legs.Miter cut is made length-wise. Set it on the floor, when you look at it from the side, you will see tilted supports to the perpendicular frame. You will get 4 boards as leg braces and 2 two foot scrap pieces.
  6. Drill Holes- Use the 4 X 4 (double 2 X 4) to measure from floor to the desired height for bar. The bar needs to be around the chest of the gymnast. But, this is not the only perimeter; you will also have to calculate the actual height of the gymnast.For further help about determining bar height, read through the part "the right height". Do not measure from top, measure from the bottom to the top. Mark the position of the hole.Now, measure across this board and mark. A 1-1/8 inch hole should be drilled here, through the 4 X 4. Repeat same with the other 4 X 4 (double 2 X 4).
  7. Attach Feet- The step 3 product 5 foot boards (feet) attach to the step 2 products 6 foot boards (legs). Attach them with 3 inch screws from the bottom. Repeat same with the other. Ensure that the hole for bar you drilled in the 4 X 4 is facing the right way.
  8. Attach Leg Braces- Take the leg braces made in step 5 (3 foot mitered). These will now attach on both sides of the feet and leg with 3 inch wood screws. Use two braces on each side of the frame.Measure approx. 25 inches from both the sides in a way that they form the edges of a square.
  9. Attach Bar- For the wooden barPlace the bar in the holes and secure with screws. Ensure that you make it strong and stable.For the steel barThread a bushing/coupler on either ends of the threaded bar of steel. Take a small 4 inch bar to ach coupler's end. Before fitting the bar through drilled holes, add a washer of steel in the end.Add another washer and thread another coupler to the outside as a cap and use a wrench to tighten. Repeat the same with the other side.
  10. Attach Crossbars- The 8 foot 2 X 4 board you left in step 4 will be used now for added support and stability. Compute width amid the two legs. Now, cut the 2 X 4 accordingly. Attach these pieces, one to the back and the other to the front using 3 inch or longer screws. Your Gymnastic Bar is done!!

Lumber KEY and construction

  • The 2 X 4 boards used are actually about 1.75 inches thick and 3.5 inches in width. They are not really 2 inches X 4 inches.
  • Always measure lumber for homemade gymnastics bar. The 12 foot 2 X 4 will not exactly be 12 foot in length, precision is not very crucial in this big nails endeavor. One side could be a little longer than the other even than there would be no problem.

The Right Height

For matting conditions, you can check the gymnastics regulations. The standard bar height of a low bar could be anywhere between 38 inches and 53 inches. You can decide the optimum height for your kid's nip bar.

You can get the right height by measuring up to the chest of your kid. Add a few extra inches according to the mat (landing mat) you will use. Everything is related to the height and size of the gymnast.

You can always buy adjustable gymnastics bars, but that would cost you a lot obviously.

A Word of Caution

Before you dive into this project of making a gymnastic bar yourself, do read this!

If you are looking to buy gymnastic equipment, then this method can save a lot of money for you. It will definitely not take the place of gymnastic classes or a trained coach. But, it is great for practicing some exercises.

Also, always remember that unguided practice could lead to bad form or sloppiness. The kids or you can talk to their coach for useful tips about this situation. A gymnastic bar made at home can only be practiced up on under the strict supervision of adults.

Although, if rightly built this bar would be strong and sturdy. But it should not be used for standing on, swinging on, doing spins or flips or anything else. It is important that you inspect it closely after building it, to determine that it is safe.

This DIY gymnastic bar is perfect for chin-ups and basic candlesticks. But, everything should be done under the supervision of an adult.

If you are not skilled enough to create something like this then take help. Get assistance from a family member or friend who has experience. Use common sense and caution!!

Evidently, if it is built weak or it wobbles then it is not safe. Never use a wobbly or uneven gymnastic bar. Even if it is strong and sturdy, never allow your children to play on it unsupervised.


After reading this article, you would surely have gained some insight into making of a gymnastic bar. The "how to make a gymnastics bar" question have been fully answered. We tried to keep the budget low since the aim was to save your money. Of course if you feel that you do not have the time and do not mind to splurge more to get a good quality gymnastics bars, feel free to read our detailed reviews on the top 5 gymnastics bars for home use.

But, you can still purchase high-valued, quality products to improve the final product worth. Lastly, take full precautions while making and using it.