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Buying Guide + Reviews on Bars, Beams, Mats and Other Gymnastics Accessories

Among the 10 most popular sports in the US is gymnastics and its popularity is increasing with every passing day. Gymnastics is one of the best endeavours to increase coordination, flexibility, and strength muscles. This makes gymnastics an admired game of choice among parents for their kids. It is great for adults who want a refreshing substitute to mainstream sports. You can choose to practice this sport at home as gymnastics equipment for home can be easily bought online.

Practicing gymnastics requires coordination, agility, power, flexibility and physical strength for performing moves. Additionally, the correct gymnastics equipment should be used for safety and training. Gymnastics is considered as one of those games that demand equal physical and psychological concentration. The aim here is precision otherwise, there could be an injury. But for protection, there is safety equipment as well.

Regardless of the fact that you are a serious hobbyist, gymnastic program operator, or a professional gymnast, equipment is necessary. You will have to invest in good quality gymnastic equipment.

Most Popular Types of Gymnastics Equipments For Home

Gymnastic Mats
Gymnastic Bars
Gymnastic Beams
Gymnastic Grips

Glimpse of the Gymnastic World

The name Gymnastics is derived from a primordial Greek word "gymnazein". It developed from disciplinary exercises and combines strength, gracefulness, dexterity, coordination, and body control. More physical skills used include acrobatic and tumbling skills, everything artistically performed. Both women and men perform gymnastics of different levels. It is an international game which is widely appreciated and loved. 

gymnastics equipment for home

During the first 1896 Olympics in 1896, men’s gymnastics was on their schedule. Olympic agenda has gymnastics since 1924 till now. The women gymnastics Olympic competition began in the year 1936 with as an all-around contest. Then later in 1952, separate events were conducted as a competition. During the early competitions of Olympics, the male gymnasts that dominated were from Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, and Germany. These are the nationalities that developed this sport initially. Nevertheless, by the time 1950s arrived, the Soviet Union, Japan, and the countries of European Union also joined.

They started producing leading female and male gymnasts. These gymnasts will also require equipment of their own for practice. Slowly, but steadily the best gymnastics home equipment started emerging in markets. New-era gymnastics garnered considerable fame after certain performances in the Olympics of 1976. These performances belonged to Romanian athlete Nadia Comaneci and Olga Korbut from the USSR. The extensive television broadcast and coverage of these spectacular performances conferred this sport the lacking publicity.

It was no more a sport that was not talked about. East European nations, West and East Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union were considered traditional mainstays of this game. But now, other countries also began the promotion of gymnastics, predominantly for women. Headliners of these countries were the US and China.

What is included in Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is not confined to floor and bar events; it is much more than that. But when it comes to practicing gymnastics, you cannot just buy a thing or two. There is a whole range of safety equipment that is compulsory for different events of gymnastics. Complete safety precautions are an integral part of this global sport. The international modern competition consists of four women and six men events. Women’s events include uneven bars, balance beam, vaulting horse, and floor exercises.

The floor exercise is accompanied by background music. Such events are a combination of dancelike, graceful movements with acrobatic skills and strength. Men’s events include free (or floor) exercise, vaulting or long horse, pommel or side horse, horizontal bar, parallel bars, and the rings. These proceedings emphasize on flexibility in acrobatics along with upper body vigor. In the US, trampoline and tumbling exercises have also been made a part of many competitions.

All gymnastic practices require specialized equipment. The correct equipment will assist you as a gymnast to complete your daily routine safely and easily. If you are looking for cheap gymnastics equipment for home, then that is also available.

Advice on Buying Gymnastics Equipment For Home

You can get the best of gymnastic equipment at a fair price when they are on sale. There are a number of options available for each product so that you can buy according to your specific needs. Buy only the best gymnastics equipment for home. When you look online, choose a website that features everything from mats, bars, and beams to other related accessories. We have collected all the options at one place for you. Equipment related to gymnastics deals with specialized market and sellers. It is crucial that you always select a supplier who has a good history. They must be providing guaranteed value and quality to its customers from a long time.

Our aim is to direct you to such sellers so that you do not have to spend time doing so. You will find a detailed review of every product here. From special floors, mats, beams, vaults, rings, and bars, we have inspected everything for you. We explain to you our comprehensive review along with self-help articles in an easy-to-follow, convenient format. Each product listed is available in the market.

Recommended Products

The products we recommend are mostly available in a huge variety of materials, dimensions, and colors. It is understandable that you might be on a budget sometimes, for that you can choose the gymnastics equipment for sale.

One of the most affordable and simplest to use gymnastics equipment is the tumbling equipment. It is utilized in many different floor gymnastic types and also in cheerleading. Gymnastic spring floors are used in tumbling. Spring floors are basically floors with multiple layers integrated with springs. These springs provide a surface bounce so that gymnasts can perform different jumps or flips. But it is not just spring floors that are important, there are many more tools.

Best Gymnastics Mats for Sale 2017

Just like spring floors, gymnastics mats are made of high-quality material. They are very commonly used by gymnasts. Mats could also be used as a substitute for spring floors at times considering the circumstances. Mats are manufactured using the same technology as spring floors and they are great for tumbling. Materials used in manufacturing mats include high-density foam, nylon stitching, and vinyl-covered polyethylene for extra durability. Mats assist by softening the impact created by different landings during cheerleading, tumbling gymnastics, and also martial arts.

These mats are exactly what you will need when buying gymnastics equipment for home. As installing spring floors in your home might not be possible for every gymnast. So, this is the next best alternate. Tumbling gymnastic mats and cheerleading mats fulfill the same purpose. They provide a safe landing place for a gymnast to land following a flip or jump. Landing mats are available in thicker options, 4, 8 and even 12 inches. Check out our recommended top rated gymnastic mats below.

"We Sell Mats Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Folding Mats"

You will get the standard 2 inches and 1.5 inches option in thickness of these mats. The folding gymnastics mats by We Sell Mats are perfect for martial arts, tumbling exercise and of course gymnastics. These mats are made to be durable and soak up maximum impact without impeding the gymnast’s movement.

They are available in different dimensions, namely 4 feet X 6 feet and 4 feet X 8 feet. But you might not buy just one mat if you are a gymnast as you will require more space. This is also possible.

Hook and loop fasteners are provided on four sides of each mat. This makes connecting them with each other extremely easy and ensures that they will not move from their place.

The whole idea of mats is that you will not have to install them permanently at one place. Given that, it is possible to fold each of these mats into 4 sections, making portability and storage excessively easy. The mat is made of polyethylene crosslink foam.

The cover of each mat is a durable 18 oz. heavy-duty vinyl covering. Price is decent enough for you to easily invest in a few pieces.

Best Gymnastics Bars of 2017

There are different bars for different purposes just like mats. Mats serve varying functions such as incline mats assist gymnasts to practice basic walkovers and rolls safely. Whereas, landing mats give a safe platform for landing. While using bars, doing flips or anything else on them, you will need safe landing mats. When it comes to beams, you can see the various options available. Check out our top recommended gymnastic bar below.

"Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar"

The junior gymnastics training bar by Z-Athletics is expandable, making it our top choice. This portable, stable, heavy duty, free standing rail is capable of holding about 1000 lbs weight. This rail is 20 lbs heavier when compared to other brands.

Other bars might have similar dimensions but the construction of this bar is more stable and robust. It is constructed within completion standards except for its length. Meets standards of FIG.

The 40 mm diameter rod has a strong unbreakable fiberglass design covered in wood. The snap locks enable height adjustment between 36 and 59 inches. The extension kit is separately sold. Look at the video below to understand the full concept of this excellent bar.

This bar can be utilized to perform level 4 skills, and kips of level 5 (for level 6 extension kit is needed). It covers 4.2 X 4.2 feet of space and 7.5 X4.2 feet after extension. You will require a mat with 4 feet width to keep underneath it.

Best Gymnastics Beams in the Market 2017

Gymnastics Balance Beam is the perfect equipment for a budding gymnast. You will require a beam that feels like competition level equipment. Adjustable height should be a crucial feature. It should definitely never come off of the floor. The balance beam needs to be sturdy and never wobble. If you have a low ceiling, ensure that you check the maximum height of the balance beam so that you can practice comfortably. The product below is one of our best pick for balance beam. 

"The Beam Store Suede Balance Beam"

This balance beam by The Beam Store measures 8 feet in length, 7 inches height, and workspace of 4 inches. It has a synthetic heavy-grade suede cover that provides complete completion feel.

The height of Suede Balance Beam can be adjusted from 15 inches to a maximum of 30 inches. Maximum weight capacity of this beam is 250 lbs. It is great gymnastic equipment for kids.

The PE cross-link Foam padding is ¼ inches thick. It has the same padding as used for competition bars. This balance beam has oval shaped sides that are well rounded, same as completion beams.

Best Gymnastics Grips 2017

Gymnastics grips are very crucial for every budding or professional gymnast. It is a type of safety equipment and needs to be used every time you practice. It will keep you safe from injuries. There are beginner’s gymnastics grips and completion level’s dowel grips. You can also opt for the uneven bar grips as they provide better traction. More different types of grips include ring grips, high bar grips, and a range of grips for beginners. One of the best gymnastics grips in the market is the Bear KompleX 3.

"Bear KompleX 3 gymnastics grips"

Best ever cross fit grips are made by Bear KompleX. These are made from authentic leather and they will not dig in your wrists. The wrist strap has a customizable design to ensure support and comfort beneath the buckle.

You will get a 3 and 2 finger hole options to protect your hands during practice. The Bear KompleX grips come with durable triple stitches that guarantee full stability and support. It is made by keeping in mind that you should not be worrying about your hands while you practice.

The superior leather quality reduces slipping from the bar. It can be used with bars made of almost any material. You get great quality at an affordable price.


We are here to help you in buy the right product that would be perfect for your daily exercise routine. The products listed on our website range from low to high price. This way the gymnasts of all skill levels get quality at affordable price.

We want this article to guide you while buying gymnastics equipment for home. Whichever category of equipment you select to use, your safety will depend on the equipment’s quality. So, choose wisely!

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